"Toadwardo" is simply one of Toad's alter egos, or may be an entirely different character.  He is a Mexican Dorito-obsessed Toad.

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"Toadwardo" how he appears in "Sonic the Derphog: The Evilness of Eggman?"

Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness of Eggman (?)

He first appears at the "Evil Villain Meetup".

He later on saves the world defeating Perfect Chaos around the end of the episode by flying into it riding a bag of doritos, which then catapults him into space.  It is unknown what happened to him after.

The Wacky Wario bros.: Golfing for gold

He is seen with a golf club as the camera follows Waluigi's golf ball through space after it collided with a bullet bill. He appears to be playing a game of golf with Ztar.


Toadwardo appearing in The Wacky Wario Bros.: Golfing for gold

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