The dealer and the old man getting tired of Mario's retardness.

The Dealer only appeared in SM64 Bloopers: Casino, Cards and Chaos as a secondary character. He was the former dealer at the casino. He's dressed exactly like the Judge , John Gayham , Barbie and Bowser's boss .

In his only appearence, Mario needs lots of coins if he doesn't want to become the dinner for many Bullies. Since Mario does not how to play, he starts to be stupid and that drives the dealer insane, just like the old man. Mario is losing constantly, but Luigi decides to help him. Luigi has a curse that he always wins, making Mario happy, and making a Whomp and King Bob-omb furious. These two decide to drug Luigi, making him useless. Mario is thinking what he must do, and he thinks of it: while the dealer was walking, he got attacked and knocked out by Mario. When Mario replaces the former dealer, his excuse of why is he absent is that he was pregnant and had to leave, appalingly.

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