“I did it! I saved the world!”
―Super Saiyan Mario

Super Saiyan Mario is one of Mario's forms, used when he gets so annoyed and angry that his blood starts boiling and he develops blond Goku hair, as well as superpowers.

Appearances Edit

His so far only appearance in one of SMG4's visuals was in Retarded64: Mario Simulator, where after Simulator Mario dies from taking a crap because the real Mario started pressing the buttons too fast, Mario stands at the back of the room, hoping he could play it one more time, but when Miyamoto's Ghost appears on the screen and complains angrily, Mario throws the Nintendo 64 and the cartridge out the window, flies to them and starts farting and pooping fire on both of them, then he turns into Super Saiyan Mario. He flies into outer space and throws the cartridge
SUPER SAYin mario

"I did it! I saved the world! :D"

into the Sun, where on impact, it explodes, destroying everything and everyone in the cartridge, including Simulator Mario, Simulator Luigi, Simulator Toad, Simulator Waluigi and Simulator Wario, the game modes and even Simulator BowserSimulator Peach, SwagTubbie, Simulator Daisy, the Goomba diabeetus disease held in Simulator Goombas, and Simulator Narrator. Super Saiyan Mario then says his so far only quote, "I did it! I saved the world!" But he doesn't notice that the Earth then explodes after that. Super Saiyan Mario was never seen or heard of again (although he can be noticed in a DeviantArt art picture at the end of Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST edition)).


  • Super Saiyan Mario throwing Mario Simulator on the sun refferences the AVGN Episode:Superman 64 Most likely because the main protagonist on that episode and this episode (Mario and AVGN) turned into an super form (Super Saiyan Mario and Super Angry Video Game Nerd) and then fly to the space to throw the N64 Cartridge on the sun

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