Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure (GET IT!?)
Sonic the derphog Eggventure (GET IT!?)

Sonic the derphog Eggventure (GET IT!?)

Season 4, Episode 22
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 9, 2014
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Sonic the Derphog:
First Episode

SM64: Meet the Mario.

Sonic the Derphog:
The Evilness of Eggman (?)


Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure (GET IT!?) is the 182nd video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, as well as the first episode in the Sonic the Derphog series. It's the first blooper to focus primarily on characters from the video games series Sonic the Hedgehog. In this blooper, Sonic and Eggman accidentally teleport to Mario's world, and try to get back to South Island.


The blooper starts with Sonic the Hedgehog taking a nap, when he is suddenly woken up by Omochao, who tells him he has to "save the world". Sonic takes out a rifle and shoots Omochao. Tails then appears and tells Sonic to "NOTICE ME SENPAI!"

After the intro plays, Sonic is shown running around Green Hill Zone when he runs into Eggman's Eggbot 2000. Sonic insults the Eggbot, and Eggman, who is standing on a smaller version of the Death Egg, tells him to not be mean because "the bot has feelings too!" (sic) The Eggbot then falls in love with Sonic and bends over in the "mating position". Frustrated, Sonic asks Eggman what he wants, and he says he only wants to be Sonic's friend. Sonic throws Tails at Eggman, knocking him off the Death Egg and onto the ground. The Eggbot 2000 then tells Sonic to "BRING ME THAT A$$," but Sonic destroys the Eggbot and runs away as Eggman sheds a single tear.

Eggman gets inside of his Egg Mobile and starts stalking Sonic. Frightened, Sonic runs into a cave, where he thinks he is safe until the lights turn on to reveal Eggman right in front of him. Eggman starts thrusting what would be his pelvis if his entire torso wasn't just a sphere, making Sonic scream. The scene cuts to Eggman shoved into a trash can. Sonic is nearby, mentally scarred by the incident in the cave. Eggman is shown trying to get out of the trash can, but he falls off a cliff instead.

Sonic decides to commit suicide, and jumps off a cliff. He lands directly onto a spring, making him bounce upward and into Eggman's Egg Mobile. Eggman decides to take Sonic to his house. Sonic screams and starts pressing buttons in an attempt to get out. Eggman tells him to not press the buttons, but Sonic doesn't listen, and eventually the Egg Mobile disappears with a flash of light, taking Sonic and Eggman with it.

The Egg Mobile crash lands in an unknown city. Sonic and Eggman crawl out from the wreckage, and Sonic is surprised by Eggman's more realistic appearance. Eggman decides that he can rule this place, and envisions the city under his rule - with trash cans, Egg Mobiles, and clones of himself scattered everywhere. Eggman yells out for everyone to respect him, but someone drives by and calls him a nerd.

Sonic decides to abandon Eggman and find a way to leave. He looks around and wonders if they are in a different dimension. Behind him is a sign that says "welcome to human world". Sonic finds a TV and watches "Human News". The news reporter reports that an alien (Eggman) has landed in Human City. A woman is shown at the crash site trying to interview Eggman, but Eggman just hits her.

Sonic runs back to the crash site and knocks away all of the scientists observing the Egg Mobile and Eggman. He yells at Eggman and demands that he take him back home. He forces him into the Egg Mobile and travels to another dimension.

The Egg Mobile lands in what appears to be a small town with bright colors. Sonic and Eggman climb out only to find that, to their horror, they are in Teletubbie Land. Sonic tells Eggman to get him out of there, but Eggman tells him they are out of gas. The camera pans over to show that the petrol shop is on the other side of town.

Eggman puts on a hat resembling the one that the Cat in the Hat wears, and walks through town in disguise. While the disguise manages to fool the Teletubbies, when a Teletubby says hello to Eggman, he freaks out and runs away. He runs from the crowd, but runs into another Teletubby. He runs around town erratically, screaming all the while. He goes to the petrol shop, buys some gas while still screaming, and runs back to the Egg Mobile.

The scene cuts to Sonic in the Minecraft Overworld. He decides this place isn't so bad, only to find Steve watching Eggman flailing his limbs around as he starts to drown in the water.

The Egg Mobile lands on the cannon outside Peach's Castle. Eggman thinks it is the perfect place to rule, and he decides to call it "Eggland". Sonic decides that he is leaving, but Eggman tells him to wait as he summons Eggbot 2.0. Eggman tells Eggbot 2.0 to nicely ask the owner of the castle to give it to him, but the Eggbot refuses. Eggman gets angry and throws a grenade at the Eggbot. It doesn't explode, but the Eggbot becomes hostile. Eggman tries to leave, but the Eggbot creates an explosion near the Egg Mobile. The Eggbot starts laughing, and Mario comes out of the castle to tell it to shut up.

Sonic is confident that he can defeat the Eggbot, and says he has collected a lot of rings. Eggman shoots Sonic with a gun, and no rings come out. Eggman calls Sonic a liar and decides that it is up to him to defeat the Eggbot. He pulls out a bottle of "P. Pills" and eats them. He then says "PINGAS" a lot and explodes.

The Eggbot activates its "NUCLEAR MISSILE MODE" as a nuclear bomb peeks out of its butt and a sixty second countdown begins. Sonic yells at Eggman to fix it, but he is too busy admiring how evil it is. Suddenly, a Teletubby version of Eggman appears out of nowhere.

Eggman freaks out and throws the Teletubby at a trash can, and then at the Eggbot. This causes the countdown, which was at around 44 seconds, to suddenly jump to 5 seconds. Sonic yells at Eggman, who is still screaming. The nuclear missile is shot out of the Eggbot's bum and flies away. Sonic chases after it as the missile approaches the castle in Glowshire Kingdom with "Gotta Go Fast" (from Sonic X) playing in the background.

Sonic continues chasing the missile (which is now being ridden by Steve) when he encounters a policeman, who tells him to stop...hammertime. Sonic kills the policeman with a rocket launcher and continues chasing the missile. The missile is just about to hit Glowshire Castle when Sonic appears and deflects it with his fist, sending it flying back to Peach's castle.

Back at Peach's castle, Eggbot 2.0 is doing a "victory dance" when it notices the missile is coming back. He grabs the Egg Mobile and tells the missile to touch his pingas. The Eggbot teleports just as the missile is about to hit him, however, the plan backfires as the missile is teleported too. Eggbot is dropped to Green Hill Zone, crushing all of Sonic's friends. The missile then destroys the Eggbot.

Back in Mario's dimension, Omachao tells Sonic he "saved the world", and the Robotnik Teletubby announces "the end", closing the video with Robotnik screaming even louder and children cheering can be heard.




Eggman saying "Who you calling pinhead?"

  • The other Sonic characters that appeared towards the end each use a different model from a different Sonic game. Tails, Amy and Rouge appear to be Sonic Generations models, while Shadow's and Knuckles appear to be Sonic Heroes models.
  • This is the third blooper not released on a Sunday and the second one in a row since the schedule change. The first was SMG4'S CANDY VAN IS HERE! (t-shirts and stuff). The second was the blooper preceding this one, SM64 guides: Toadsworth's How to-Princess. The fourth was the blooper succeeding this one, SM64: Meet the Mario.
  • This the fourth blooper to not feature Smg4 (neither main nor cameo), the other being both Guards 'N Retards and Super Pokeman 64: GYMS AND BADGES (excluding all bloopers before Account Loss).
  • When Sonic hits a spring, flies into the sky and lands inside Robotnik's teleportation machine, Sonic calls Dr. Robotnik pinhead and he asks "Who you calling pinhead?" (while his head actually is a pin). This is a reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, Survival of the Idiots, where Patrick Star says "Who you calling pinhead?". This is a very popular meme on the internet.
  • This is the only blooper to this day in which a Policeman has a cameo appearance in a blooper without saying the 'STAHP RIGHT THERE PERVERT!' voice clip from several Smosh videos.
  • Several times, Tails can be heard saying "NOTICE ME SENPAI" which is from Pewdiepie's videos.
  • At the end, Steve can be seen riding on the rocket that the Eggbot 2.0 blasts.
  • When Sonic runs after the rocket, "Gotta Go Fast", the intro theme of the english dub of Sonic X is playing
  • This blooper contains many references to The Simpsons.
  • The Wilhelm scream is heard when Eggman gets knocked of the Eggbot 2000.
  • Dr. Robotnik has a differnet model in this blooper, being based of his Classic Eggman model from Sonic Generations.
  • While on South Island, Dr. Eggman uses his appearance from the Genesis Sonic games. However, after the first jump (where Sonic and Eggman land in Human World), Eggman morphs into his modern-day appearance. Both are represented through the use of Garry's Mod models.


(The video starts with a view of Green Hill Zone. Cut to an area where Sonic the Hedgehog is sleeping. He is suddenly waken up by Omochao running up to him and screaming)

Omochao: Hey! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get-

(Sonic punches Omochao, knocking him out)

Sonic: Dude, seriously, shut up! Man.

(He runs across the bridge, but is once again stopped by Omochao)

Omochao: Hey!

Sonic (stopping): Huh?

Omochao: You have to saaaaaaaave the world!

Sonic: Does it look like I care?


(Sonic shoots Omochao, killing him. Tails pops up from behind the waterfall)


Sonic: Tails, SHUT THE F**K UP!

Title: Sonic the derphog (Sonic is running through Green Hill Zone, but runs into something and gets knocked out)

Sonic: Ow! What the!?

(Sonic realizes he ran into one of Dr. Robotnik's robots)

Sonic: Oh, oh, what the f**k?

(Sonic notices Dr. Robotnik sitting on top of his Death Egg, waving at him. Sonic groans)

Dr. Robotnik: Ho ho ho! Hi, friend! Like my Eggbot 2000?

Eggbot 2000: PINGAS!

Sonic: It's sh*t!

Robotnik: Ha ha! Wow wow! Hey, no need to get mean! Ohh. The bot has feelings too!

(Eggbot 2000 laughs. Cut to Eggbot 2000 bending over in front of Sonic)

Sonic: Uhh, why is it bending over!

Robotnik: I think that's the mating position?


Sonic: OK, Eggman, just what do you want?

Robotnik: I just wanted to be your friend!

(Sonic throws Tails at Robotnik, who screams. He lands at the bottom of the cliff and farts. Eggbot gets up and leers at Sonic)

Eggbot: BRING ME THAT A$$.

(Sonic smashes Eggbot, causing him to explode as Sonic runs away)

Sonic: Too easy! Piece of cake!

(Robotnik sheds a single tear. Sonic continues running along when Robotnik pops up behind him)

Robotnik: Hoo hoo!

(Sonic gasps)

Robotnik: PINGAS!

Sonic: Huh?

(Sonic runs into a cave, screaming. Inside, Sonic is crawling around, yawning, when Robotnik appears in front of him, lying seductively)

Robotnik: Oh, you touch my tralala.....


(Robotnik thrusts wildly as Sonic screams in horror. Later that afternoon, Robotnik is upside down inside a trash can as Sonic hyperventilates)

Sonic: OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT? AHHHHH-HAAAAA! No no no no no! Nooo!

(Robotnik hops away and off the edge of the cliff)


Sonic: I...I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna do it!

(Cut to Sonic standing at the edge of a cliff)


(Sonic jumps off the cliff)


(Cut to flashback of Sonic standing around while Amy Rose and Tails bother him)

Amy: Buy me more jewelry!


(Flashback ends. Sonic is still falling)


(Sonic lands on a spring and gets sent flying right into Robotnik's Egg Mobile)

Robotnik: What's up?

Sonic: AH! Get away from me, Pinhead!

(Cut to Robotnik with a pin-shaped head)

Robotnik: Who you callin' pinhead?

Sonic: LET ME OUT!

Robotnik: Let's go to my house! Yes!

(Sonic struggles to get out)

Robotnik: Don't touch the buttons!

(Cut to a beach where Shy Guy and Tails are waiting as Sonic goes by, screaming. Cut back to Sonic who is still screaming and accidentally activates the warp drive)

Robotnik: Unbelievable! I TOLD YOU NOT TO PRESS ANY BUTTONS!!


(Robotnik blubbers incoherently as the two teleport out of the area. Cut to a city in the Real World where the Egg Mobile lands and explodes)

Sonic: GREAT! Thanks a lot, Eggman!

Robotnik: What?

Sonic: WOW!...Umm...nothing...

Robotnik: What is this place? I can rule this place! I'm the best in the world! Yes! I can see it now!

(Robotnik imagines several Robotniks in the area)


(A red car drives by)


Robotnik: Dr. Robotnik!

Sonic: I'm getting out of here!

(Sonic runs off, leaving Robotnik behind)

Robotnik: HEY! What about me!?

(Sonic notices several humans)

Sonic: ...Are a different dimension or something? Huh?!

(Sonic is interrupted by a TV screen turning on to "BREAKING NEWS")

News Reporter 1: Welcome to Human News! We got some awesome news for you! But first, boring news of aliens crash-landing in human city.

(Cut to a female news reporter standing with Dr. Robotnik)

News Reporter 2: I have with me a really fat alien. Hi there! Where do you come from?

Robotnik: You are really good looking! I just wanna spank your a$$. (he smacks the woman, knocking her out) and be like BLEE BLEE BLOO!

News Reporter 1: In other news, nothing has happened.

(Sonic groans and charges towards the Egg Mobile)


(He crashes into the Egg Mobile, sending people flying)

Robotnik: Dafuq?

Sonic: You're getting me back home! Got it Eggman!?

(He throws Robotnik and himself into the Egg Mobile, then teleports out of the city. Cut to Sonic and Robotnik landing in Teletubby Land as the Egg Mobile explodes)

???: BOO-

Sonic: Sweet mother of god...

(Cut to many Teletubbies standing around in the center of town)


Robotnik: We're out of gas...

(Sonic stares in horror as we pan to the Petrol Shop, located on the other side of town)

Robotnik: OK! Who can blend in the best?

(Cut to Robotnik walking through town wearing a Cat in the Hat-like hat. He stops and talks to one of the locals)

Robotnik: Yo, what's up? Brilliant!

(Robotnik hears someone giggle and sees a Teletubby staring at him)

Teletubby (giggling): Uh oh!


(He runs through town, screaming. He stops to catch his breath)

Purple Teletubby: Tubby Custard! Tubby Custard!


(Robotnik runs through town, screaming incoherently. Cut to Robotnik jumping up and down in the Petrol Shop as a green Teletubby watches him. He throws the petrol at Sonic, and continues screaming. Cut to Sonic in the Overworld from Minecraft)

Sonic: Huh...this place isn't so bad!

(Cut to Robotnik drowning in the river as Steve looks on. We then see the Egg Mobile land in the Cannon near Peach's Castle)

Robotnik: Hee hee hee. Ho ho! How about that? This is perfect! I shall take over this place!

(He goes up onto the roof of the castle)

Robotnik: And I shall call it: EGGLAND!

Sonic: Right...OK, I'm leaving!

Robotnik: Wait wait! Let me get something!

(Eggbot 2000 appears on the roof of the castle)

Eggbot: SnooPINGAS usual, I see?

Robotnik: EGGBOT 2.0! You shall nicely ask the owner of this place to hand over their land!

Eggbot: NO!

Robotnik: HEY! Don't defy my orders, stupid robot!

(He throws something at Eggbot, causing him to malfunction and start shouting unintelligibly)

Robotnik: OK, now we can go!

(Robotnik runs towards the Egg Mobile, but is stopped by an explosion)

Robotnik: NO! Dafuq?


(He falls off the roof as Mario comes out of the castle)

Mario: Will you shut up?! People are trying to sleep!!!

Sonic: This should be a piece of cake! I got this! I have plenty of rings! Here I come! I'm invisible! I have collected a lot of rings! :D

(Robotnik shoots Sonic, but no rings come out)

Robotnik: Unbelievable! Nnnope! No rings! You liar! >:( Grrr, finish it! It seems that I must finish it!

(Robotnik pulls out some pills)

Robotnik: I present to you my secret weapon!

(Robotnik eats the pills, only to start saying "PINGAS" uncontrollably and suddenly explodes, leaving behind a pair of legs)

Sonic: My! That's a pretty snazzy performance there!

Robotnik: B*TCH!


Sonic: Oh sh*t!

(Eggbot bends over as a rocket comes out of his butt)

Eggbot: Butts! Launcher activated in 60, 59, 58...

Sonic: Eggman! Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it!

Robotnik: Yes! It's so evil...brings a tear to my eye...

(Sonic groans and runs off. Suddenly, Robotnik is approached by a Teletubby who looks just like him)

Dr. Robotnik the Teletubby: One day, in Teletubby Land, Dr. Robotnik made a bowl of Tubby Custard!

(Robotnik screams and throws Dr. Robotnik the Teletubby at Eggbot, causing him to start counting lower)

Eggbot: 44, 43, 42 (spazzes out) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


(Eggbot fires the missile, but Sonic does not approve)

Sonic: NO!

(Sonic runs off after the missile as "Gotta Go Fast" plays in the background. In Glowshire Village, we see a castle guard watching the missile approach him)

Guy: Oh look! :D a pretty star!

(Cut back to the Sonic chasing the missile, which now has Steve riding on top of it)


(He is stopped by a Cop)

Cop: Stop! Hammer time!

(Sonic shoots the Cop, killing him as we fade back to Glowshire Village)


???: IT'S A TRAP!

(Sonic appears in front of him and knocks the missile out of the way)

Sonic: Come on, step it up! B*TCH!

(The missile flies back towards Eggbot, who is celebrating while text saying "EGGBOT VICTORY DANCE" appears beneath him. He grabs the Egg Mobile and uses it to block the missile)

Eggbot: Touch my PINGAS! We all love a good PINGAS joke.

(The missile hits him and he warps out of the area. Cut back to Green Hill Zone, where Tails, Amy, Rouge the Bat, and Shadow the Hedgehog are being retarded. Knuckles the Echidna pops up, enraged)

Knuckles: JUST SHUT THE F**K UP!

(Eggbot lands on Amy, crushing her and everyone else as he explodes. Back at Peach's Castle, Robotnik is still freaking out while Sonic is congratulated by Omochao)


Dr. Robotnik the Teletubby: THE END.

(Robotnik screams as the video ends)

End of transcript