Spaghetti is an Italian food that appears in both the Real World and the Mushroom Kingdom. In both SuperMarioGlitchy4's universe and the Nintendo canon, it is Mario's favorite food; they commonly appear in SMG4's videos, and most of those times they're eaten by Mario.

The reason why it is Mario's favorite food and why he eats it all the time and is addicted to it is because, as shown in "The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of Mario", Mario saw a girl while he was in high school, and soon shortly fell in love with her. The romantic moment still continued by that time, even though the girl walked away and left her spaghetti plate on a table. Mario still thought it was the girl, and that's why he's addicted to it and eats it all the time, being his favorite food.

Mario married a Spaghetti in Doki Doki Mario Club.

The thumbnail of Smg4's 20,000 sub special How to Make Spaghetti


Old pasta

Spaghetti's old sprite


Spaghetti's new's sprite