Wubbzy Weegee
Vital statistics
Current Position: Weegee
Current Status: Alive
Physical attributes
Likes: Weegee, Paper Weegee, Weegee Army
Dislikes: Mario

Wubbzy Weegee is a character appearing in SMG4's Halloweegee special. In short, he is likely a Weegee-fied version of a creature named Wubbzy. Another possibility is that (albeit given the circumstances this is much less likely) he is a separate form of Weegee altogether.

Background and History Edit

The educational Nick Jr. show "Wow Wow Wubbzy!" aired from 2006 to 2010, running for 52 episodes. The end of the show, however, hasn't made the titular main character – named, of course, Wubbzy – cease to exist, leaving his apparent induction into the SMG4verse and possession by Weegee somewhat reasonable and plausible events.

Physical Appearance Edit

As Wubbzy Edit

Wubbzy himself is a short, yellow, and somewhat humanoid creature. He has a long tail that he can contort into different shapes; he often uses it to bounce around by coiling it into a spring.

As Wubbzy Weegee Edit

Wubbzy Weegee has no physical differences from Wubbzy, other than the creepy face he sports. Because his model is only edited promo art, Wubbzy Weegee can always be seen striking the same pose, with outstretched arms and a curled tail.

Appearances Edit

While Wubbzy Weegee's exact origin is unknown, he is shown a few times throughout the 2014 Halloween special, and is only used there for comic relief.

A fan of SMG4's bloopers, SwagKirby, designed Wubbzy Weegee years before HalloWeege was released (And a year before SMG4 made his first blooper.). He was incredibly grateful for SMG4 using his work in his video, and even made a reaction video.