Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island
Super mario 64 bloopers Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island-0

Super mario 64 bloopers Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island-0

Season 3, Episode 45
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date September 22nd, 2013
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, more often simply called Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, is the 144th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this blooper, Mario and the gang take a vacation on a mysterious island called Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, which is actually another one of SuperMarioGlitchy3 (and a crazy Japanese guy)'s evil schemes.


The video begins with Mario looking in the fireplace. Luigi comes, and hits a button, and Mario's head is burned. He then hears the doorbell ringing, and finds a letter at the door. It reads: "Have pain in your a$$? Then you need Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island :D Take a load off and relax...take tours in the great valleys of the jungle, we'll make sure you have a great time! Prices starting at 9000 coins." Mario then imagines him at the beach, scaring Luigi and making him blow up.

They then get on the airplane. They bring Luigi in a pet cage. Toad is singing, while Peach, sitting next to him, says "why can't I sit down...." An old man starts banging on SMG4's chair, and he attacks SMG4. Bowser is also on the plane, but hanging on. Mario then kills the captain of the plane for insulting spaghetti. The plane crashes on an island, which is the island they were going to anyway.

They are then greeted by a crazy Japanese guy. Bowser then interrupts Peach saying he was a flying koopa. Then it transitions to SMG4 noticing something odd about the island: the fact it has no hotel. He then looks for the CJG (crazy Japanese guy) for answers. He then finds out CJG is working with SMG3 to bomb Peach's castle because nobody was there. The Japanese guy blows up for no apparent reason.

SMG3 then escapes via submarine (which ended up to be a delivery truck), setting the base to blow up in 30 minutes. SMG3 then returns, in a mech. Mario then acquires a banana and throws it, making SMG3's mech slip and go into the ocean. It then returns out of the water, but then Luigi throws Peach at it, making SMG3 not see in his mech. It then breaks, making only a bit of time before the island explodes. Bowser then leaves all of them by "flying away" SMG4 realizes SMG3's mech is explosion proof, so they all cram into the mech. They then land in the middle of the ocean, which concludes the video.



  • This is the first apperance of the crazy Japanese guy.
  • The airplane in which Mario and his friends are travelling is an Air France airplane which is going to France, and not on the island SMG4 and his friends wanted to go. This brings up the question if they knew if it was their plane or not.
  • According to this blooper, SMG4 doesn't like France, but Peach does.
  • The crazy Japanese guy's voice is from the Shigeru Miyamoto skit from Nin10doh.
  • The song "Easy" by Lionel Richie plays whenever Bowser flies in the blooper. This marks the first time Lionel Richie's music is featured in a blooper, the second being Mushroom wars: that space series?, and the 3rd was Two great friends!
  • When SMG3 is planning to destroy Princess Peach's Castle, Yoshi can be seen on the roof of the castle for a split second while the camera is zooming in.
  • While Toad is rapping on plane, The Song called "Toad - Party in the Tub" from SuperMarioLogan.

(The plot starts at Mario's house in which Mario sings and puts his head in the oven)

Luigi: Luigi, Luigi, oh yeah, oh yeah! (sees the gas button and press it which causes Mario to burn)


(8-Bit Mario comes singing and Mario chases him while in the screen puts on SUPERMARIOGLITCHY4 PRSENTS)

(In Mario's house the doorbell rings)

Mario: (opens the door and sees a letter in which says Super Magical Fun Fun Island :D)

Letter: Have pain in your a$$? Then you need Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island :D Take a load off and relax...take tours in the great valleys of the jungle, we'll make sure you have a great time! Prices starting at 9000 coins

(Mario imagines him at the beach, scaring Luigi and making him blow up.)

Mario: (Lauths) Luigi... GO BUY SOME TICKETS!

(In the plane Mario and SMG4 are seen in first class sits)

SMG4: I can't belive i came along to this...

Mario: It's going to be fun! it has the word fun twice in it's name! it's got to be fun!

SMG4: (Wispering) pfft yeah right...

SMG4: Can you at least tell me why Luigi is in a dog cage?

Luigi: (Inside the cage) HELP!

Mario: SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! it's for free! tickets were expensive! idiot.

(Then in other sits Peach and Toad are siting together)

Toad: (rapering) Toadly in the tool! Evrybody Naked! (untengible)

Peach: Why I can't sit down...

(Then an alarm sounds)

Captain: (on micro) This is your captain speaking, we hope you're relaxing and having a good time.

SMG4: Yeah, I'm having a blast!

(In the Back seat an Old Man pushes Smg4's seat)


Old Man: (untengible) (attacks SMG4)

SMG4: (Atacked by the old man) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jesus Christ! I'm on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario: I wonder when the food is coming...

Capitan: (on micro) Attention passengers, there seems to be a object on the side of the plane.

Don't worry, our staff are on it.

(That object seems to be Bowser)


Bowser: (The plane turbo burns his face) LET ME ON D::::::

(back in the plane)

Staff:(addressing to Mario)  Hi there! Would you like some cereal?

SMG4: (Cries)

Mario: you serve spaghetti?

Staff: Sorry, we don't serve that crap in our airlines.

Mario: Oh, hell no!

(Mario broken the pilot room's door)

Mario: The hell is with your food!!!!!

Captain: (addressing to Mario) Hello there this is your captain!!

Mario: Shut up! Why don't you serve spaghetti on this plane!!!

Capitan: Spaghetti? What the hell is that?

(Mario gets surprised)

Capitan: Sounds like someone who crapped on the floor or something ;D

Mario: (gets angry and punches the captain out of the plane) PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HE SEES HIS MISTAKE) Oh NO!

(Back in first class)

SMG4: (addressing to Mario)  where have you been?

Mario: Oh, umm..., I found spaghetti in the toilets...

SMG4: Ewww urk! God damn it Mario!

Staff: Is everything alright here?

SMG4: When are we getting to the Happy Fun Fun Island?

Staff: What are you talking about? This plane is going to France!

(Then the screen changes to be the plane outside with Bowser riding it on the top and a title that says Air France.

SMG4: Say what?? (Back in the plane) France?! I don't like that place! i wanted to go relax at a beach! D:

Mario: Oh France, do they have French spaghetti there?

Mario: I think I might actually like this.

Peach: Oh France, what a romantic place Mario!

Peach: Are we gonna go on a romantic trip there Mario?

(Mario screams)

SMG4: That's it, I'm going to talk to the captain D:<

Mario: Umm, I don't think the captain is in right now...

SMG4: Why? What happened to him?

Mario: Ummm...He's learning how to fly.

(Then the captain is failing sky down until he crashes and dies)

(back to the plane)

SMG4: Wait, so who's flying the plane then?

Mario: I'm going to fly for you.

(Mario makes the plane fail sky down)

Bowser: I can fly!!!

(In the captain cabins)

Mario and SMG4: (SCREAMS)

(In first class)

Peach and Toad: (screams)

Luigi: (scream) (The plane is seen from the outside, spinning)

Mario: Everybody calm down, let's just check what's on TV.

(The TV shows the Teletubbies)


(The plane is seen from the outside, still spinning)

Mario: We're screwed.

(The plane crashes)

(Back to the cast'le)

NintendoFan997: Everyone died, the end.

(They think that the blooper has ended but the card changes to Lol jks)

(Back to the blooper)

Mario: :O I think...(gasps) that I'm the only one alive...

Mario: Gonna have to reproduce...and make a new family...

SMG4: I'm still alive, dumba$$.

Mario: Oh, thank god! Smg4 you're alive!!

Mario: We gotta reproduce together and make babies, SMG4!

SMG4: Ummm, what?

Mario: (gets naked) Make babies with me!

SMG4: Sorry i asked

To be continued