Smart(ass) Mario
Super mario 64 bloopers smart(ass) mario11:30

Super mario 64 bloopers smart(ass) mario

Season 3, Episode 5
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date November 25, 2012
Idea by Unknown
Directed by Smg4
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Plumber Academy for Idiots Sup' Bro?

Smart(ass) Mario is a Super Mario 64 Blooper. In it, Mario accidentally touches a stone and wishes to be smart, but becomes a smartass instead.


Starman plays The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time at the start of the video, Mario shows up to play with him, being an a$$ by crashing the Starman's game. Later, smg4 play Super Mario 64, but realized the game file is erased by mario (which in seen from the flashback). Being boot'd out of the castle for being ALSO an "a$$", A strange voice come out from "no-where" telling Mario about a stone that grants wishes.Mario found the stone, touched it and wished to be smart (but turns into an smartass.) After being hated even more as a Smartass then a dumbass, SM3 and Smg4 try and turn Mario back, and finally figures out that touching the stone another time turns him stupid again.



  • At the start of the video, there is a running gag of Mario being called an ass, with a picture of buttocks appearing over his face.
  • The line "Turning my gloves pink is one thing" is a reference to The Pink Problem.

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