The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE is a blooper made by SMG4.


Mario has challenged EVERYONE IN THE SMG4 UNIVERSE to climb his tower full of trials and obstacles! WHO WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP!?


Everyone is all ganged near a castle with Mario talking to them via monitor, introducing them to his own ultimate challenge, where everyone who was chosen by Mario to participate to try and reach the top. Toad and Wario ask for free money, which Mario promised all of the contestants, however he has something different. Luigi questions if it is a magical unicorn, but Mario says it's not that, and says: (No you big peace of sh*t) but it's a mystery box, which is the grand prize for reaching the top. Mario warns them that there are obstacles along the way to the top, which excites Meggy, Bowser and Lord Crump, but frightens Luigi and Fishy Boopkins. Before the challenge begins, Mario asks the participants to not die, because he is not going to cover any medical bills.

Floor 1: The Pit (120 participants remaining) Edit

The first floor of the castle is "The Pit", which is just a big hole that people must jump over to reach the other side. SMG4 is the first to jump, but misses by an inch and fails. DEAD. Other contestants then start running mindlessly into the pit. DEAD. E. Gadd uses a jetpack to easily cross over the pit while Wario tries to use Yoshi as a piggyback ride, only to crush his legs due to his weight. Multiple Goombas then use themselves as a bridge, only to be then broken apart by Gourmet Guy. DEAD.

Eliminated: SMG4, multiple other contestants, Yoshi, Gourmet Guy, multiple Goombas

Floor 2: The Slope (79 participants remaining) Edit

The second floor is just a slope with Retro Donkey Kong tossing random objects down the slope. Toadsworth gets hit by multiple barrels, DEAD, while Luigi leaps over most of them with ease, only to be knocked down by Wario. Link casually strolls to the top while Koopas are getting wrecked by more barrels. DEAD. Bowser then climbs to the top, using his shell as a shield, but not before calling everyone "losers". Fishy and Bob go together to the top while Waluigi hangs on for dear life on a flagpole, only to get hit in the face multiple times by things. DEAD. The others continue to run to the top while E. Gadd continues to use his jetpack saying: (get fu*ked b****es), only to get wrecked by a chair. DEAD.

Eliminated: Toadsworth, multiple Koopas, Waluigi, E. Gadd, many other participants

Floor 3: The Gargoyle (62 participants remaining) Edit

Mario introduces the remaining participants in the third floor to his friend, Gobbles The Gargoyle. He then tells them to entertain him and make him laugh, bore him and they fail. Wario throws a pie at Luigi's face, making the gargoyle chuckle. Frankie then sings about his "dingaling", which confuses the gargoyle and resulting in the mentally questionable child getting squashed under his feet. DEAD. Fishy then starts tap-dancing, Bowser joining along with the latter saying he can do better than what the former was doing. The both of them have a tap-dance off, which ends in them being set ablaze and moving on. Bob then gets a turn, saying this will be easy since he does entertaining for a living. He then tells the gargoyle a very cheesy and bad joke, which, of course, results in him getting squished, DEAD, but not before Bob says that the joke was funny (when it really isn't).

Eliminated: Frankie, Bob, and 2 other participants

Floor 4: The Bullseye (58 participants remaining) Edit

The floor is a test to see how good everyone's aim is. Mario tells them to aim at the target's bullseye, but they only have three chances before they are out. Mr. Frosty is the first to shoot but ends up hitting a nearby Koopa. DEAD, DEAD. Meggy easily shoots at the bullseye, which results in Heavy saying "that's not possible", to which she replies with a peace sign. Heavy then uses a sniper to shoot but ends up missing once and hitting a Goomba the second time. DEAD. Heavy gets extremely furious to the point he gets out his minigun and fires away. Mario then kicks him out for fire more than 3 times, which is considered cheating. DEAD. Toad then tries to do a 360 no scope, but ends up hitting Bowser. He then turns his attention to Toad and burns him alive, DEAD. causing Mario to comment "That's a spicy meat-a-ball!"

Eliminated: Mr. Frosty, a Koopa, a Goomba, Heavy, Toad and 12 other participants.

Floor 5: The Mushroom (41 participants remaining) Edit

The fifth floor consists of jumping from some mushrooms, some not stable and/or have traps in them, to the other side. Toadette is the first one to begin jumping but ends up landing on a trap mushroom, which results in the mushroom extending its length all the way to the ceiling, crushing her. DEAD. Peach is holding on for dear life but gets pushed by Swagmaster69, DEAD. whose mushroom starts falling because of Dr. Pootis. The two then fight before they fall into the lava. DEAD. SMG3's mushroom he lands on then falls into the lava, but before he dies, he tries to leap to another stable mushroom, only for Bowser to jump from him, causing him to fall into the lava. DEAD.

Eliminated: Toadette, Peach, Swagmaster69696969696, Dr. Pootis, SMG3, and 2 other participants

Floor 6: The Maze (34 participants remaining) Edit

The gang comes across a series of doors on the sixth floor to which they have to find a way out, some of which have spooky stuff in there; so they must be careful. X opens a door, revealing a horrific human version of Barney, who charges after X, but he closes the door before it can reach him. Bowser opens another door and gets frightened by what he saw, which turns out to be Wario, who then flips Bowser off. Fishy enters a room with dim lights, which he found scary, he then enters another room, which has a creepy looking monster who chases after him. Fishy grabs a banana, which results in DK busting into the room. Fishy thinks he will help him, but he's only after the banana Fishy took. DK then becomes constipated, leaving the former two in literal astonishment. DEAD.

Eliminated: Fishy Boopkins and 16 other participants

Floor 7: The Wheel (23 participants remaining) Edit

Mario tells them about the wheel which gives them small challenges to do, one of them being an instant win. Piranha Plant is the first one to spin the wheel, which gives him the challenge of surviving an intense meteor shower. Piranha Plant is ready but is instantly obliterated by the meteors. DEAD.  Wario then pushes Luigi to the wheel, which tells him to do absolutely nothing, giving Luigi an easy pass. Wario then tries the wheel himself, which passes the challenge of surviving free money, which Wario pushes the wheel to. He then gets showered and wrecked by multiple coins. DEAD. Link then spins the wheel, which lands on the challenge to sing a beautiful song. He then sings "And I Will Always Love You", but sings it so horrible it makes X's ears bleed and the monitor of which Mario's face is from to crack, which results in him getting ran over by a train. DEAD.

Eliminated: Piranha Plant, Wario, Link

Floor 8: The Gauntlet (20[Ya'll gonna die] participants remaining) Edit

The final floor is one long obstacle course with an elevator that takes the winner to the top of the roof. However, there's a catch, only one person is allowed on the roof, so basically everyone is on edge here. Everyone looks at each other and starts making a mad dash to the roof. X, a Goomba and some participants fall through a trap pit, DEAD. with Luigi stopping the second the trap activates. Po comes across a saw-blade and uses a Whomp as a shield from it. He then runs past, only to be pushed off by a trap wall. DEAD. Steve enters a room where there are multiple swinging blades. Steve says "YOLOOOOO!" and runs past the blades, seemingly unharmed, but has his head sliced off the second he reaches the end, he then says "DAMMIT!". DEAD. Shy Guy runs up some stairs, only to be shoved off the ledge by Bowser. DEAD. Bowser then breaks the bridge after he gets across. Meggy falls off the broken bridge, but scales back up the top with ease, stomping on Bowser's head, which shocks and confuses him. The gang reaches to the very end of the course, with an elevator leading to the top. Mario says that only one can reach the elevator, which causes everyone to run to the elevator at top speeds. Mario turns around to see who is the winner of the challenge, which turns out to be a partially bitten mushroom head with a body of a scout member, who introduces himself as Shroomy. Everyone DEAD except Shroomy. Mario is shocked by his face and tells him that he hasn't won just yet, saying there is only one obstacle left...Mario himself, inside of a tank.

Eliminated: Everyone except Shroomy

Roof: The Italian (1 participant remaining) Edit

The showdown between Mario and Shroomy begins, taking place on top of a roof. Shroomy gets out a rocket launcher, which surprises Mario, as he didn't place one in one of his challenges at all. Shroomy then reveals he is a rocket launcher builder and he has a badge about it. He then fires a rocket at Mario, causing him and his tank to explode. Mario DEAD. Shroomy wins the challenge and gets his prize from the mystery box, which is a 10% off chicken nuggets at McDonalds coupon. Then, Shroomy said to put his hand in the air and celebrates his victory by dancing, which he does during the credits.



  • This is an obvious parody of the Japanese gameshow, Takeshi's Castle.
  • Out of all the Mario Channel episodes, this is the longest of them all.
  • The Luigi does absolutely nothing joke is reused again in this episode.
  • This video marks the return of SwagMaster6969696969, who originated in Guards N' Retards.
    • Strangely, his friend Chris is not with him.
  • This marks Shroomy's first appearance in the series.
  • So far, this was the first SMG4 and the Mario channel video with the most characters appearing.
  • Despite there being 120 participants, a recent attempt at counting up to that number has resulted in approximately more than stated, perhaps even double. This has yet to be confirmed, however, but possibly due to budget constraints on SMG4's end, this error will be ignored.
  • Some characters didn't simply have "ded" as the message when they lost, when heavy lost, he went "I am ded" and Steve says "DAMMIT!"

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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