Stupid Mario Sunshine
Stupid Mario Sunshine

Stupid Mario Sunshine

Season 7, Episode 31
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 17, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Stupid Mario Sunshine is a blooper uploaded by SMG4 on June 17, 2017. As the name suggest, it is a parody of Super Mario Sunshine.


Mario tries to collect all the shine sprites and clean up the town after being framed. Except he just makes everything worse.


The video begins with an overview shot of Delfino Island. We're then cut to Mario, who, overjoyed, starts yelling in excitement. Princess Peach and Toadsworth sigh in Mario's annoyance.

Now the Delfino Airstrip in clear view, a Polluted Piranha Plant appears to be polluting the area. The Toad piloting the plane, frightened, quickly lands and stops just in time, Mario is then ejected from the plane due to not wearing his safety belt. Peach, Toadsworth and the pilot come out to investigate. Toad then says "What's this icky paint like goop? Before getting eaten by the Piranha Plant. Toadsworth desides to ignore it and announces vacation.

Later, Peach suggests that they go to an amusement park, Toadworth asks Mario for his opinion, but to his dismay, he had already disappeared, causing Toadsworth to yell "OHH SHIIIIT".

Mario is then seen walking in Delfino Plaze with shades on. To the Pianta's surprise, they think he looks like a weirdo.

The "Po Po" then recognize Mario as the perpetrator that painted the island and proceed to arrest Mario, who thinks it's because that he had his birthday suit on during the trip to Isle Delfino.

Mario is then chased around the Plaza until he spots Professor E.Gadd cleaning his Lamborghini with F.L.U.D.D (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) Mario then proceeds to steal F.L.U.D.D from E.Gadd as a getaway device.




0:08 - Mario Sunshine - Biancho hills

0:36 - Mario Sunshine - Delfino Airstrip

0:57 - Bees Gees - Staying alive

1:08 - Vanessa Carlton - Thousand miles

1:16 - Spongebob - Gunning for Danger

1:43 - Super Paper Mario - Mega Starman

1:56 - The People's court theme song

2:50 - WarioWare DIY - Crating a Microgame

3:02 - Mario Galaxy - Nolstalgic Soverign

3:35 - Drop the Bomb - Scotty D

4:09 - Katawa Shoujo - Out of the loop

4:41 - Mario Party 5 - Chain Chomp Rage

5:06 - Mario Party 5 - End of Battle

5:17 - Mario Sunshine - Ricco Harbour

5:55 - Super Mario RPG - Let's Try

6:10 - Rose Royce - Car Wash

6:49 - Fiesta Caricoa 2 - Joachim Nilsson

8:13 Mario Sunshine - Shasow Mario

8:50 - Mario Sunshine - Mecha Bowser appear

8:54 - Mario Sunshine - Vs Mecha Bowser

9:09 - Transformers - 1986 - Theme song

9:22 - Dope - Die Motherf- Die


  • In the video, it plays the Retarded 64 intro but this video doesn't have Retarded 64 in the title.
  • The theme that plays after Bowser Jr.'s defeat is actually Bowser Junior's theme in SuperMarioLogan.This is the second time Smg4 referenced supermariologan the first time being super happy fun fun island.
  • When Il Piantissimo finds Bowser's Paint Brush after the outro, it's a reference to Super Mario Sunshine where if the place doesn't collect 120 Shine Sprites before beating the game, Il Piantissimo finds Bowser's Paint Brush in the ending