Super mario 64 bloopers 0% of spaghetti14:11

Super mario 64 bloopers 0% of spaghetti

The following page is the transcript for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti made by SMG4.


SMG4: Ahh, what a beautiful day. :D

Mario: (in another room)...No....NOOOOO!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

SMG4: MARIO! I'm coming! [runs upstairs] Mario! Are you ok? Did you look at gay pictures again?!

Mario: *cough* Oh, Smg4... *cough* It's terrible...

SMG4: No, Mario! Please hurry, tell me! D: No actually QUICK! My burritos are getting cold.


SMG4: ... [kicks Mario out the door, who then screams and explodes] Why didn't we have any porno channels? D:


SMG4: Go use your own money!!!

Mario: I can't! I wasted it all on spaghetti! D:

SMG4: No. >:( Go eat something else, you fatass.

Mario: WHAT!!!??? NO WAY! I can't afford to lose these man boobs! D: They're so awesome to play with. :D

SMG4: Uhh... Okay... Then... [Mario starts throwing a tantrum] OK!!! Fine! I'll go!!!

Mario: REALLY!? :D

SMG4: Nah, not really.

Mario: (spoken) YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!! [beats up Smg4]

SMG4: Ow! OK, I'm going!

Mario: OK, here it is! The new store they built! Let's-a go! [doors open] OK, Smg4. You go sit in THAT corner while I find the sphagetti. OK, let's see what we got here... [looks around] D: Where's the spaghetti?

SMG4: :D Gasoline tanks... I could use one of these! [sets one on fire] ...I didn't do it...

Mario: >:( They sell bricks, but they don't sell spaghetti! That's it!!

SMG4: If we don't find spaghetti soon, we'll never leave!!... ...What are you looking at!?

Mario: HEY!

Cashier: HUH!?... ...Oh, hello. How may I help you?

Mario: Do you sell spaghetti?

Cashier: Ooh, sorry, pal. We don't sell that crap. But we are selling this old guy.

Mario: Look, buddy. I need spaghetti! C'MON!!!

SMG4: So... you like Justin bieber? [Po gets angry at and chases SMG4] (in background) AAAH!!

Mario: How can you NOT HAVE ANY SPAGHETTI? It's like the sexiest thing in the world!

Cashier: OK, my final offer is that I shove dumplings up your ass and kick you out for free!

Mario: I'll take it of you shove spaghetti up my ass!

Cashier: DON'T YOU GET IT?! I don't have any spaghetti!

Mario: [sigh] I think I'll just buy that brick over there... [Mario and SMG4 walk out of store] This is just great! We have no spaghetti! We're gonna die of starvation!

SMG4: THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN SPAGHETTI! ... D: I don't like Teletubbies... [Po is angry at SMG4] [walks into castle] :D Yes, thank God! We're home!!

Toad: Hey, where's Mario?

Mario: [sees hallucinations of spaghetti] Hehe, spaghetti... Lots-a spaghetti...everywhere... Hehe, gonna have lots-a spaghetti... Gonna pee in the spaghetti!

SMG4: Hey! Mario!! Come here! [Mario runs through wall] Are you OK?


SMG4: [looks at Toad] You see? He's fine!

Mario: [looks into mirror] Look at yourself, Mario... You're looking sexy!

Reflection: HEY! Stop looking at yourself, gayass! What are you doing, standing around?!

Mario: Checking my sexy self out?

Reflection: What? Are you retarded? Our life is on the line! We need spaghetti! Hurry up and find some, fatso!

Mario: just called yourself a fatso!

Reflection: I'm your imagination, idiot! Now kiss me!

Mario: :D OK.

[mrcliftin walks into the room.]

Mrcliftin: Hey Mario, I...

Mario: [talking to his reflection] Mmm...oh, yeah...give me a kiss...I love you reflection...mmm...

Mrcliftin: [backing away] Oook, then...

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