“We are the Mushroom Mafia! Most badass mafias!”
―Barbie, mafia boss
The Mushroom Mafia

The Mushroom Mafia

The Mushroom Mafia is one of the most badass Mafias in all of the Mushroom Kingdom. Their boss is Barbie, and they're rivals with The Fire Flower Mafia.


  • Barbie - Boss
  • Mafia Member #1
  • Mafia Member #2
  • Mafia Member #3
  • Banana Obsessed Mafia Member
  • Mario - Guy who does tasks because he has to repay damages from a stunt competiton.


So basically, the only blooper they appeared in was the Mushroom Mafia (Omg seriously? who would have guess?!), where the boss made Mario do a bunch of tasks to make up for the damages of him crashing through the wall. However, most of the members and the building exploded when Mario tricked them by taking out the bombs in his vest when he was supposed to kill The President. Even though it blew up, the boss and two members who were outside of the building survied so possibly they may rebuild the mafia. But as of now, the Mushroom Mafia is no longer existent.


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