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SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 2
SMG4 N' Pals Seaside Stupidity Part 2

SMG4 N' Pals Seaside Stupidity Part 2

Season 6, Episode 21
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date July 3, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1 The SMG4 Show - Episode 1

SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 2 is the final part of SMG4 N' Pals: Seadise Stupidity. It involves SMG4 and his pals, including Fishy Boopkins the Spike fighting the army of Teletubbies to escape the submarine which they were captured in.


Continuing from last episode, SMG4 and his pals are captured on the teletubmarine. It is up to them to find a way to be able to escape from the clutches of A.S. Swipe. Will they ever be able to find a way to escape, find safety and ever return back home?


The video begins with a recap of the events of the last video.

A shadowy figure comes and attack A.S.Swipe's crewmen in the control room, killing them all without A.S.Swipe's guard. Meanwhile, he put Fishy Boopkins in a small cage for him to sing some music by electrifying him, after that, A.S.Swipe proceeds to go in his sector, ready to get rid of X, FM, Mario, SMG4, and Ben, in Sector 2-SX-C. Beofre that, the same shadowy figure attacked Fishy Boopkins too.

In Sector 2-SX-C, the five were desprate of escaping A.S.Swipe's torture plan, getting the five remainders eaten up by a Chain Chomp, After A.S.Swipe came in and lowered the cage down, fear has came in and A.S.Swipe is already laughing viciously. Then, he saw Fishy Boopkins get thrown into a wall, and then the shadowy figure came in and exposed itself, revealing it to be Ben's mom, complaining about the things Ben did in the past few hours and him being diffrent, the Chain Chomp fled from Ben's mom from her words.

A.S.Swipe isn't happy for his death machine to leave, so he called his telletuby crewmen to attack Ben's mom, she held off all but one, leaving her into extreme pain, and Ben made it worse by throwing her cane at her head. A.S.Swipe is still not done yet, he assembled all of his fallen crewmen to make himself a robot, coming to finish off Ben's mom. He doen't notice that the cage is in the way, so it broke up and freed the five.

Ben saw his mom getting finished off, with fear, he told the gang to save his mom alongside with him, but Mario doesn't want to, so the four attacked, but it backfired when A.S.Swipe threw Ben's mom, hitting the heroes including Mario. Fishy Boopkins wakes up when he saw A.S.Swipe taunting our heroes, he decides to become a hero himself by calling the Dorrie, who was the one who sunk SMG4's cruise ship. The submarine then gets hit, leaking the ship and our heroes woke up and realize the ship is sinking, so they escape right away.

A.S.Swipe still wants to stay with his submarine, and sank alongside with hit, while our heroes go on Dorrie, after seeing the ship sank Fishy Boopkins sang the song while our heroes went back home in a happy end.

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