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Brief Description Edit

SMG4 Mobile Icon

SMG4 Mobile Icon in Android ICS (4.0).

SMG4 Mobile is an Android-exclusive application (APK Extension) made by Project Starlight[1]

Compatibility Edit

Due to compatibility issues about the UI, the compatibility of the application is compatible with Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) up to 5.0 (Android L)

History Edit

GlitchyPSI once was developing Android Applications for 2.3 in advance, because he got an Android and wanted to extract the full potential of it. So, the first application he made for SMG4 was: SMG4 Mobile RELEASE1.0 . It had only the Videos feed and a somewhat Eclair-like (Android 2.1) interface.

Then SMG4 liked the project, and it continued developing. Then it added a chat, that is allocated in Starlight Project's servers. The version 1.0.37 (Codename Milk Candy) included a ICS-Like (Android 4.0) interface.The template was good, and decided to use it. Now the actual version of the app is 1.2.37.


Actual Interface (ICS-like, emulated in an Android Emulator.)

Features Edit

  • A link to this Wiki
  • A chat allocated in Starlight Project Servers.
  • A Facebook Feed
  • A Twitter Feed
  • A Youtube Feed

Pros Edit

You can have SMG4's most big activities at at single tap: also interact with other fans with the included chat.

Not caring about a lot of things to care of: every 15 minutes on WiFi or Mobile Data the app synchronizes and if it finds new activity in SMG4's facebook or YouTube, it will spew a customizable notification.

Cons Edit

Tiny ad banner in the bottom of any Facebook article. Up to this date seems like YouTube videos and the Chat are unaffected by the Ad banner.

Availability Edit

Play Store:Available in Japan only.

Kindle Store: Unavailable.

iTunes App Store: Only Android


  1. Starlight Project webpage (under construction!)

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