Not to be confused with "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Visitor.".

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Visitor, more often simply called The Visitor, is the 23rd video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4.


In this blooper, when a big storm comes, a mysterious man appears at the castle and Mario thinks he is ordinary... but he's wrong. The man, also called Silent Guy, is a serial killer who terrorized the Mushroom Kingdom. Luckily Mario met him at the summit of Bob-omb Battlefield and destroyed the man, who strangely went to heaven instead of hell despite his bad deeds.



  • The visitor uses the palette colors of Fire Mario.
  • Mario when he is asleep mentions the phrase "My favorite part of the day". That phrase is a reference to Dora the Explorer.
  • Also Luigi when he is asleep mentions the phrase "I'm Mama Luigi". That phrase is a reference to the Super Mario World cartoon, "Mama Luigi".
  • The Visitor knows about the "Song of Storms". That song is clearly a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • The Visitor would later appear in "Retarded64: Mario Simulator", which marks his second appearance in a blooper, although as a cameo, or more likely a mistake.
  • In 2014, SMG4 made a another video called "The Visitor.", the main antagonist, however, being Enzo. You can tell the two bloopers apart by the titlecards being different and the period on the 2014 blooper "The Visitor.".
  • This marks the last blooper to feature Mario as only the main character.