"You all know your best friend right? The Haunted Carpenter?"

The Haunted Carpenter,-Crystal Funhouse

The Haunted Carpenter or just the carpenter, is a carpenter dude who appeared in The Forgotten Door & Crystal Funhouse.

The haunted Carpenter

The Haunted Carpenter

He currently has his right eye hidden due to his long stay behind the Forgotten Door.


The Forgotten DoorEdit

Back when the castle was built, he was one of the carpenters helping to build the castle. However, while on his break he saw a hole (where the cannon is now) and jumped in. He never returned. According to Toad's story it was because of the Forgotten Door which killed him or something, but at the end of the video it reveals that when he was underground they filled up the hole with cemment while he was inside trapping him in there forever, and the door was just a bathroom. Some say you can still hear his laughing near the bottom of the castle.

Crystal FunhouseEdit

He later appeared in Crystal Funhouse in Smg3's nightmare to the gang, created by the Nightmare Stone, this time wearing a cyborg hiding his left eye, and also this time getting a new nickname, "The Haunted Carpenter". He was at first disguised as a little girl but when the girl had a Heroic BSOD (probably), the girl revealed herself to be the carpenter. He introduced himself as "The Haunted Carpenter" to the gang, but they all respond with neutral answers, even Lakitu, who calls his mum as a result. He was about to kill the gang after that, when he was suddenly killed by AustinDawgyDawg and GageDawg, which explains why he hasn't appeared in later, future bloopers.