super mario 64 bloopers: youtube mario?
Super mario 64 bloopers youtube mario?

Super mario 64 bloopers youtube mario?

Season 3, Episode 34
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date July 14, 2013
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Spaghetti Law. 101 Ways for Mario to Die (The Right Way!) 50,000 Subs!

YouTube Mario!? is Smg4's 131st video.  In this blooper, Mario makes his own channel called theawesomario using SuperMarioGlitchy4's computer.


Mario is jealous that SMG4 is too busy with his "CRAPPY VIDEOS" which is why Mario decides to make a Youtube channel himself :3


The episode opens with Mario and Toad playing chess, with the fungis scoring checkmate and the plumber blowing up the board with a rocket launcher. Upset, Mario decides to find SMG4 because "he doesn't play crappy games like you (Toad )". Mario finds him on the computer busy and with bloodshot eyes. When Mario asks SMG4 to play, he says: "These bloopers are more IMPORTANT than YOU!" After confirming that SMG4 doesn't love him, an angry Mario misinterprets SMG4 's statement: "I'm too busy, my videos are more awesome than YOU! Oh, I'll show him... I'll show him that I'm as important as him."

He decided to show Glitchy that Mario is just as important as SMG4 . That night, Mario goes to SMG4 's room but Toad follows causing Mario to screams and stuff Toad in a toilet after he refuses to keep Mario's Youtube channel a secret. He proceeds to put in a username, but finds all of the ones he had in mind are taken. Hundreds of stupid names later, he settles on "theawesomario ," which Toad came up with.

The next day, SMG4 returns to his workplace to find Mario recording himself eating while being naked and Toad in a toilet. Mario tells SMG4 that he uploaded a 3-hour video of himself eating spaghetti in the nude. SMG4 leaves in frustration. Mario tries to boost the view count on his video by refreshing the page 50,000 times, which doesn't work. Mario tries to convince SMG4 to get famous by giving him a shoutout, subscribing to him, giving him a hug, and killing his family, all of which SMG4 refuses.

Later, SMG4 returns to his workplace and asks for his computer back. Mario tells him that he has finished uploading his second video, where he asks for coins for an organization called "The Mario Happy Face Foundation". SMG4 asks for his computer back, but Mario refuses. In response, Mario gets locked out of SMG4 's office. He decides that he will become more famous than SMG4 .

SMG4 returns to the castle, hoping that Mario did not touch his computer while he was away. A passerby recognizes him from a new video from theawesomario . Back in SMG4 's office, Mario hears a rumbling noise, so he tries to hide the computer in the toilet. SMG4 Ground-Pounds into the office demanding to know what Mario did. The plumber tries to pretend that nothing is going on. SMG4 gets flames in his eyes, and Mario knows he is in trouble. The video, A day in a life of Smg4, features SMG4 doing embarrassing things. SMG4 gets angry and chases after Mario, who doubts that anyone was going to watch the videos anyway, but is proven wrong when the video gets 143,234 views. SMG4 begins to cry, fearing that people will no longer respect him.

Mario runs outside, feeling that he will need a wizard to undo all of this. The Magic Rock appears. Mario asks him to erase the video from existence, which he seems to successfully do. (In reality, the rock just typed gibberish into the address bar to make it look like the video was deleted.) Mario breaks the news to SMG4 , who states that he doesn't really care if anyone sees him doing stupid things. He tells Mario that he upload any videos provided that SMG4 doesn't appear in them. Mario says that he is uploading a video of SMG4 in the bathtub. SMG4 jumps out the window.

After the outro plays, Mario gets his first subscriber: Luigi, although he was not happy about him.



  • "Dramatic Chipmunk" was playing when SMG4's eyes were bloodshot.