super mario 64 bloopers: How to make spaghetti (20,000 subs)
Super mario 64 bloopers How to make spaghetti (20,000 subs)

Super mario 64 bloopers How to make spaghetti (20,000 subs)

Season 2, Episode 49
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date April 6, 2013
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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How to make Spaghetti (20,000 subs special) is the 118th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. As its name suggests, this blooper has been released for the 20,000 subscribers special. In this episode, Mario shows us how to make spaghetti.


In this video, Microsoft Sam tells Mario how to make spaghetti, and Mario fails. SMG4 was tricking Mario, so he kept typing "Your gay" on the narration. Mario finds out about this, and runs at SMG4 to try to attack him.


The characters who appear in this video are:


  • This video is later seen in the episode "Hotel Mario", in which Mario watches it in hopes to learn how to cook spaghetti, but ends up burning down the Princess Peach's Castle.
  • At the end of the blooper, Microsoft Sam mentions two other "How To" videos, that as of yet, don't exist.
  • This blooper may have been the idea for the future blooper, Cooking with Mario and Bowser, with Mario still cooking the food but the narrator, however, is absent.
    • This may have also been the pilot of the Retarded64 series that only starred Mario doing random things. The first official Retarded64 blooper, Mario Goes Shopping, came out 4 months later.
  • This video follows a similar format "Moments With Heavy: How to Make French Toast", a video by GMod Machinimist kitty0706.