This is the transcript for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island.


(The plot starts at Mario's House in wich Mario sings and puts his head in the oven)

Luigi: Go Wegie! Hu Yeah! (sees the gas button and press it wich causes Mario to Burn)


(8-Bit Mario comes singing and Mario Chases him while in the screen puts on SUPERMARIOGLITCHY4 PRSENTS)

(In Mario's house the dorbell rings)

Mario(opens the door and sees a leter in wich says Super Magical Fun Fun Island :D)

Letter: Have pain in your a$$? Then you need Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island :D Take a load off and relax...take tours in the great valleys of the jungle, we'll make sure you have a great time! Prices starting at 9000 coins

(Mario imagines him at the beach, scaring Luigi and making him blow up.)

Mario: (Lauths) Luigi... GO BUY SOME TICKETS!

(In the plane Mario and SMG4 are seen in first class sits)

SMG4I can't belive i came along to this...

Mario: It's going to be fun! it has the word fun twice in it's name! it's got to be fun!

SMG4: (Wispering) pfft yeah rigth...

SMG4: Can you at least tell me why Luigi is in a dog cage?

Luigi: (Inside the cage) HELP!

Mario: SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! it's for free! tickets were expensive! idiot.

(Then in other sits Peach and Toad are siting together)

Toad(rapering) Toadly in the tool! Evrybody Naked! (untengible)

PeachWhy I can't sit down...

(Then a alarm sounds)

Captain: (on micro) This is your captain speaking we hope your relaxing and having a good time.

SMG4: Yeah, I'm having a blast!

(In the Back seat an Old Man pushes Smg4's seat)


Old Man(untengible) (atacks SMG4)

SMG4: (Atacked by the old man) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jesus Christ! I'm on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario: I wonder when the food is coming...

Capitan: (on micro) Attention passengers, there seems to be a object on the side of the plane.

Don't worry, our staff are on it.

(That object  sees to be Bowser)


Bowser: (The plane  turbo burns his face) LET ME ON D::::::

(back in the plane)

Staff:(addressing to Mario)  Hi there! Would you like some cereal?

SMG4: (Cries)

Mario: you serve spaghetti?

Staff: Sorry, we don't serve that crap in our airlines.

Mario: Oh, hell no!

(Mario broken the pilot room's door)

Mario: The hell is with your food!!!!!

Captain: (addressing to Mario) Hello there this is your captain!!

Mario: Shut up! Why don't you serve spaghetti on this plane!!!

Capitan: Spaghetti? What the hell is that?

(Mario gets surprised)

Capitan: Sounds like someone who crapped on the floor or something ;D

Mario: (gets angry ans punchs the captain out of the plane) PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HE SEES HIS MISTAKE) Oh NO!

(Back in first class)

SMG4: (addressing to Mario)  where have you been?

Mario: Oh, umm..., I found spaghetti in the toilets...

SMG4: Ewww urk! God damn it Mario!

Staff: Is everything alright here?

SMG4: When are we getting to the Happy Fun Fun Island?

Staff: What are you talking about? This plane is going to France!

(Then the screen changes to be the plane outside with Bowser riding it on the top and a title that says Air France.

SMG4: Say what?? (Back in the plane) France?! I don't like that place! i wanted to go relax at a beach! D:

Mario: Oh France, do they have French spaghetti there?

Mario: I think I might actually like this.

Peach: Oh France, what a romantic place Mario!

Peach: Are we gonna go on a romantic trip there Mario?

(Mario screams)

SMG4: That's it, I'm going to talk to the captain D:<

Mario: Umm, I don't think the captain is in right now...

SMG4: Why? What happened to him?

Mario: Ummm...He's learning how to fly.

(Then the captain is failing sky down until he crashes and dies)

(back to the plane)

SMG4: Wait, so who's flying the plane then?

Mario: I'm going to fly for you.

(Mario makes the plane fail sky down)

Bowser: I can fly!!!

(In the captain cabins)

Mario and SMG4: (SCREAMS)

(In first class)

Peach and Toad: (screams)

Luigi: (scream) (The plane is seen from the outside, spinning)

Mario: Everybody calm down, let's just check what's on TV.

(The TV shows the Teletubbies)


(The plane is seen from the outside, still spinning)

Mario: We're screwed.

(The plane crashes)

(Back to the cast'le)

NintendoFan997: Everyone died, the end.

(They think that the blooper has ended but the card changes to Lol jks)

(Back to the blooper)

Mario: :O I think...(gasps) that I'm the only one alive...

Mario: Gonna have to reproduce...and make a new family...

SMG4: I'm still alive, dumba$$.

Mario: Oh, thank god! Smg4 you're alive!!

Mario: We gotta reproduce together and make babies, SMG4!

SMG4: Ummm, what?

Mario: (gets naked) Make babies with me!

SMG4: Sorry i asked
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