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101 Ways for Mario to Die (the right way!)

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101 ways for mario to die (the right way!) 50,000 subs!-007:36

101 ways for mario to die (the right way!) 50,000 subs!-0

101 Ways for Mario to Die (The Right Way!) 50.000 Subs is a Super Mario 64 Blooper made by SMG4.


This episode begins with an Ssenmodnar 5 logo, but then it disappears, accompanied by Heavy (from TF2) saying, "NO!"

Mario asks SMG4 to make a 50,000 sub special, and SMG4 says no. Mario asks again and again, untill he shouts, "YOU REALLY WANT A SPECIAL!? WELL YOU GET A SPECIAL THEN!!"

So he makes a "101 ways to kill Mario" video. What follows is 101 random mario deaths. In the end, SMG4 runs out of Mario clones to kill, so he finds the real Mario, punches him six times, and then kicks him into the air as the remaining 7 ways.

Deaths from #101 to #1Edit

  1. Pissing off SMG4
  2. Showing off
  3. Farts
  4. Jumping through walls
  5. Eating mushrooms
  6. Getting stuck in a pipe
  7. Walking into flowers
  8. Teletubbies
  9. Seeing ugly people (like Justin Bieber)
  10. More Teletubbies
  11. Staring contest (against a Boo for 2 hours)
  12. Flying
  13. Piano attack
  14. Jamming the door (with his fat ass)
  15. Hanging with Slenderman
  16. Pissing off the princess
  17. Unboxing
  18. Yoshi problems
  19. Exercising (i.e. staircase)
  20. Too much chilli spaghetti
  21. Crapping on the rug
  22. Walking on the sidewalk
  23. Reading Luigi's diary
  24. Tasting the rainbow
  25. Signs of hatred
  26. Space
  27. Shark food
  28. Giving your soul away (for a plate of spaghetti)
  29. Piranha Plant
  30. Skydiving (into Rickroll)
  31. Doing things naked
  32. Humping things
  33. Seeing Bowser naked
  34. Shoopdy da woopedy
  35. Toxic gas
  36. Going through the window
  37. Toilet pwned
  38. Lava monsters
  39. Bullying
  40. Whomped
  41. Under the sea
  42. Penguins
  43. Having your own magnetic pull (this is realistic because Mario is so fat he's basically a planet)
  44. Suprises
  45. Hi-five!
  46. Portals
  47. Watching retarded videos
  48. Reading a good book
  49. Snowmans
  50. Waterfall jumping
  51. Luigi
  52. Cooking
  53. Zombies
  54. Old men (like #53, except it is set outside Peach's Castle instead of inside, and the zombies are replaced by old men)
  55. Stunting
  56. Clones
  57. Using things wrong
  58. Rollin'
  59. Volcano (Knocked away via "NOPE" meme)
  60. Bullet
  61. Rage
  62. Disturbing images
  63. Anouncing the princess is fat
  64. New hairdo
  65. The cliche flagpole
  66. Happiness
  67. Fishing
  68. Slap
  69. Skinny dipping
  70. ??? (raped by Pedobear)
  71. No Steve
  72. Invincible
  73. Goomba'd
  74. Turtles
  75. Dogs
  76. Bridges
  77. Pancakes
  78. Explosives
  79. :D Hi
  80. Mario
  81. Is
  82. Dead
  83. Burn baby buuurrrn!
  84. Gayyy party!
  85. Elevator
  86. Drugs
  87. Cliffs >:(
  88. Nether
  89. WTF
  90. Mario yelling
  91. Lazors
  92. Banana
  93. I don't even...
  94. Are these even deaths anymore?
    Smg4 unacceptable by catimakittykat-d6z8wwe
  95. From #7 to #2: SMG4 punching Mario.
  96. SMG4 kicks Mario, who is sent flying.


  • Although not being a Ssenmodnar episode, this video's has a similar concept, and then compensates the long time between the bloopers "Ssenmodnar 4 (30,000 Soobs)" and "Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT O_O Edition)", which is one of the longest intervals between two Ssenmodnars of SMG4.
  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 saying This is Unacceptable is a reference to Lemongrab from Adventure Time.
  • The "Too much chili spaghetti" death was from actual gameplay.
  • Some of the deaths are clips from SMG4's previous videos.
  • Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid is heard playing on death clip #41.
  • Taste the Rainbow is a slogan for Skittles, although the used voiceclip is from a Nostalgia Critic review, not from a Skittles ad.
  • The guy in the 74th death ("Turtles") might be Derrick, a man who appeared in "Ssenmodnar 6.64 (100k special QNA Edition)" with another man named Alex.
  • When SMG4 punches and kicks Mario at the end, Mario's continuous grunts are in time with the notes in the beginning of the SMB Overworld theme.
  • In the outro of this video, if you look closely, you might see the Game Over screen from RPG Maker VX.

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