Toad Gnomes

Two Toad Gnomes

Toad Gnomes are garden gnomes that serve as the Toads of the Kushroom Mingdom SMG3's kingdom. They only appear in the episode SMG4: Welcome To The Kushroom Mingdom. They were originally inanimate garden gnomes, but they were given life by Grand Dad in order to fulfill the role of Toads in the bootleg kingdom he was going to grant SMG3 as thanks for freeing him.


The gnomes are just ordinary garden gnomes. Nothing much to really say there, except that they sometimes carry weaponry.


The gnomes have a similar personality to Toads, being fairly hyperactive. However, gnomes are considerably more violent and aggressive than Toads, and do not seem to have the Mario-fanboyism common amongst some members of the Toad species. They are, however, fans of Peach. Combat-wise, they're about as useless as Toads, even in large groups.