Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Dreams
Super Mario 64 Bloopers Dreams

Super Mario 64 Bloopers Dreams

Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 3rd, 2011
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Dreams is SuperMarioGlitchy4's second blooper, in which Mario eats moldy mushrooms, feels weird and lethargic, and starts to hallucinate.


Mario is hungry, and on the top of the castle's roof there are some green mushrooms. Mario eats them, and they supposedly taste weird. He finds Yoshi and asks him if there were more, Yoshi then giving Mario 93 of them. Some minutes later, Mario doesn't feel good and tries to ignore the feeling, but falls asleep.

In Mario's dream, Toad suddenly attacks him, eventually killing him. Mario wakes up, confused about what happened, and goes to the battlefield. After admiring it for a bit, he again falls asleep. He dreams about being in a "corrupted battlefield". Mario then climbed up the mountain and saw the King Bob-omb, who said he has become stronger. He then grabs Mario and throws him very high, Mario waking up.

He then went to "The Bay", and fell asleep yet again. In his dream, Mario tries to swim, but all the water was gone. He then explores for a bit, and then grabbed a Star, as he woke up to find that the water was "back".

He then went to Bowser's Lair and says hi to Bowser, who is "uselessly" standing trying to think of an idea, right as Mario falls asleep. In his dream, Bowser was huge, and after some running, Mario fell out of the arena, right when he woke up. Bowser threw fireballs to Mario as he woke, then Bowser didn't like that Mario wasn't fighting properly, killing himself, and dropping a Giant Star, Mario then going flying to Peach's Castle.

Mario then used the Giant Star to get Peach out of a wall, Mario going close to Princess Peach as she thanks Mario for getting her out of the wall. Mario then falls asleep again, Mario then dreamed that he fell into the Castle's flag and he got hurt, when he woke up he had no clothes because the Toads took them off, so he was naked and was hungry again, and then woke up at the place from the start of the video. He then went to get some Chinese food.



The transcript of this video can be seen here.


  • This is the first appearance of Yoshi, Chain Chomp, Big Bob-omb, and Bowser.
  • The Chain Chomp in Mario's dream is textured similar to Pac-man

(Mario is on top of the castle talking in his sleep)

Mario: zzz...mmm...zzz...mmmm...pastamia...sphagetti...luigi...people watching me...hi...jesus

(Mario wakes up)

Mario: huh? wah?... oh yeah i am hungry...what's there to eat on this roof

(Mario sees some 1UP Mushrooms)

Mario: oohhh mushrooms. why do they look all moldy green? they dont look like 1UP mushrooms[1]...meh whatever (eats one)...I feel weird and it tastes weird (eats the other two)

Mario: It tastes like yoshi's babys I need more! (walks up to Yoshi)

Yoshi: what do you want? cant you see Im on youtube

Mario: hey yoshi do you have any food?

Yoshi: well I did find these mushrooms growing on the side of the castle's toilet

Mario: we have a toilet...uh-oh...[2]

how much do you ha-

Yoshi: open wide

Mario: Crunch,crunh,crunch,urk,wait, crunch,crunch,thats, crunch, enough...........................

Yoshi: shhhhh

Lakitu (offscreen): he can't get any bigger

Yoshi: now if you excuse me i'm gonna go sell drugs to little kids (jumps off the roof)

Mario: OHHHH I don't feel good I feel wasted. I think i'm gonna- (he begins to vomit) BLURUUWIKOJWFDNJ WMJUIDSNHBFHWUDJSKOSDJKOPFJPSDDsJOFUIESJJIDOJFJKIFE...

Lakitu (offscreen): yep thats normal

Text: A few minutes later

Mario: BLLEJUJHDUWIONWJBDWIBI DYIWUWKNMDJKBNWIJHB DH...I think i'm done. my stomach still feels like pasta, I'll try to ignore it

(Mario jumps off the roof)

Mario: lets go have a bloo- i mean adventure of somewhat

(Mario enters the castle and sees Toad)

Mario: hi toad hows it going?

Toad: GREAT!...until you showed up

Mario: ohh my stomach is hurting again and I feel sleepy all of a sudden

Toad: you probably have aids

Mario: yeah thats great and all (yawns and falls asleep)

(cut to Mario entering the castle and walking up to Toad again)

Mario: hi toad hows it going?

Toad: hows it going?...well

Mario: toad?

(Toad starts moving around and hits Mario, lowering the latter's health)

Toad: IHATEYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario: ouch! why-

(Toad hits Mario again)

Toad: for all the bloopers we have been in I hated you ever since

Mario: but we have only been in 1!

Toad: I mean the other bloopers that people made on youtube

Mario: ohhhhhhhhh.......really? but I thought we were friends.

Toad: in your dreams

Mario: we are in my dreams

Toad: ugh

(Toad hits Mario again)

Mario: did you know I love you?

Toad: I still hate you

(Toad hits Mario and brings his health down to zero)

Toad: see you in hell

Mario: they always pick one the fat people (dies)

(cut back to Mario sleeping in front of Toad)

Mario: (wakes up) TOAD! I gonna woop yo butt! ohh toad your not mental

Toad: what?

Mario: toad do you like me?

Toad: what do you think?

Mario: yes?

Toad: what? no!

Mario: uhh don't worry (runs off)

Toad: it took him that long to figure that out!?

(cut to Mario in Bob-Omb Battlefield)

Mario: ahh the battlefield, nothing better than to kill living bombs. I just love the good look of this place. uh-oh I'm feeling sleepy again, where's my teddy bear?... (yawns and falls asleep)

(cut to Mario in front of the first two cork boxes in Bob-Omb Battlefield)

Mario: were am I? this place seems familiar

(camera zooms out to reveal Mario is in Bob-omb Battlefield, but with glitchy textures)

Mario: WOW! what happened! everything looks normal except for the corrupted texture. this place looks like its been coloured by hippies to make it looks all peaceful, stupid pink bob-omb hippies and their rainbows! this place looks more gay...hey wait is that...........HI!!! PAC-MAN!

(the Chain Chomp is yellow and has no teeth, making him look like Pac-Man)

Chain Chomp: wolf wolf

Mario: ....i'm starting to think pac-man has gone mental. hey pac-man are you still dating mrs pac-man?

Chain Chomp: WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario: see ya at the arcade...I wonder if king bob-omb looks diffrent (goes across the bridge) man what a gay game I play in

(Maro enters the area with the cagngg and the two rolling Big Steelies. Mario begins taking a shortcut to King Bob-omb by glitchily walking up the nearby steep hill with the Red Coin.)

Mario: huff-puff I could use a yoshi right now

Lakitu (offscreen): cmon tubby were almost there

(Mario makes it up the hill and continues scaling the summit)

Mario: hey look a bob-omb (picks up the bob-omb) hehe see you in hell

Bob-omb: no! I'm too old to die!

(Mario throws the bob-omb off the summit, and continues climbing)

Mario: you know I've always been wondering what these black balls are the mountain is having bob-omb babys

(Mario makes it to the top and meets King Bob-omb)

Mario: hey old man lets fight again!

King Bob-omb: ok but I warn you I became very strong!

Mario: hah a 200 year old man like you

King Bob-omb: I'm 80! (picks up Mario)

Mario: uh-oh...

King Bob-omb: I WARNED YOU!!!!! (throws Mario up extremely high)


(cut back to Mario sleeping in the normal Bob-omb Battefield)

Mario: (wakes up) wah!!!huh!!!...i'm alive! legs, arms,head, special uhhhh... I still got everything now I got a phobia of old people I'm leaving...

(cut to Mario in Jolly Roger Bay)

Mario: nothing more peaceful than the bay

???[3] (offscreen): its not when your swimming in it naked!

Mario: shut up here comes that drowsy effect again...what am I going to dream this time? (yawns and falls asleep)

(cut to Mario still in Jolly Roger Bay)

Mario: lets go swimming! :D (jumps and lands offscreen)

Mario (offscreen): WOW! what happened! (camera pans over to Mario, revealing that the water is gone)

Mario: all the water is all gone!

Lakitu (offscreen): they probably ran away because your body took up most of the bay

Mario: this really isn't a bay without the water (gets hit by a clam) ow stupid clammy thing...a flying boat you don't see many of those everyday[4]

(camera pans up to reveal there indeed is a flying boat)

Mario: I wonder... (slides into the chasm) waving seaweed,bubbles, flying eels all without water how cool! I thought fish needed water.

Lakitu (offscreen): awwww nah they just do this to look sexy

(Mario walks over the grate, and isn't blown away. He collects the star)

Mario: at least it makes this star to get easy to

(cut back to Mario sleeping in the water)

Mario: Wjduioahfusgfudsgjdfi (wakes up) huh wah...the water is back! I never new I would miss water this much!

Lakitu (offscreen): and I miss not being the camera man

Mario: Lets go somwhere else

(cut to Mario in Bowser's lair in the Bowser in the Sky stage)

Mario: Hi bowser hows it going

Bowser: can't you see I'm uselessly standing here trying to think of an idea

Mario: you keep doing that while I take a nap, goodnight bowser buddy,bro,friend,wife (yawns and falls asleep)

(cut to Mario entering Bowser's lair)

Mario: hi bows- WOW!

(camera pans over to Bowser's crotch, showing that Bowser has become huge)

Bowser: haha lets do you like my new muscles?

Mario: I do actually-HELP! bowsers on steriods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bowser: its not called steroids its called hacks

Mario: wow bowser you really let yourself go what did you eat?(Mario suddenly is on fire) hot-hot my butt smells like BBQ. HELP!!!!! Im being chased by a princess peach lover! (falls off the stage) weeeeeee!

(cut back to Mario asleep. Bowser breathes a fireball at Mario, waking him up)

Mario: HOT!!!!!

Bowser: if your not going to fight properly than I'm just gonna kill myself (Bowser suddenly is defeated for no reason)

Mario: but I came here to ask if you wana be friends

Bowser: REALLY! damnit no anyway (turns into a giant star)

Mario: woo bowser ate a star what a greedy fat....dragon (collects the star) yoink! (flies away) I can fly like a hat with wings! hey I can see my house from here!

(Mario lands in front of the castle)

Mario: abra kadabra,alakazam,open sesame one of those bad sayings (star rises up to the picture of Peach)

Yoshi: wow I'm seeing those lights again... I should lay off the beer

(Peach appears from the sparkly stuff)

Mario: I don't get this part how can you be trapped in a wall?! (Peach descends) if she only stayed like this...(Peach wakes up) HI Peach!

Peach: oh hi mario

that wall was crammed! thanks for getting me out.

Mario: but I didn't do anything

(camera pans up to picture of Peach)

Mario (offscreen): ZZZZZZZZZZ

(cut back to Mario, Peach, and the Toads)

Toad 1: great he fell asleep.

Toad 2: lets take his clothes!

(cut to Mario falling and landing on the flagpole, impaling himself)

Mario: ow my meatballs... (dies)

(cut back to Mario sleeping in front of the castle, except naked)

Mario: zzzz...huh...wah? (wakes up) AHHHH! MY CLOTHES! this is just great I'm naked and now I'm hungry

Lakitu (offscreen): could you at least put some clothes on!

Mario: I wished this never happend!!!!!

(cut back to Mario sleeping on the roof like he was at the beginning of the blooper)

Mario: zzzz...bad...blooper...zzzz (wakes up) huh...wah?...I just had the weirdest dream! Hey yoshi I had this weird dream!

Yoshi: go away you hobo

Mario: don't you want to know?

Yoshi: go jump in a pipe or something

Mario: whatever I feel like some chinese food (jumps off the castle) LETS GO!

(cut to footage of Mario Kart 64)

Lakitu: stop! this isn't part of the blooper!

Mario: no go away! (drives away from the castle) uh-oh the pedals are broken! (gets launched into the air) AHHHHHHHHHHH! thanks for watching! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (lands in water)

End of Transcript

  1. The mushrooms do turn out to be at least some variant of 1UP Mushrooms, asMario gains a life every time he consumes one.
  2. Here Mario may be implying that, because he didn't know there was a toilet in the castle, he has been "going" elsewhere.
  3. This is probably Lakitu speaking.
  4. Other than Bowser's huge fleet of airships, one of which is seen in almost every main-series game after Super Mario Bros. 3. In Super Mario 64, there is a flying ship in Rainbow Ride.