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This article is about the blooper. For the dimension, see The Nether (Area)
The Nether
Super minecraft 64 bloopers the nether-2

Super minecraft 64 bloopers the nether-2

Season 2, Episode 45
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date Aug 20, 2012
Idea by Unknown
Directed by Luke Lerdwichagul
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The Nether is SuperMarioGlitchy4's third Minecraft Blooper after World of Craftmine and Herobrine. This video is about Mario and SMG4 with Starman3 going in a portal to see The Nether, but soon they need to find a way back to the Minecraft world.


  • This is the second time where Starman3 appears in a minecraft blooper.
  • The Soldier might be FightingMario54321 in his Minecraft Skin. Ironically, the idea of this blooper comes from him.
  • When Mario deemed the portal was safe, an Iron Golem can be seen in the forest.
  • Bowser's castle is mentioned on a sign in this blooper, but it doesn't appear physically.
  • If SMG4 aired on tv this would be the first episode to have a TV-MA rating due to rape


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