super mario 64 bloopers: 99.5% crazy
Super mario 64 bloopers 99

Super mario 64 bloopers 99.5% crazy

Season 3, Episode 11
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date February 10th, 2013
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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99.5% Crazy is SMG4's 110th blooper, in which Mario eats a Poison Mushroom that causes him to go crazy.


Mario is chasing (and eating) a plate of spaghetti in Princess Peach's castle when the doorbell rings. He answers the door to find a traveling merchant selling random items. Nothing he offers interests Mario until the merchant pulls out a Poison Mushroom, which the plumber purchases for 10 coins. Mario decides to eat the mushroom despite Toad and Lakitu’s warnings, causing him to go on a strange trip that severely reduces his mental state.

SMG4 brings Mario to Dr. Mario, but the doctor says that Mario might have a rare disease, or he is just really drunk. A disappointed SMG4 then brings Mario home, but he loses him on the way. SMG4 searches for Mario, and finds him in a small town. After a dramatic reunion between the two, SMG4 then tries to make him his slave, but Mario pulls out a gun and demands he be named the Spaghetti King. SMG4 has no choice but to make Mario the Spaghetti King, and he runs back to the castle. SMG4 then gets advice from the Magic Rock, who tells him he has to beat Mario in a magic duel. SMG4 challenges Mario, but ultimately fails. SMG4 comes back inside the castle, but Mario comes inside right after SMG4 to kill everyone. SMG4 reels back from Mario in fear, but Mario accidentally eats a 1-Up Mushroom and returns back to normal. And then Luigi is crazy for some reason, and the text says 'To be continued' followed by 'not really'.



  • Currently, this blooper is the 39th most popular video on SMG4's channel.
  • The song used when SMG4 and Mario fight is a remix of the final boss music of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
  • When Mario and SMG4 run back to each other to the Chariots of Fire theme, it is similar to Marty and Alex running back to each other to the theme in the movie Madagascar. Something not so good comes in at the end of both themes in both the blooper and Madagascar.