Vital statistics
Current Position: Child
Current Age: Born, February 21 2005 Age, 9
Current Status: Alive
Physical attributes
Friends: Toad, Frankie, Bowser
Likes: ice cream

Toadette is a Toad who first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and made her SMG4 debut in Retarded64: The Toad, the Fat and the Ugly. and has made many more appearances since in SMG4's newer videos.

Episodes Edit

Retarded64: The Toad, the Fat and the Ugly Edit

Toadette appears in this blooper as Toad's love interest. Throughout the majority of the blooper, Toad tries desperately to win Toadette's affections, but fails due to various interferences. She has a creepy and weird friend named Frankie who often interrupts and annoys Toad during his time to impress her. Unfortunately Toadette reveals herself to be 9 years old to Toad and she was not interested with the whole love thing, causing a Policeman to appear out of nowhere and send Toad to jail for being a pervert to a young girl.

SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown Edit

She makes a minor appearance pushing a baby stroller which is hijacked by Mario in a attempt to escape with a bystander's spaghetti. She is last seen in the episode running away screaming from Mario.

Ssenmodnar 0: Release the Retardness!Edit

In the "How to get dah ladehs!" segment, Toadette makes a minor appearance where she is listening to Princess Rosalina talk about her date with Steve.

SM64 Valentines 2017: GET THE GIRL!Edit

In one scene, Toadette tries to ask Toad out to the dance but Toad doesn't want to go so she asks, and ends up going to the dance with Frankie instead.

SM64: Meet the ToadEdit

She appears at Toad's intervention to help cure Toad of his addiction. She was later used as a body sheild by Toadsworth.

Retarded64: Mario The WaiterEdit

Toadette appears again in Retarded64: Mario the Waiter having dinner with Toad. She asks Mario for a sugar free chocolate cake, and tells Mario to not screw it up.

SMG4: Mario goes to DIDNEY WORLEdit

She appears in the scary ride trap as Toad's worst nightmare, screaming "BUY ME MORE JEWLERY".


Toadette makes a cameo appearance in Marioception in Bowser's Dream. She along with a Shy Guy ask Bowser to go out with them.

Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLEEdit

There is actually shown to be two Toadettes in this video, the first one is seen playing with Frankie until Mario and Sonic kill him by moving the slide to the edge of a building and Sonic turns the spinning equipment into a helicopter that goes all the way to space. The second Toadette is seen having a date with Toad until Toads says he needs to go to the bathroom, Mario gets out a Toad figurine and an Anime figurine to make it look like Toad is cheating and when the real Toad gets back, Toadette shoots him with a tank. The first Toadette is seen again when Waluigi's elevator gets sent flying into space when it opens you can see her on the spinny thing in the background. The first one is seen again near the end still on the spinny thing in space saying "Somebody kill me".

The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGEEdit

Toadette returns in MARIO'S CHALLENGE, she is shown on Floor 5 as the first contestant of the challenge where you need to jump from mushroom to mushroom to avoid falling in the lava. One of the mushrooms she stands on springs her into the air crushing her on the ceiling of the rock cavern.

Personality Edit

Her personality seems to vary in different episodes.

In episodes like Retarded64: The Toad, the Fat and the Ugly she is depicted as a kid and is shown to be very nice and care about her friends. She also doesn't like love because she's nine.

However in other episodes in Retarded64: Mario The Waiter, she's shown to be somewhat bossy mainly towards Toad when he's acting rude. She's also depicted as being older as she's shown dating Toad or Frankie in the series. She's also shown to be crazy, as she sometimes forces Toad to spend time with her or go to with her to certain events.


  • Despite saying she hates love in her first appearance, she's been shown dating either Toad or Frankie.
  • Her personality tends to change from child-ish to grown-up inbetween episodes.
  • There is debate as to whether or not Toadette is Toad's sister, friend, or love interest, as in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, she is stated to be his friend, but other sources claim her to be his sister or love interest.
  • On the real Mario videogames we can't tell if Toadette is 9 years old or even older.

    The subject of this article exists in an alternate canon! Click here to read about Toadette at the SMG4 Fanon Wiki.

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