Vital statistics
Current Position: Peach's Attendant
Commander of the Toad Army
Gay Guy
Current Age: Born, June 1 1985, age, 32
Current Status: Alive
Equipment: Pike
Blaster Pistol
Telekinesis Control Device
Also known as: Toadwardo the Durito bandito
Physical attributes
Height: 4'4
Weight: 62 lbs
Likes: Justin Bieber magazines
Tea Party
Mario (tentative)
Doritos SuperMarioGlitchy4 (mostly) Old Man Hobo (at times) Luigi (rarely) Real Life SMG4 (Creator) Peach (boss) Dr. Mario Toadsworth Cookies Pepsi Steve Herobrine (at times) Ben (best friend) Princess Daisy (sometimes) Toadette (EX-girlfriend)
candy (addiction)
Dislikes: SuperMarioGlitchy3 Bowser (at times) Bully Big Bully Bully Boss Eyerok (sometimes) Luigi (mostly) Bob Frankie (one-sided, Toad's side) Enzo SMG4 (rarely)
“Oh! Hey Mario!”
Toad is a major secondary character in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers, and is from the Nintendo canon. He is sarcastic yet immature, and resides in Princess Peach's Castle, living with the rest of the cast. Alongside Luigi, he is often the victim of Mario and SuperMarioGlitchy4's antics and misadventures, and is also occasionally subjugated by Princess Peach.

The subject of this article exists in an alternate canon! Click here to read about Toad at the SMG4 Fanon Wiki.

Personality Edit

Toad differs from most other characters as he has had two personalities throughout the series. During the earlier bloopers, he was like Squidward. He was a grumpy deadpan snarker who loathed Mario and despised his life in the castle, often attempting to destroy it at any opportunity (but always fail) :WARNING: don't let Toad eat sugar!

On the more recent bloopers, Toad is portrayed as an insufferably obsessed fan of Mario, being annoying to the point that even Mario himself despises him to the point where he tried to murder him

More recently, the extent of Toad's life has shown him as an absolutely miserable person, as countless years of putting up with Mario's stupidity and processing the increasingly retarded state of the Mushroom Kingdom have rendered him a hateful and pissy individual, Not to mention that Peach apparently uses her toad retainers (especially him) for literally everyday life (including sponges, nightstands, and ladders). However, to escape that, he began hoarding a massive stache of candy in the Metal Cap level, and upon eating it, gets a sugar rush and begins acting retarded and hyperactive, much to anyone else's annoyance. Unfortunately, he became so addicted that he never stops eating it, leading Peach, SMG4, and Toadsworth to intervene. Although trying to defend it, SMG4 knocks him out and they send him to rehab, where he screams in horror at seeing Dr. Mario. However, whether rehab has been beneficial depends on bloopers. At one point, he's shown to be more or less beign and amicable without it, still hating Mario, and accidentally eating candy sends him into a brief spurt of insanity, but afterward is fine. In other instances, his addition is so out of control, he weeps that his candy is literally the only reason he has to live, even proclaiming candy his wife. Somebody should give him a hug at least once.

Relationships Edit

Mario Edit

During the earlier bloopers, Toad despised Mario due to his antics, but Mario himself never acknowledged this, and considered each other as friends, despite the fact that Toad was sometimes abused by him. At any opportunity he had, Toad would try to get rid of Mario for good, ranging from building an army to destroy Mario to buying Peach's Castle and evict Mario from it.

On the newer bloopers, Mario's idiotic behavior has gotten to Toad, and he became equally stupid. Toad idolizes Mario and has made a fanclub about him, but Mario, on the other hand, now finds Toad a big nuisance and tries his best to avoid him. In a few episodes, Toad has been Mario's slave.

Images (5)

Toad being heart-broke

SuperMarioGlitchy4 Edit

In the older bloopers, Toad found SuperMarioGlitchy4 a nuisance and avoided him, but not as much as Mario. SMG4, on the other hand, didn't acknowledge Toad much, but nevertheless would stand against him when he tried to take over the castle.

In the recent bloopers, SMG4 finds Toad to be annoying, but beyond that, the two do not interact much. In The SMG4 QNA (400k Subs :D), when asked if he had a girlfriend, SMG4 dressed Toad up as a pretty girl and named him "Toadee" and called him his "girlfriend". As he tried to kiss him, Toad shouted "MOLESTER!!!" and ran away.

Luigi Edit

Despite the fact that Luigi is treated just as much a chew toy as him, Toad dislikes Luigi with a passion. In the older bloopers, Toad often treated Luigi with disrespect, but otherwise ignored him. In the newer bloopers, he is much more rude and condescending towards him.

Princess Peach Edit

Toad is Princess Peach's servant and has to follow her orders. Since she likes to boss him around, he naturally dislikes her, but unlike the other characters that he hates, Toad rarely strikes against Peach as he's scared of her.

Despite his dislike of her, the two are sometimes seen playing games together, although Toad usually is the winner.

Toadette Edit

Toad seems to have crush on Toadette in the episode Retarded64: the Toad, the Fat and the Ugly, but at the end, she admits she's 9 years old, which it makes Toad shocked and arrested by a Policeman crew, it was all because they thought he was a pedophile. 46 episodes later, Toad and Toadette's romantic relationship have been confirmed for some unknown reasons, however, Toad ďidn't felt anything to Toadette anymore, so all he did was ignore her and being careless to her. In the episode Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLE, Mario ruins their relationship by doing a prank with Toad doll and a Hatsune Miku waifu pillow.


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  • He likes cookies (as do Bullies, Big Bullies and Lilyncookies), which results in him occasionally turning into Cookie Monster and going crazy.
  • He is addicted of sugar, like in the episode Mario's Boat trip Toad ate sugar and became Hyperactive.
  • He doesn't know how to use a lightsaber.
  • He once dressed like a woman to escape jail.
  • In the blooper Spells n' Wiztards, it was revealed that Santa didn't give Toad his 2013 Christmas present, giving him a hate for Santa.
  • There are actually other mushrooms that look exactly like and are called toad. This is because they're clones.
  • Like Mario, Toad likes spaghetti, as seen in The Visitor.
  • Toad appears to have a watch that says "Mario is my homeboy".
  • Toad rarely changes his expressions.
  • According to Retarded64: The Toad, the Fat and the Ugly, he is toad number 232563465.
  • It is revealed in The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Ep. 4 that no one high fives Toad however despite this, Professor Elvin Gadd high-fived Toad after saying Mario was a loser during his nightmare in Marioception.)
  • Toad has once been a teacher at Plumber Academy. While he was a teacher he was known as Mr. Toad.
  • Toad likes Doritos, this is the reason he uses the alter ego Toadwardo the Durito bandito.
  • He has tried to escape from peaches castle 643 times exactly, but every time he tries Mario stops him.
  • According to Toad he gets paid by Peach in peanuts and uses Toads for everything. The worst thing Peach uses toads for however is as a human body shield.
  • Toad and Toadsworh are some of the few toads in peaches castle that are able to think as the others are brain dead and can do whatever they are told to do, even attack Mario.


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