The Blooper Competition
Super mario 64 bloopers the blooper competition11:53

Super mario 64 bloopers the blooper competition

Season 1, Episode 30
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date September 11, 2011
Idea by SuperMarioGlitchy4
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
Episode Guide
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Time Travel Tells 4 Clones, 1 Italian

The Blooper Competition is the 30th Super Mario 64 Blooper. In it, SMG4 and MM54321 fight against each other to terminate the best Super Mario 64 Bloopers video ever. MarioMario54321 makes his debut on this episode. It is also the first time SMG4 does a competition-type blooper.


The scene starts in the view of Princess Peach's Castle. SMG4 wakes up in the morning and checks the calendar which was September 11, 2011. SMG4 asks Toad why today's special, not knowing he's sleeping. SMG4 yells excited for joy when Mario asked SMG4 what's going on. SMG4 told Mario something really cool going on, But for Mario, didn't even know what SMG4 was excited about, watches News Report on TV. The News Reporter announces that a annual blooper competition is coming to town. The current winner of the blooper competition is MarioMario54321. Mario told SMG4 his videos sucks, making SMG4 rage. Mario try to cheer him up but making SMG4 explode for joy. Mario comes up a plan to beat the enemies and destroy (remember the orange guy...) but SMG4 doesn't agree to Mario's plan. Skip to 05:39, in the scene of the SNES Super Mario World, they made to their destination. (But being tricked next to the shower scene.) Oviscity, a deserted city of Garry's Mod maps & characters walk around the town. When Mario hear the music at the coming cars (which is MarioMario54321's business car) have their meets. MM was very rude-acting against everyone throughout the whole blooper. The competition begins. The race ends when they shows MarioMario54321's video. Peoples cheers for the success. They show SMG4's video but the video failed miserably. The new winner is still MarioMario54321. But Mario calls the military and blows the entire city, making the host cry in rage. MM calls the host a baby.

MarioMario54321 by MarioMario54321



Errors and TriviaEdit

  • The video was released and took place on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the 2001 U.S. Terrorist Attacks. This is indirectly referenced in the video.
  • The video that MarioMario54321 entered the competition with was Oiramoiram12345 and the dark star x part 30.
  • This video is one of two only videos that had the 2013/2014-era text subtitles in 2011/2012, the other being Breaking Walls.
  • If you look closely, SMG4's score on pac-man is 330.   

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