The Dirty Rock

Hello everyone, let's get started.

Now, this wiki is in need of some clean-up. In some areas, the need for revisions may not be as severe than others, but I know for sure this wiki isn't at optimum functionality.

This page will just give a small (no) intro and description of Project Cleanup. I'm going to try and cover every possible contingency there can be, but regardless there shouldn't be any major revisions to this page after it's published, but that's not to say I can cover everything in one-shot. I'm getting ahead of myself, so I'll just jump to it.

But, before I start I need to clarify something. This was an excerpt from my proposal page:
Screenshot 2014-11-25 11.34.40

Now, perhaps I was too vague, because people came to me saying more than 3 people should be doing this. I wasn't actually saying that only these 3 people could participate in this effort, I was just saying these were the current "higher-ups" of the effort, at the moment. Things will change, but no one will be removed from their job. So let's begin.


What is Project: Cleanup?Edit

Project: Cleanup is the wiki's second (and hopefully, first active) quality-control effort. Considering the absolute bomb Project: Bloopers! was, I'm a bit concerned with how much people will actually try. But, I have active members and an admin on the job, so I am confident as well.

When does Project: Cleanup begin?Edit

Right now, get to it. When will it end? Depends, it might be a thing that just doesn't end, it could end, and then be revived for the same issues, but either way, it's over when it's over.

How can I contribute to Project: Cleanup?Edit

Just go on a page that needs cleanup, and...clean up! I'll cover what it actually means to "clean up" in a couple sections, just read.

Will there be a reward?Edit

No. With Project: Bloopers! the only reason there could be a reward was because it was based off the edits done to pages with the "Bloopers" category. Article cleanup is just one of those things that's too broad to localize into one point, and without that, there's really no way to get a badge in. Also, can't have people abusing the system, so you just can't really get any compensation on your own! You shouldn't abuse the system anyway, unless you want to get blocked, which if is the case I don't suggest even pretending to participate.

How do you get "higher up" in Project: Cleanup?Edit

What did I just say?? But, really, just because names are on a preliminary list doesn't mean they get any high privileges in the Project. Raptor and Pink are on there because they very apparently care about making this wiki better, but that's not to say no one else cares. Look, this is getting awkward, and before I start offending people, let's just go on.



So, as said, we need to clean up around here. These are only some of things we must keep an eye on:

  • Grammar
  • Vocab
  • Trivia
  • Plot sections
  • Pictures
  • Captions

That is only the tip of the iceberg here, so let's start with the most prominent and perhaps easiest (perhaps) thing to resolve.

Useless PiecesEdit

Ah, the cursed useless (X). A very very serious plague to articles. Useless trivia, CATEGORIES, articles, pages! Too many to name.

...welp let's name 'em!

Useless CategoriesEdit


Category list
OK, so here's some useless categories, plus some explanations it they warrant one:



Useless TriviaEdit

OK, so that last part has given me a very disturbing feeling in my chest, so...let's move on to useless trivia. Here is some of the trivia for the SuperMarioGlitchy4 page, the page we treasure so much it was not only the first featured, but the best the Wiki can offer:

  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 sounds more like Super Mario 64. And when the two names are written in short (SMG4/SM64), the "G" of "Glitchy" looks similar to the "6" of "64".
  • He often uses quotes from other famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Smosh as well as from movies, memes or TV shows.
  • He is a very popular machinimist (however, some other SM64 machinimists have made more videos than him on YouTube).
  • He has used the song "Ageha - Ryu" in some of his bloopers, (first used the song in: "Mushroom Wars: That Space Part 3 THE DOWN OF WEEGEESTAR". Then the second time used it was in: "Super Mario Attorney").

YEP. And that's just SMG4. There's more, there's a LOT more! But, I'm not going to bother, that'd just take the FUN outta this! Let's move on.

Useless PagesEdit

So, useless pages. Well, unless you're admin you can't get rid of those, but you can mark it! Let's take a look:

*For example, remember how in How to make a blooper (according to smg4) when Toad screamed at SMG4 to add him? Well, I added that to the Toad page. Guess what happened? YEP, SuperMarioGlitchy69! That's just grand, eh? i quit
  • ANY RAGDOLL PAGE. Ok, as blatant as it was, AND STILL IS, not even Pink pointing out they are obviously just the same characters just using a more easily manipulated model, more and more Ragdoll (X) pages have popped up.
  • Steve's alter they even warrant more than a section on the main Steve page? Oh, and they also apparently warrant a separate list of categories for them, WELL, MIGHT AS WELL ADD THAT TO THE CATEGORY LIST

OK, enough uselessness (literally). Let's move on to the other areas we need cleanup in.

General clean-upEdit

Here is the general cleanup part of the whole effort. Let's just begin already.

Opinionated PiecesEdit

Not going to lie, I haven't seen much of this, but Pinkolol16 certainly has. I don't think I need to explain what counts as opinionated. Just see the Opinionated section from the Useless category collapsible, but think that in a trivia section.

Outright untrue/unnecessary/custom additions to official canon/plotEdit

So, here was the original ending to Cooking with Mario and Bowser 2!'s plot:

"Robotnik shuts him up by shooting him in the face, and ushering in a new era of world peace and endless spaghetti rain.

So, naturally, amongst my unfortunately annual "FIX THE PRE-K GRADE VOCAB" edit run I am now forced to do with EVERY ARTICLE NOT WRITTEN BY A VERY FEW SELECT MEMBERS OF THE WIKI I changed it to this:

"Robotnik then shoots SMG4 in the face, ending the video."

I just went to the page to find the edit where I made what is above, and I find this is now the end of the article:

"Robotnik also won every Nobel Prize ever for shooting SMG4. (Hooray for Robotnik!)"

I'd put another .gif to make my enragement that much more stipulating but I fear with the JonTron .gif I've already brought down how much this page will be taken seriously dramatically. Let's just move on.

Pages not being updatedEdit

When Project: Bloopers first started, I made a page with a list of episode articles that needed the new format they needed to have (the reason Neil started the Project in the first place). I asked everyone to update the Project: Bloopers! "in need of fixing" page because I couldn't do it alone. Take a looky at the logs here:
Screenshot 2014-11-25 13.01.34

Out of the 4 that actually edited the page, only 2 actually changed the list, and I was the only one who did it more than once. Remember how I said I was concerned with this project because the other wasn't active? Yeah, the creator himself has barely made 20 edits to contribute to it. I go to pages of previoud bloopers released because, even after days after not only the new one is released, but a page for the new blooper is created, because I was the only one on the entire wiki who bothered to go back, and changed the "Next - TBA" to the name of the actual blooper. I say "was" because thankfully this issue has gotten better, but not by that much. Priorities guys, please help out.

Vocabulary and grammarEdit

I'm really going all-in about this issue. It is the coup de grâce of this wiki!!!!!! This, was Ssenmodnar 2:

Dave reasearches on the computer Then Brynn1100 Comes and Goes (actually he is not), then he found this Supermarioglitchy4 guy, he decided to watch Smg4's blooper called: 0% of spaghetti. But when he watched it, he got a mental breakdown, and was sent to the hospital.

You can't see the format, it was all in those damn gray boxes, AND THE REST OF THE ARTICLE WAS WORSE. I went off on a tangent and blamed a close friend for it, and when I was wrong, I felt like a jerk. That's not the reason I hate this, I hated it long before. No one can say "oh you're being too serious it's the smg4 wiki hfgsfdhjgfhsd" anymore, we have to draw a line somewhere. Please guys, PROOF READ.


Oh, formatting. This isn't a problem, but it can happen, just keep an eye out. Hell, an extra space can turn:

words words words words words


 words words words words words

How annoying is that?!

Vocabulary and Grammar in correlation to FormattingEdit

Remember when I said the original opening to Ssenmodnar 2 was this:

"Dave reasearches on the computer Then Brynn1100 Comes and Goes (actually he is not), then he found this Supermarioglitchy4 guy, he decided to watch Smg4's blooper called: 0% of spaghetti. But when he watched it, he got a mental breakdown, and was sent to the hospital."

...just in gray boxes? Yeah, it was this:

 "Dave reasearches on the computer Then Brynn1100 Comes and Goes (actually he is not), then he found this Supermarioglitchy4 guy, he decided to watch Smg4's blooper called: 0% of spaghetti. But when he watched it, he got a mental breakdown, and was sent to the hospital."

And so was the rest of the page. Need I say more?

Knowing When to Use WhatEdit

There are two templates related to cleanup. There's the Quality Control template ({{Quality control}}), seen here:

And there's the new Cleanup template seen here:

When do you use both?

Quality ControlEdit

Use {{Quality control}} if:

  • There are very few errors, although enough that you wouldn't be able to correct them all.
  • The overall atmosphere is wrong
  • The context is wrong
  • It could be improved without radical modifications


Use {{Cleanup}} if:

  • The topic is correct, but has errors
  • If the errors are abundant and\or not easily fixed
  • If the article is just in general disarray
  • If it needs urgent attention and\or totally misses quality standards and\or has been marked with {{Quality control}} in the past.

Final ThoughtsEdit

Alright guys, I said I'd say how to cleanup, so here it is.

Find it.

And delete it.

Yeah, that's it, GET TO IT! Thanks for reading, if you have any questions just type it in the comments or message me here. See ya! BedrockPerson :D 18:37, November 25, 2014 (UTC)

Addendum 1Edit

The project is going very well. But now we must expand.
MAH LORDY. Guys, I'm late with this one, but my God, I have found some shit. I've introduced a new template. The {{Urgent Cleanup}} template, shown here: meant to be taken with utmost importance. It is like finding a bomb in your kids room, you fucking drop everything and get on that. This is for the worst of the worst, THE ABSOLUTE WORST. YOU MUST REMEMBER TO ADD THE CATEGORY [[Category:Needs immediate cleanup]] ON YOUR OWN!!!!!! Honestly, admins should be the only ones to really have to do this, but by God, if you find a horrible, horrible article. MARK. THAT. SHIT. BedrockPerson :D 23:34, July 7, 2015 (UTC)

*To delete a category, you need to remove the category from each page it's included on. Once you do that, either mark the category itself for deletion or delete it yourself, if you're an admin

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