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101 ways for mario to die (the right way!) 50,000 subs!-007:36

101 ways for mario to die (the right way!) 50,000 subs!-0

101 Ways for Mario To Die (The RIght Way!) Is a  Super Mario 64 Blooper made by Smg4


This episode begins with mario asking SMG4 to make a 50,000 sub special, and smg4 says no. Mario asks again and again, until he shouts "YOU REALLY WANT A SPECIAL!? WELL YOU GET A SPECIAL THEN!! So he makes a 101 ways to kill mario video. What follows is 101 random mario deaths.

In the end, smg4 runs out of mario clones to kill, so he finds the real mario and launches him in the air with the remaining 7 ways.

These are the deaths from #101 to #1

101 Pissing off smg4

100 Showing off

99 Farts

98 Jumping through walls

97 Eating mushrooms

96 Getting stuck in a pipe

95 Walking into flowers

94 Teletubbies

93 Seeing ugly people (Justin Bieber)

92 More Teletubbies

91 Staring contest (against a boo for 2 hours)

90  Flying

89 Piano attack

88 Jamming the door

87 Hanging with Slenderman

86 Pissing off the princess

85 Unboxing

84 Yoshi problems

83 Exersising

82 Too much chilli spaghetti

81 Crapping on the rug

80 Walking on the sidewalk

79 Reading Luigi's diary

78 Tasting the rainbow

77 Signs of hatred

76 Space

75 Shark food

74 Giving your soul away (for a plate of spaghetti)

73 Piranha Plant

72 Skydiving

71 Doing things naked

70 Humping things

69 Seeing Bowser naked

68 Shoopdy da woopedy

67 Toxic gas

66 Going through the window

65 Toilet pwned

64 Lava monsters

63 Bullying

62 Whomped

61 Under the sea

60 Penguins

59 Having your own magnetic pull

58 Suprises

57 Hi-five

56 Portals

55 Watching retarded videos

54 Reading a good book

53 Snowmen

52 Waterfall jumping

51 Luigi

50 Cooking

49 Zombies

48 Old Men

47 Stunting

46 Clones

45 Using things wrong

44 Rollin

43 Volcano

42 Bullet

41 Rage

40 Disturbing images

39 Anouncing the princess is fat

38 New hairdo

37 The cliche flagpole

36 Happiness

35 Fishing

34 Slap

33 Skinny dipping

32 ???

31 No Steve

30 Invincible

29 Goomba'd

28 Turtles

27 Dogs

26 Bridges

25 Pancakes

24 Explosives

23 :D Hi

22 Mario

21 Is

20 Dead

19 Burn baby buuurrrn!

18 Gayyy party!

17 Elevator

16 Drugs

15 Cliff s >:(

14 Nether

13 WTF

12 Mario yelling

11 Lazors

10 Banana

9 I don't even...

8 Are these even deaths anymore?

After this a broken record sound plays and Lakitu says "Um...smg4..."

smg4 "WHAT?

Lakitu "We're running out of clone Marios..."


Lakitu "Well we can't find anymore... and I think the real Mario is dead"


Then Mario comes crawling and says "Hi guys... I'm still alive..."

smg4 "Oh Mario there you are, we can continue the deaths then, Oh would you look at the time... We need to end this soon... Might as well end it now."

Mario "What do you mean?"

7 smg4 punches Mario

6 smg4 punches Mario

5 smg4 punches Mario

4 smg4 punches Mario

3 smg4 punches Mario

2 smg4 punches Mario

1 Mario is kicked to death by Smg4 and is sent flying

Then the video ends with the credits.

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