SMG4 MEGA COMPILATION | 5 years of retardedness is an Ssenmodnar blooper by SMG4, made to celebrate his being on YouTube for five years. It makes heavy use of clips from past videos. Internally, it is a Ssenmodnar video (because it appears in SMG4's Ssenmodnar playlist), and the first video in the series not to include Ssenmodnar in the title.


Five years ago, SMG4 uploaded his very first video to YouTube. Now, we look back at some of the most famous and some of the craziest scenes of past videos, from 2012-2016!


The Nyan Mario scene from a Ssenmodnar video appears, with Mario reacting to how long ago it was. Seeing this again, his mind explodes. After a special intro, the skits begin.

2012-2013 Edit

  1. Toad can be seen doing some type of roleplay with his dolls. It can be presumed to be a parody of the ending of a Super Mario game. However, as soon as he sees SMG4, he screams.
  2. Mario and SMG4 are screaming. The reason why is because their truck is flipping over in the air. Surprisingly, the truck manages to land right-side up. Sure, they made it, but they are still scared as they continue their journey.
  3. Wario fires the Waluigi launcher towards the screen.
  4. Steve pretends to be a helicopter. He then soars through the sky, but gets shot down by two people on the castle grounds.
  5. The Waluigi Launcher passes Donkey Kong. Wario is confused, but then he is blasted away, probably by the big ape.
  6. Mario in retard mode, saying "Let's have fun!"
  7. A guy doing retard talk.
  8. A plate of spaghetti running away from Mario, with the plumber chasing it.
  9. Mario is having a sweet rave party.
  10. A police officer saying "Stop right there!"
  11. Mario is facing SuperGoldStar2 at IKEA. He then punches the register and retardedly goes away. The cashier only looks at him.
  12. Stacy is also doing a retard talk.
  13. Mario saying "Be an man!"
  14. SMG4 asks someone to call the police. Then from behind the door, the SMB theme plays a little bit before being cut off by a punch.
  15. Mario and a tubby chef are fighting over food, that being tubby custard and spaghetti.
  16. Lime90 telling Mario to shut up. Mario agrees, but then he runs around like crazy, making airplane-like noises.
  17. Steve, notably naked, says his name.
  18. The Tubby Chef dragging Mario away.
  19. Mario says "Be a man! Do the right thing!" Then he punches Luigi.
  20. A treasure chest opens. Out comes a Justin Bieber magazine, which makes Mario scream in horror.
  21. King Bob-omb is dancing, because he is the winner of a battle.
  22. Mario eats a mushroom, then his head shrinks because of that. Mario is pissed and says that usual "mama f**ker" thing.
  23. Mario looks for the princess. Then he gets blasted away by Peach, who says that she is on her period.
  24. A Spindel is rolling down a path to the tune of Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty." Mario ends up getting squashed by it. The Spindel then douches swag glasses.
  25. Mario is in his process mode, but the program Mario.exe crashes, pissing off the narrator. It then shows his head exploding before showing a scene where Mario says "Sparkly shoes!" Everyone around him goes crazy upon him saying that.
  26. Mario looks at SMG4's keyboard and sh*ts on it. SMG4 the goes "Oh what the f*ck?!"
  27. The phone is ringing. Mario then shouts into it "WTF YOU WANT?!" But then, the phone goes silent, making Mario wonder what went on.
  28. Steve plays the piano like a madman, with the mansion going on fire. Then it shows him simply playing some random keys.
  29. Wario and Waluigi look up at something, and then they are surprised at what they see. They then run away from what they saw. You are incorrect if you said anything but chain chomp.
  30. Mario is flying, but then gets shot by a rainbow. He then falls down as a result of the explosion. The bob-omb who shot the rainbow then tells him "Taste the rainbow, motherf**ker!"
  31. A man tells the viewers that they should be nice and kind to others. He asks a guy near him if he agrees. The answer: "Nooooooo!"
  32. MarioYell1 phone is ringing. Lime90 tells (and eventually screams at) him that his phone is ringing, but MarioYell1 sleeping cannot hear him.
  33. Mario is singing the birthday song. In the middle of that, it shows SMG4 getting attacked by an old man on the plane with Mario wondering where the food is. The song part of the skit gets interrupted once more by a clip of Wario and Waluigi running away from a chain chomp until it was tea time, to which the three sit down and have a picnic. Then finally, Mario finishes the birthday song for Ryan.
  34. Mario is dancing to "You Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, but he is replacing "Ya can't touch this" with "Mama F**er"!
  35. Steve is flying on a piano and is going to Mexico.
  36. Wario is in a kart and freaking out while saying "YESSS!"
  37. The song playing says "Do u believe in magic?" Mario says "I believe in magic" and jumps out a window.
  38. There are 3 Blueman5s saying "Hello" but Mario joins naked, and says hello, messing up the performance.
  39. Naked mario shows up on someones computer and causing the guy to run away
  40. FrPurple and Stacy are still freaking out.
  41. Mario is still making airplane noises continuing from skit #11.
  42. SMG4 is on fire and says "Haha! I'm on fire motherf**ker!"
  43. SMG4 says "umm" and Mario is walking by Dr. Mario and falls off the table. Mario says "Oh no! I've fallen and i cant get up!" and Dr. Mario says that he doesn't see anything wrong.
  44. Bowser is screaming at spike balls.
  45. BlueBlueBob7 joins them and is saying retarded things.
  46. Starman3 shows up on SMG4's computer and says "Da"! Causing SMG4 to freak out and scream. (A screen says Please Stand By) Mario is gibberish. Toad says 'No. She is a b*tch.
  47. Wario says "Yes! OMG!" and blows up.
  48. Mario is in his van saying "WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?", causing peach to look away, and Mario runs her over.
  49. Po the teletubby made tubby custard but mario is getting chased by a bunch of teletubbies wo steal po's custard causing him to say "You son of a b*tch"
  50. The baby sun tells the teletubbies to f**k Mario up.
  51. Mario is still making airplane noises which causes Lime90 to swear. Mario is hitting his head on a door. the scene switches to bowser in the bath tub and hears a beeping noise and says "WTF" before he explodes.
  52. Mario is banging on a keyboard to get a password and typing a bunch of random crap. The password is right, shocking him.
  53. Mario asks Peach if she has cake. Peach says "NO!" and then laughs. Mario kicks her off a cliff.
  54. Bowser Jr. states that mario cant get past his guards. They are koopa troopas. This is what they say: My A** itches. wow! double rainbow. which way to the bathroom? am i a boy or a girl?.
  55. A Minecraft snowman says "I am snowman you shalll give me hugsz". A Minecraft chicken appears in front of shocked Mario and SMG4 saying "I am a duck!"
  56. Luigi is on a cliff and says "He's gonna make it!" Mario then jumps and falls into the canyon and explodes. Luigi states it is close enough.
  57. Toad says "Chickens!"
  58. Waluigi driving his kart while making sexy poses but gets hit by a sign.
  59. Slenderman is in a bed and says "YEAHHH!"

2014 Edit

  1. A Mario head is on a drink machine and puking out purple liquid. And burps.
  2. Lightning hit a chair and it turns into Colonial Sanders and is singing and everyone freaks out. Old man hobo wearing a wizard hat says "10 Points to Gryffindor!" while steve says, "Yay!"
  3. A retarded Peach says "Mario the power of the tacos has been restored to the castle. Thanks mario." as she kisses Mario and says "This doesnt mean I like you you have cooties, shut up."
  4. The telletubbies are tripping balls, and thus all fall over each other. This is a PSA telling everyone to not do drugs.
  5. Chica is on the phone saying pizza until Dr. Eggman hits him with his crowbar Then he says "penis" into the phone. Mario who is on the phone says that he doesn't have any penis.
  6. Shy Guy shows slices of bread which shocks Bowser and Mario. He then puts it into the toaster and freaks outs saying "YEAH TOAST!". The toast comes which hits Shy Guy.

2015 Edit

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2016 Edit

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