“Is this the lesbian party?”
―X in "SMG3's plan to destroy SMG4 because he felt like it"
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X in a Lamborghini

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X in Mario's body in the title card of Enter X.

X (not to be confused with Xboxfan997) is a villain who appears in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers, primarily his earlier ones.

Physical Appearance Edit

X wears an all-black outfit, with two rows of single brass buttons and white gloves on his hands. When he takes control of Mario, his color scheme is the same as Mario, with the exception that his eyes are now black and soulless, identifying that X has taken full control of his victim.


The subject of this article exists in an alternate canon! Click here to read about X at the SMG4 Fanon Wiki.

Personality Edit

Being a character with few major episodes, X appears to be a stereotypical villain, albeit slightly smarter. In later appearances, X appears to have been redeemed, now explaining to Baby Luigi that he should never walk the street alone.



X makes his first appearance in Enter X. He steals Mario's body and takes full possession of it, controlling his brain. Then, X proceeds to take over the world by going on a killing spree, defeating various enemies, bosses, and other creatures. Mario eventually finds X within his memory, who tells him that the only way for Mario to regain control of his body is to find a special key from Bowser so he can press the Abort button. Later, Mario returns to X and asks him where the door for the key is. X then makes the mistake of unknowingly telling Mario the door is in Bowser's Secret Lair, realizing this just as Mario leaves. X orders Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi as guards to stop Mario, but they all fail on him as Mario unlocks the door and pushes the Abort button. With X's plans for world domination foiled, he ends up getting puked out of Mario's body and is locked up in jail afterwards.

Second appearanceEdit

X makes his next appearance in A Murder Without Peach, where he murders a guest at Mario's party. Mario and SMG4 discover and attempt to stop him, but they fail as X escapes from the castle. Later, X calls Mario and SMG4 and tells them to meet him in the city. When the two arrive at X's location, X reveals his identity and states he was the murderer and that he wants revenge for what happened to him in Enter X. He claims there is no way for Mario and SMG4 to escape, but they head for the door with no traps to stop them. However, before they can leave, X taunts Mario by saying "spaghetti sucks", at which point Mario proceeds to attack him. X escapes in his car, but Mario and SMG4 catch up to him in their own car. After a hot pursuit, the three suddenly end up on top of a skyscraper. X tries to push Mario off the skyscraper, but SMG4 accidentally pushes both of them off with his car. Mario and X survive the fall, but X tries to escape only to crash his car, killing him in the process. Afterwards, his corpse is later stuffed into a toilet back at the castle.

Third appearanceEdit

X makes his third appearance in SMG3's plan to destroy SMG4 because he felt like it. He and other dead villains from SMG4's videos are brought back to life by SMG3 as part of his plan to kill SMG4. However, unlike his previous two appearances, X is not nearly as involved in this episode compared to his previous ones, instead only being limited to a few lines of dialogue throughout the video.


X makes a cameo in Retarded64: Mario Goes Shopping with Baby Luigi, in which Mario runs him over twice. He also makes another cameo in Retarded64: Mario for Hire, where he is once again run over by Mario. Since then, X has made additional cameos in SMG4's videos.

List of AppearancesEdit

(Note: This list may be incomplete.)

X and Billy

X trying to protect a Baby Luigi, killed by Mario in the end


X can steal and take control of a person's body by entering their brain, but the victim can also regain control over him by finding and getting rid of X within their memory.

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