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Po in a jail cell holding a crowbar.

“Tubby custard, tubby custard! Tubby custa-.....YOU SON OF A B!TCH!!!!”
―Po in "A Trip to Teletubbyland"

Teletubbies are creatures who appear in the 1997 British preschool television show of the same name, which is aimed at children from ages one to four. In SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, however, they are depicted as violent prisoners, criminals, and rapists disguised as a group of innocent characters. They almost always carry crowbars and are sometimes equipped with machine guns, and very rarely with rocket launchers. They worship a sun with a baby's face, who is their god, and they like to cause destruction and destroy outsiders. Their pet vacuum is the ever-so nagging Noo-Noo. Their rivals are Mario and SMG4. They all come from Teletubbie Land.


The Real Teletubbies Opening

The Real Teletubbies Opening

An example of their vicious personality

Teletubbies have short tempers and get very mad very easily. The Teletubbies seem to be a gang of terrorists, as they have been seen destroying towns and killing the residents of all other species. Thus, the Teletubby race seems to be incredibly racist and xenophobic. According to Ssenmodar 11, they love to roll.


The Teletubbies made their first major appearence in the blooper "A Trip to Teletubby Land", attacking Mario whenever they saw him. Their second major appearance was "Tubbie TV", where they break into Mario's house, tie him to a chair, and force him to watch their show. Usually in other bloopers, they attempt to kill people and kiss Luigi.


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  • Their singular name "Teletubby" is often misspelled as "Teletubbie" by SMG4 as well as other people. It's because the name in plural "Teletubbies" is more known that the name in singular. So they have forgotten that a name in "-ies" in plural is in "-y" in singular. Outside of SMG4's videos "Teletubby(ies)" is sometimes mispelled as "Telytubby(ies)".
  • Po, the red Teletubby, is the one who appears the most in SMG4's videos. She is a girl, but is a boy in SMG4's bloopers (it could be a mistake of SMG4). This could also be true for the yellow Teletubby, Laa-Laa, but she was later confirmed to be female in the videos "Tubby TV" and "Ssenmodnar 9 - Time Travel Edition".
  • The Teletubbies are occasionally considered as bears by some people in SMG4's bloopers.
  • The background used for Teletubbyland is in fact Ponyville from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Their favorite foods are Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast. The former is often shown or mentioned in SMG4's bloopers.
  • Teletubbies only like themselves and the other Teletubbies. They hate everyone else.
  • Their preferred god is the Sun Baby, a Sun with a baby face.
  • Outside SMG4's videos, Teletubbies aren't able to talk very well, but in SMG4's bloopers, they can often talk normally.
  • In the video "A Trip to Teletubby Land" Po stated that Teletubbies were animals. They were later called "giant creepy teddy bears" in "Tubbie TV".
  • In SMG4's bloopers, there are in fact more than 4 Teletubbies in the world, so there are several clones of the same person (several versions of Po for example).
  • In the actual show, the Teletubbies are friends with a vacuum cleaner robot named Noo-Noo. Noo-Noo first appeared in Tubbie TV.
  • In the show, the Teletubbies are different sizes, with Tinky Winky being the biggest, and Po being the smallest. But in SMG4's videos, they are all the same size.
  • There has been a lot of creepypasta and controversy about the theme of the Teletubbies, such being that it is about slavery and the end of human evolution, or the end of the world.
  • Tinky Winky is believed to be gay, mostly because his favourite accessory is a (red) handbag (which isn't seen in SMG4's videos), as his triangle is the symbol of gay pride and the purple color is also the color of gays. In SMG4's videos Tinky Winky also is somehow connected to the Illuminati, as shown in the video "Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2!
  • Teletubbies aren't actually evil in their own show which the title name is the same as their plural name, Teletubbies(Teletubbies).
  • A white Teletubby appeared in "Retarded64: Mario for Hire.", however this is actually Dipsy whose green color was blended in with the greenscreen.
  • They get many nicknames such as Gay not so friendly bears" by Chris, "Creepy teddy bears" by the Angry Indian Guy and "Gummy bears" by the Ztar.
  • They actually can be nice, since Po saved Peach in Luigi's Retarded Mansion.
  • Teletubbies are Gmod ragdolls owned by BBC and Ragdoll Productions.


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