“SMG1! is the name! doing...umm..bad stuff is my game..”
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SuperMegaGangsta1 (also known as SuperMarioGlitchy1 and SMG1) is the shadowy leader of the S.M.G club, dressed exactly like SuperMarioGlitchy4 and the other SuperMegaGangstas. His sole appearance was the blooper S.M.G Club, where he ripped off SMG4's style to make his "evil" club more popular. In the end, Mario and SMG4 dismembered him via self-destroying the club, nicknaming him SuperMarioGay1. The song Blood Sugar by Pendulum appears to be his theme, and he appears to hate songs by Justin Bieber.


The subject of this article exists in an alternate canon! Click here to read about Smg1 at the SMG4 Fanon Wiki.