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Tubby Wonka with a bowl of tubbycustard.

Tubby Custard (or Pubby Cussard by Po in Tubbie TV.) is custard made by Teletubbies. Tubby Wonka uses it as the main ingredient for making their version of spaghetti. They also seem to get delivered in as seen in Mario's Spageti Delivary. In the same blooper, it is revealed that the Tubby Custard is actually regular custard mixed with some drugs, as the person who ate it started to hallucinate and eventually OD.

Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2 confirms that Tubby Custard is made with drugs, namely marijuana. The video also shows that adding a mushroom to Tubby Custard causes a chemical reaction that causes the creation of Shrek.

In War Of The Fat Italians 2016, Mario and SMG4 are forced to eat Tubby Custard, Tubby Custard sandwiches, and a "tubby custard thingy??" This causes them to throw up.


  • In the Teletubbies TV series, Tubby Custard is one of the two favorite foods of Teletubbies, the other one is Tubby Toast.
  • It seems that Tubby Custard is their secret weapon for world domination, since they want the world to be only for Teletubbies. Therefore, they put drugs in their Tubby Custard to intoxicate people.