The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of Mario
The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of mario05:31

The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of mario

Season 3, Episode 41
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date Aug 18, 2013
Idea by Nintendofan997
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
Episode Guide
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Free lunch for Mario Super Mario 64: The Movie

The (TOTALLY ACCURATE!!) Documentary of Mario is the 140th blooper made by SMG4.

Timeline of MarioEdit

  • 1928: born; father attempts filicide; parents leave and kill themselves.
  • 1930: meets Luigi
  • 1942: goes to school
  • 1955: goes to Plumber Academy for Idiots
  • 1977: falls in love with spaghetti
  • 1981: takes drugs; becomes gay and retarded
  • 1989: burns down the school
  • 1990: becomes a plumber
  • 1991: invited to castle by Princess Peach
  • 1993: meets Toad and Bowser
  • 1995: forms a familial relationship with Peach, Luigi and Toad
  • 1997: hired at Nintendo; becomes a zillionarie 
  • 2001: SuperMarioGlitchy4 visits the castle
  • 2002: gets a car; becomes an ex-criminal; sells free candy
  • 2007: fired from Nintendo; becomes a hobo
  • 2011-: works for SMG4
  • Spaghetti: dies

Trivia Edit


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