Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mario's Guide to defeating Bowser is Supermarioglitchy4's 5th Blooper. As the title depicts, in this blooper Mario explains how to defeat Bowser with style. It reveals Bowser's first weakness.


Mario shows you how to defeat Bowser.


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Super Mario Edit

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Tips and RulesEdit

  • Rule #1: Know Bowser's weakness (For example: Bowser hates Justin Bieber) (This would be contradicted much later as Bowser begins to like Justin Bieber)
  • Rule #2: Try to make a relationship between you and Bowser (Tip: Loners can do this rule)
  • Rule #3: Never touch Bowser's tail as it's poisonous (Mario describes it as scaley and oily and deadly.)
  • Rule #4: Try to distract Bowser (Mario asks for a doggy bag.)
  • Rule #5: Always have a disguise! (Mario advises not to have a "gay mustache disguise" like he does.)
  • Rule #6: Bowser is a hacker!!! (Mario explains he can hack and cheat just like he does himself.)
  • Rule #7: Bribe! (Mario says that even just giving him a few coins will make him drop dead)
  • Rule #8: Always dance before you die (Mario advises that you should do this before you die.)
  • Rule #9: Try to make Bowser drunk (Mario advises to give him beer so he would lose focus.)
  • Rule #10: Rage Quit (Mario advises this is anyone is lazy.)


  • In this blooper Bowser hates Justin Bieber music, but in future bloopers he loves Justin Bieber.
  • Bowser's tail is poisonous in this blooper.
  • This is the first time when Mario talks to the viewer.
  • In this episode, Bowser hacked himself to change himself big, but in future bloopers, he doesn't hack himself again at all.
  • This episode is actually SMG4's least popular video.

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