Super pokeman 64 bloopers WELCOME TO POKEMANS!

Super pokeman 64 bloopers WELCOME TO POKEMANS!

Season 1 (Pokémon), Episode 1
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date March 2, 2014
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Pokeman 64 bloopers: WELCOME TO POKEMANS! is the 167th blooper made by SMG4 and the first blooper in the Super Pokeman Blooper series.


GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!!! Mario is the main character for an unimportant game, called Pokemans! I have no idea what that is...


The video starts out with Mario sleeping in a house, until the lights went dull, awaken Mario, then Oak appears out of nowhere and greets Mario, and asks him if he is a male or female, then Mario throws Oak out of a window, making him say "S**T!" Then the intro plays, then Mario goes downstairs, where he meets his new mom and dad, then Mario's "new" mom poops out some shoes, then Mario goes outside, craziness happens, then he adventures on, until some woman appears and says that he needs a Pokemon, then Mario enters Oak's house (sort of) to get sum pokeman! Then Oak tells him that "this world" inhabited with pokemon, then Mario replies: "BITCH! DO YOU LOOK LIKE I CARE?! NO!", then Gary appears saying that if Oak would give him a Pokemon, Oak forgets his name, and Mario says his name is "Dicks", then Dicks challenges Mario, Mario wins by shooting Dicks' pokemon with a pistol. Then Mario replies to Oak if he would give him all his Pokemon, but all Oak said was: "Get the fook out of my house!" Then Mario ventures on to a grassy field, only to end up battling a wild Jigglypuff, but she just gave Luigi some sick feelings (jiggyaids), fainting him, then Mario blacks out. Then he reaches Nurse Joy's place, were she said that she heals pokemon, not humans like Luigi, then Mario thinks it's "bull****" because Luigi IS a pokemon, but she refuses to recover Luigi, angering Mario and smacks Luigi into the refresher. Then Dicks wants to find Mario for revenge, when some guy asks Mario to get sum POKEMAN! Then Mario tries getting some pokeman (even trying to capture Dicks) but his last ditch attempt to capture a tiny mushroom, making it very into a mentally pissed of toad, who gives Mario a chase. Then the toad busts into Oaks office, then Mario manages to capture/lock up the toad, then Steve tells Red to see his friends, which are legendary pokemon, surprising Red. Then Mario uses a pokedex, here are some texts that it says:

To pikachu:

"That's a pikachu, pikachus have tails."

To a old hobo:

"That's a hobo, LOL, look at his beard."

To a dead Link:

"That's a dead body, teabag it, you would get good luck!"

Then Mario faces a demonic cute guy , who wins the battle, Mario then recovers Luigi, then Dicks finally finds Mario and challenges him with a wedlle, Mario (with a toad) then insults the wedlle, making it kill Toad, then Luigi used punch, but it didnt do a crap, then Luigi eats sum pasta for a mega evovle, making Luigi (in a form of Weegee) defeat the Catterpie and Dicks, making Dicks become a bird, then Toad comes out of nowhere and kills Mario, SMG4 then receives a Game Over, which makes him hate the game, then the credits play.

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  • This is the first episode that Mario enters the world of Pokémon.
  • When Mario blacks out it says "WASTED!" and the text under that says: "Mario ran out of Pokemons." This is probably a reference to the GTA series.