Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti
Super mario 64 bloopers 0% of spaghetti

Super mario 64 bloopers 0% of spaghetti

Season 2, Episode 37
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 24th, 2012
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti, more often simply called 0% of Spaghetti, is the 87th video of SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this blooper, Mario runs out of spaghetti, so he goes to buy more with SuperMarioGlitchy4.                                         

Plot Edit

Mario runs out of spaghetti, so he takes SMG4 to the store, but the cashier explains there is no spaghetti left as SMG4 gets chased by a Teletubby (Po, the red one). After several hours of complaining, Mario goes outside to see a homeless person who tells Mario where there is spaghetti. So Mario drags Smg4 out (again) to go to another store. However, after successfully (not really) sneaking in, Mario is surprised to see a guy buy the last box. So furious, Mario and SMG4 follow the guy home and search in his house to find the box. But when the guy arrives, they hide and wait for the guy to leave the box unattended.  Finally when the guy is about to cook it, Mario jumps out and claims it's his, but the guy furiously chases Mario and SMG4 until Mario cleverly leaves a bunch of sticks of TNT exploding the house as they slow-motionly jump dodges the explosion. However they both end up getting arrested by the cops at the end and meet up with the Teletubby again. The "Game Over" music and font was shown at the end.

Characters Edit

Errors Edit

  • When the Guy gets ready to cook the spaghetti, Mario suddenly stops him, saying "STOP RIGHT THERE! THAT'S MINE!". The catchphrase "STOP RIGHT THERE!" is usually used by the Policemen when the law is broken. But in this video, there isn't any voice when Mario says this phrase, because this blooper has been made in 2012, and SMG4 didn't use as many voices as today in his videos.
  • This video has the Guy as an antagonist.
  • When Po is chasing SMG4, she is dark red, But when her foot is on SMG4, she is bright red.
  • The word "spaghetti" is consistently misspelled as "sphagetti" throughout the video.

Trivia Edit

  • The picture of Mario on the thumbnail is his official artwork from Super Mario 64 itself.
  • When the guy who took the last spaghetti is coming back to his house, the Pink Panther theme is heard playing.
  • This blooper is later seen in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Ssenmodnar 2 (100th Vid).
  • This blooper marks the first appearance of the Teletubbies.

SMG4: Ahh, what a beautiful day. :D

Mario: (in another room)...No....NOOOOO!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

SMG4: MARIO! I'm coming! [runs upstairs] Mario! Are you ok? Did you look at gay pictures again?!

Mario: *cough* Oh, Smg4... *cough* It's terrible...

SMG4: No, Mario! Please hurry, tell me! D: No actually QUICK! My burritos are getting cold.


SMG4: ... [kicks Mario out the door, who then screams and explodes] Why didn't we have any porno channels? D:


SMG4: Go use your own money!!!

Mario: I can't! I wasted it all on spaghetti! D:

SMG4: No. >:( Go eat something else, you fatass.

Mario: WHAT!!!??? NO WAY! I can't afford to lose these man boobs! D: They're so awesome to play with. :D

SMG4: Uhh... Okay... Then... [Mario starts throwing a tantrum] OK!!! Fine! I'll go!!!

Mario: REALLY!? :D

SMG4: Nah, not really.

Mario: (spoken) YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!! [beats up Smg4]

SMG4: Ow! OK, I'm going!

Mario: OK, here it is! The new store they built! Let's-a go! [doors open] OK, Smg4. You go sit in THAT corner while I find the sphagetti. OK, let's see what we got here... [looks around] D: Where's the spaghetti?

SMG4: :D Gasoline tanks... I could use one of these! [sets one on fire] ...I didn't do it...

Mario: >:( They sell bricks, but they don't sell spaghetti! That's it!!

SMG4: If we don't find spaghetti soon, we'll never leave!!... ...What are you looking at!?

Mario: HEY!

Cashier: HUH!?... ...Oh, hello. How may I help you?

Mario: Do you sell spaghetti?

Cashier: Ooh, sorry, pal. We don't sell that crap. But we are selling this old guy.

Mario: Look, buddy. I need spaghetti! C'MON!!!

SMG4: So... you like Justin bieber? [Po gets angry at and chases SMG4] (in background) AAAH!!

Mario: How can you NOT HAVE ANY SPAGHETTI? It's like the sexiest thing in the world!

Cashier: OK, my final offer is that I shove dumplings up your ass and kick you out for free!

Mario: I'll take it of you shove spaghetti up my ass!

Cashier: DON'T YOU GET IT?! I don't have any spaghetti!

Mario: [sigh] I think I'll just buy that brick over there... [Mario and SMG4 walk out of store] This is just great! We have no spaghetti! We're gonna die of starvation!

SMG4: THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN SPAGHETTI! ... D: I don't like Teletubbies... [Po is angry at SMG4] [walks into castle] :D Yes, thank God! We're home!!

Toad: Hey, where's Mario?

Mario: [sees hallucinations of spaghetti] Hehe, spaghetti... Lots-a spaghetti...everywhere... Hehe, gonna have lots-a spaghetti... Gonna pee in the spaghetti!

SMG4: Hey! Mario!! Come here! [Mario runs through wall] Are you OK?


SMG4: [looks at Toad] You see? He's fine!

Mario: [looks into mirror] Look at yourself, Mario... You're looking sexy!

Reflection: HEY! Stop looking at yourself, gayass! What are you doing, standing around?!

Mario: Checking my sexy self out?

Reflection: What? Are you retarded? Our life is on the line! We need spaghetti! Hurry up and find some, fatso!

Mario: just called yourself a fatso!

Reflection: I'm your imagination, idiot! Now kiss me!

Mario: :D OK.

[Mrcliftin walks into the room.]

Mrcliftin: Hey Mario, I...

Mario: [talking to his reflection] Mmm...oh, yeah...give me a kiss...I love you reflection...mmm...

Mrcliftin: [backing away] Oook, then...