Some teletubbies in teletubbie land

Teletubby Land is a place in SMG4's bloopers where the teletubbies live. It appeared in A Trip to Teletubbie Land (obviously) and then later appeared in Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT (shocked face) edition)Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure and Ssenmodnar 8 (150k special). They can supposedly be entered using a Warp Pipe in the castle sewage systems.


  • The land is based on Ponyville from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and also, at one point, Rainbow Dash is seen flying in the background.
  • Most people said that it was originally has ponies in this place. But now it was invaded by Teletubbies and call it "Teletubbie Land". However, when Heavy Sniper and Scout went to the Teletubbie Land, two Teletubbies will attack the intruders and tried to kill them with their chainsaws. But then, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash appeared and killed two Teletubbies and saves Ponyville and Equestria once for all. This video can be found right here.
  • Despite all this, Teletubbies have nothing to do with ponies so LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE OK?


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