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The SuperMarioGlitchy4 Wiki, created by EmigasFist3, is the wikia based on SuperMarioGlitchy4. It contains information about him, his videos, and their cast.

Notable membersEdit

Current status: Blocked
Removed from power for spreading hatred content and power abuse
Attempted many times to evade block - none successful
Dah Codster
First known member to rank 1st place
Current status: Inactive
Mario fangamer
Former member to rank 1st place, and first to achieve 1000 points, 2000 points, and 3000 points
Additionally held 1st place longest
One of the original three admins after EF3 (now bureaucrat)
Currently 3rd in rank
Current Status: Inactive
The Zog.
Once blocked by EmigasFist3
Current member to rank 2nd place, second to achieve 2000 points
One of the original three admins after EF3 (now bureaucrat)
Current status: Inactive
Current member to be ranked 8th place
One of the original three admins after EF3 (now bureaucrat)
Current status: Inactive
Latecomer admin, now bureaucrat
Current member to rank 1st Place
One of most active users (at least most available)
Current status: Active
Former wiki vandal and troll, blocked once as punishment
Ultimately redeemed, now admin
Currently ranked 7th place
Current status: Semi-active
Bureaucrat and admin
Currently ranked 4th place
Had previous account that was shut down
Current status: Semi-active
The RPG Gamer
Latecomer admin
Currently 5th in rank
One of most active users
Current Status: Active
Removed EmigasFist3's ownership and blocked him
VSTF, Wikia Staff

Current Mega ActivitiesEdit

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