Not to be confused with the video "The Visitor", made in 2011, and with the character of the same name featured in this last one.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Visitor.
Super mario 64 bloopers The Visitor

Super mario 64 bloopers The Visitor.

Season 4, Episode 41
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date October 20th, 2014
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Visitor., more often simply called The Visitor, is the 202nd video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It's specially made for Roprinplup14's birthday in 2014. In this blooper, one year after the events of "Birthday Freakout.", a mysterious black guys kills several people by jamming them into toilets, so Mario and SMG4 try to stop him.


Toad becomes really loud and annoying to the other members of the castle. Until someone breaks into the castle and kills Toad by jamming him into a toilet. Mario awakens and has a normal day (which is walking around the Mushroom Kingdom, annoying Peach, eating spaghetti, and dancing while Bowser is drunk), until he finds Toad in the toilet.

The gang all come in to find this, but decide not to call the authorities because it was "just Toad". That night Luigi panics and almost kills Mario, who came to fetch his spaghetti. Mario then threatens Luigi with a chainsaw and he jumps through the wall in fear, where he himself is killed by a toilet from the same guy who killed Toad. The police set up a perimeter around the castle, and ambush Peach accidentally when Mario orders it thanks to her holding a toilet. That night, Lakitu is killed while playing Five Nights at Freddy's, Wario, Waluigi, and Steve all meet the same toilet-fate (albeit Steve does so willingly) and Toadsworth tries to fend off the attacker, but finds that the attacker teleported past him and has stuffed Peach into a toilet. She survives, but at the cost of her sanity. She now has some mental disorders.

The news reporter reports that this incident has been happening all over, which includes people such as Yoshi.

SMG4 appears to have watched this while enlisting the help of Bowser, only to find his method of defense is a shanty-incomplete box fort. Later that night, the murderer attacks the group. Bowser lets out a robot which Mario hallucinates as an amazing piece of work, but is really not that helpful. When the murderer kills the robot, Bowser, SMG4 and Mario try to flee. When Bowser flees, he finds Peach waving at her, and crushes on her, during this, SMG4 warns him it's a trap. The murderer kicks Bowser away and kills him.

Mario and SMG4 panic, as the murderer comes up to them and asks the two to "say it." Mario doesn't understand, as the murderer reveals himself as Enzo, who tells them to say happy birthday to him, getting his revenge. Mario remembers the events of the previous birthday failure and the police come, ready to arrest him again. Those on the roof of the castle already have been fooled and Enzo appears to have won this time. Enzo approaches the two, as SMG3 soars from the sky and attempts to kamikaze Enzo but fails miserably. Before Enzo can kill them, SMG4 gives him his birthday present, which is a teddy bear. However, a policeman's head shows up from the teddy bear and cops everywhere burst on the scene (mostly from the box fort) and surround him. He runs off with various cops chasing him. Mario and SMG4 then go toilet shopping, as everyone is still dead.

SMG3 tries to save the day. (Click for animation)


Enzo naming the teddy bear.


Trivia/Errors Edit

  • This blooper is a sequel to "Birthday Freakout".
  • The thumbnail of this episode is similar to "Who let the Chomp out?", except for the background.
  • Enzo, in black, and with his toilet, can gives a similarity (and almost confusion) to the Crazy Toilet Dude.
  • Enzo's teddy bear, which he names it "fatty bear", is a reference to the game of the same name by Humongous Entertainment.
  • Apparently Luigi deeply cares for Toad, being seen crying over his death.
  • This is the first time Dr. Mario appears in a Garry's Mod style. This style would later be re-used in the blooper "SM64 Christmas 2014: The Bowser that stole Christmas.".
  • Five Nights at Freddy's makes a debut in this video, where Lakitu is looking at the castle through security cameras identical to said game's gameplay.
  • This is the 3rd time Toadsworth wears a Princess dress. The first was in "SM64 Guides: Toadsworth's How to - Princess", and the second was in "Who let the Chomp out?".
  • It is unknown how the policemen hid in the box fort, but they have also made a strange hiding in The Evilness of Eggman (?).
  • This is the first time in a SMG4 blooper where Clip-art of Nintendo characters are used.
  • The quote "But your princess is in another castle." said by the murderer comes from a Ghostbusters parody made by jamesfarr called " New Super Mario Busters".
  • When Peach comes out to yell at Toad in the beginning, the Fraps FPS counter can be seen in the upper-right corner
  • This blooper has a lack of backstory on how Enzo did escape from prison at all. A possible hint is when Enzo said "Not even your precious police can help you now!!", meaning that he had something that was powerful enough to escape prison, such as a bomb, although he could have referred to that the police could do nothing at that very moment Enzo tells them, from covering a cop's binoculars with a letter saying "Everything is fine :D", because he's aware of how stupid those cops are there.



Here is the transcript for the blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Visitor.

(A black figure walks to the castle, pulls out a spork)

Figure: It's raping time!

(Cuts to inside the castle)


(Peach wakes up and comes out of her bedroom)

Peach: Shut up!

(Toad puts his head down and sad music plays whislt doing it, then walks towards the center of the castle)

Peach: Thank you. (closes door)

(Toad resumes what he is doing)


(Toad lands on the ground and stares at the Figure that came into the castle)

Toad: My name's Toad! And I like spaghetti!

(The figure charges at Toad)

Toad: Do you want me to make you macaroni?

(After this, a cut sound makes, then the screen turns black, meaning that the Figure killed Toad)

(It is daytime and the camera shows the view of the castle. Mario is seen walking out his door)

Mario: Good morning Mushroom Kingdom!

(Mario eats spaghetti, then puts his butt on Peach, then break dances in Bowser's Lair, Bowser then yells and explodes. Mario then reaches to the bathroom, he gets angry afterwards)

Mario: Toad!!? You've been using the toilet the whole morning!?! You know how long you made me wait! ...Toad? ...You didn't fall asleep or...ahh screw it!

(Mario uses the toilet with Toad's head stuck inside, SMG4 then walks up to Mario)

SMG4: Uhh Mario...?

Mario: Blame Toad! His afro is blocking the toilet!

SMG4: Ok! One...two...three...pull!

(Mario and SMG4 pulls Toad out of the toilet, and witness that he has blood all over his body, they and Luigi then get surprised. Luigi then panics, Mario then hits him)

SMG4: Calm down, Luigi! I'm sure Toad just had a nose bleed or his period!

(Dr. Mario then comes and looks at Toad)

Dr. Mario: ...He's dead...


SMG4: Should the police?

Mario: Ehhh, it's just Toad...

SMG4: Ok. I guess that makes sense.

(Mario then completely locks the entrance shut)

Mario: There Luigi! The scary monsters won't come in anymore.

(Mario dims the lights and Luigi goes to his bed, then a glass break sound is heard, Luigi then looks at the door, the door suddenly is locked)

Luigi: Uhh...SOMEBODY!?

(Luigi shivers, but then gets angry and pulls out his Poltergust 4000)

Luigi: Okie dokey, look out-a! I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT!

(Luigi turns on the Poltergust 4000 and puts on some shades. A figure of Luigi does his Death Stare appears on the screen. Mario then busts the door open)


(Luigi gets scared and throws the Poltergust 4000 at Mario)

Mario: Calm down! Jeez...I forgot my spaghetti.

(Mario leaves the room and Luigi then calms down)

Mario: Luigi!

(Mario comes back to the room and has a mask and a chainsaw)


(Luigi then screams and jumps out the window)

Mario: Oh brother! Mama mia...

Luigi: me!

(Figure appears, making a sound)

Luigi: Eeeeeeeeee....Stay back! I got a chainsaw!

(Luigi shows his Poltergust 4000, turns it on, pretends it to be a chainsaw to scare away the figure, and makes ominous sounds, possibly chainsaw ones. The figure then charges at Luigi, while Luigi screams, stabs him and shoves him into a toilet)

(The next day, Luigi is in a toliet in the castle with a minister Toad next to him. SMG4 looks shocked but Mario doesn't show any emotion.)

Minister Toad: Here lies Luigi. He ran fast and died a virgin.

SMG4: What is with all these toliet deaths!? D:

Mario: I don't know! But I'm going to call this murderer: the toliet terminator. Don't worry!  We got police lookout for anyone holding suspicous toliets!

(Peach enters the castle and pulls out a toliet)

Peach: I don't know how our toilets keep disapearing.  I have to keep buying new ones.

(Mario thinks Peach had something to do with the murder and gets angry.)


(A bunch of police officers appear and attack Peach.)

Peach: *screaming* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Mario: *proud with himself and starts dancing*  Yipee!  Yipee!

(SMG4 looks annoyed.)

(scene cuts to various scenes in a camera)

Lakitu: Oh it's a (untelliabge), doh what the fuck?

(he heard a noise)

Lakitu: ice cream! Oh Ice cream! Oh yeah!

Lakitu: ice cream?

(Lakitu's dad busts through the door)

Lakitu's dad: HEY! HOW'S IT GOING!

(Lakitu screams, then the figure appears)

Lakitu: Oh thank god! I thought you were my dad! He's a really crazy guy!

(The figure proceeds to kill Lakitu)

(Cut to the courtyard where Wario meets the dark figure. He tosses a coin into a toilet just as Wario prepares to attack him, causing him to chase after it.)

Wario: Money money money money money!

(He then gets stuck in the toilet and the figure proceeds to finish the job off-screen.)

(Meanwhile Waluigi plays a flute in Hyrule after he's done playing he goes on an adventure, then he noticed the figure and tries to run away but the figure catches Waluigi)

(Meanwhile Steve is having a poo in the toilet room, he jumps off of the toilet and flushes it and he turned around and saw the figure)

Steve: Uuuhhhhh, fine.

(Steve jumps and landed headfirst into the Toilet)

(Meanwhile back in Peach's Castle, Peach and Toadsworth hear glass smashing and thought the murderer is comingfor them. Toadsworth take Peach to the hallway.)

Toadsworth: Princess! Stay back! I'll take care of this fiend!

(Toadsworth goes out wearing a princess gown and crown.)

Toadsworth: Oh yeah! (la la laing) Come at me bro! I'm the princess! Sexy and fresh!

(The figure disappear.)

Toadsworth: I'm out of his league! Works everytime!

(Toadsworth goes back to check on Peach.)

Toadsworth: Not to worry Princess! You are safe once again!

(Peach is suffed in to the toilet with her legs sticking out)

Heavy: (off screen) Dead, not big surprise.

Toadsworth: SON OF A BI...

(Cut to a newsman on the news.)

Newsman: This just in! A new victim has fallen to the Toilet Assassin! Y'all better hide yo kids and hide yo toilets! Cause things are getting serious! Like this one police man who was drunk but witnessed the crime! More to come