Wario Simulator is one of the game modes of the so-called Mario Simulator (created by SMG4, according to the title screen), played by Mario in Retarded64: Mario Simulator.


When Mario gets angered because his Hunger Meter only increases by 1% after eating so much spaghetti for 2 hours, he gives the game to Luigi. While having so much fun, his game suddenly gets stolen by Wario, starting Wario Simulator. As shown, Wario Simulator is a sexy-themed mode, consisting of nothing but pictures of Wario, while "sexy" music plays. Wario himself is then shown laughing while playing the game, which later gets taken back by Mario, causing the mode to end and return to the original game.

Wario Simulator was destroyed by Super Saiyan Mario, who threw the cartridge into the Sun, along with all other things and characters in the game/cartridge that were destroyed at the same time.

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