Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: Mario takes the idiot test
Super mario 64 bloopers short mario takes the idiot test

Super mario 64 bloopers short mario takes the idiot test

Season 2, Episode 5
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date October 27th, 2011
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Mario takes the Idiot Test is the 54th blooper made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. Mario tries to succeed at doing the idiot test.


The video starts with Toad off-screen saying "u mad bro"? Mario roars at Toad and goes into SMG4's room. SMG4 had the knife that he murdered Link with, Mario told SMG4 where he put his gun. The scene cuts to outside the castle, where Baby Mario shoots Luigi with Mario's gun.

Meanwhile, Mario wonders what SMG4 was doing. He tells Mario he was playing an online game called The Idiot Test. When Mario asks SMG4 if he can play the game, he bursts into laughter. Angry, Mario tries to throw a knife at SMG4. Just as he throws it, Luigi walks in and the knife goes through his head.

SMG4 told Mario he doesn't even know what's 1 plus 1 is, Mario claims he does and tries to get SMG4 to believe he can do the idiot test. Mario tries to prove SMG4 that he's an idiot. The game starts and it told Mario to press the square to begin, and even gave him an hint. Mario didn't know which one was the square (probably because he doesn't know what's geometry is), he picks the yellow triangle, and got it incorrect telling him to go back and try again with the BIG rewind button.

Mario didn't even know which one was the button, SMG4 said it was no big surprise that he can't even get past the intro. Mario finally got it correct on the intro when just going with the blue square like he's suppose to. The next one was to press the big red button to continue, Mario claims that he's too smart when he got it right, but it was hard for Mario because they're the same color even though they're different sizes.

SMG4 tells Mario to think about the big red button to get it correct, Mario tries to concentrate on thinking, and saw a sprite image of Luigi dancing while saying "GO WEEGEE". Mario told the image to get out of his face, and ends up accidentally throw an frying pan at the real Luigi. Mario almost press the BIG red button, but just ends up pressing the top right button, and got it wrong, and needs to do it all over. Which causes mario to rage quit and throw the computer out the window, and hits Luigi who told Mario he's gonna pay for that. Mario was about to go on a different website, but SMG4 tells him he needs to finish the idiot test so Mario can see if he's dumb or not.

Mario didn't want to, because he didn't want no one to see his humiliation, SMG4 holding the camera for the viewers lieing that no ones going to see it. Mario finally presses the BIG red button because it represents his fatness, and got it correct. Mario now needs to handle finding the perfect square, SMG4 told Mario to remember what he said, but think of something incorrectly of whag SMG4 said. While Mario was trying to get it correct, Nintendofan996 wonders what Mario was doing, SMG4 told Nintendofan996 failing the idiot test, Nintendofan996 ducks when Mario was throwing another frying pan.

Mario clicks the correct square or rectangle and is considered an border-line idiot. The next problem is "what is 1+1?" SMG4 tries to encourage him to use his brain. Mario tries to concentrate when his tiny brain, but it doesn't work. The game gives Mario a hint: "its not sphagetti". This causes Mario's tiny brain or mind to explode.

Mario getting up than getting down repeatedly says "oma sake de de de de de de de de", and got on fire, SMG4 says it was just so sad. "oma sake de de de de de de de de" translates to "Thanks for watching".


  • Link(cameo, Toon Link)
  • Toad(off-screen cameo)


  • Mario is a borderline idiot at the idiot test.


I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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