SMG4: Mario SAW is a blooper by SMG4 uploaded on September 1st, 2018.

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Mario and Luigi are trapped. And someone wants to play a game...

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The video begins with Mario waking up. He wonders if he partied really hard yesterday. Then he notices Luigi asleep, wondering if he ate too much last night. He then fully woke up, finding himself and Luigi in a room with a chain tied to his leg and a Piranha Plant mouth on his head. He wonders what is going on, observing the Piranha Plant mouth on his head (which he mistakes for an ugly hat) and the chain that is tied to his leg.

Luigi woke up, fearfully asking whether they might die or not. Mario then tells Luigi that its probably one of his fans that kidnapped him, before being interrupted by a person wearing a Majora's Mask on a screen. The person asks the duo if they want to play a game. Luigi panics, whereas Mario asks if they can play a particular game.

The person instead says that in thirty seconds, the Piranha Plant heads will close on their heads, although Mario ignores this and wants to play something else. As the person tries to resume, he was interrupted by Mario a couple times over how the "game" is boring. Annoyed, the person leaves and the clock starts to count down from 30 seconds. Luigi panics, telling Mario to help him, even though Mario slams himself on the wall in an attempt to get the Piranha Plant on his head off of him.

20 seconds remain, and Luigi asks the Piranha Plant to get off his head in a nice tone, but instead the plant bites down harder on the green capped plumber, sending him into a total panic. 10 seconds remain, and Mario tries to saw the chain off his leg, while Luigi lies on the floor, hopeless. 5 seconds remain, and Mario boasts that he can't die like this. Suddenly, the two Piranha Plants get off the brothers' heads, and greet each other. They then walk off, with the person wearing the Skull Kid mask looking in confusion. The chain unlocks both brothers' feet, with Mario celebrating while Luigi remains in shock. Then two more chains lock themselves onto the brothers' feet, dragging them into a dark tunnel.

Mario and Luigi keep on getting dragged by the chains, entering into the Tunnel of Doom, where they notice a tunnel filled with obstacles. Luigi manages to avoid some of the obstacles, while Mario barely dodges any of them. They then approach a Whomp, and although Luigi manages to go under it, Mario gets stuck due to his obesity. The person wearing the Majora's Mask then speeds up the chains dragging Mario and Luigi, resulting in the Whomp being dragged with Mario. At the end of the tunnel, the game's mastermind meets them in person (only for Mario to throw things at him in anger), sending them to the next room.

The Mario Bros. then find themselves in a room full of lava where they're hanging into chains with buttons attached to their legs. The person tells them that one of them need to press the button attached to their leg, which would send them falling to their doom, while the other one advances. If none of them press the button, they'll all die from the rising lava. Luigi panics over the idea, while Mario throws multiple items at the chains hanging him. Luigi eventually suggests that Mario swings over to him, although this proves unsuccessful. Luigi looks at the lava, and, with no other choice, tells Mario that he's going to do the unthinkable; press the button to fall into the lava.

Mario pleas Luigi to not do so, but despite this, sacrifices himself, leaving his older brother into tears. Suddenly, Luigi comments that the lava tastes weird, with Mario in surprise,and then reveals that the "lava" is actually watermelon-flavored, really warm Kool-Aid. The person then comments on the show, eventually draining the Kool-Aid room with a green pipe, bringing Luigi with it, and sends Mario to the "Bonus Round".

Mario then falls into a chair in a dark room and is cuffed to it. he's asked by the person with the Majora Mask if he wants to play a game, to which he simply answers no. The person says that the game is about Mario truthfully answering his question... which is "Will you be my friend?". Mario obviously says no repeatedly, even if the person said "Please". The person then laughs, ultimately revealing himself to be none other than Waluigi. Mario, in total ambushed shock, instantly recognizes Waluigi, who thanks Mario for rejecting him, laughing villainy, turning into his super power mode and teleporting in front of the red plumber, who, still in terror, claims Waluigi has gone insane.

Waluigi replies by revealing his flashback where he sent approximately one thousand emails to the Mushroom Kingdom to come an fake birthday party. Every single person he sent his email to has rejected it, with Luke, Wario(apparently because he had an date with some KFC chicken), Meggy and Bob (unknown if it is Bob or Bob the Builder) commenting on it. For every rejection he got from every person, Waluigi became more powerful, until Mario was the sole exception as he accepted the email, commenting if there will be food there. After the flashback, Mario realized that Waluigi set up the obstacle course and made him think Luigi died just so that he can hate him. Waluigi confirms this himself, and before he opens up a portal, he tells Mario that they will meet again. Mario is left in the dark room, wondering what will happen next. He also comments that his behind itches.

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I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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  • This is the last blooper to use the Glitchy Boy intro. After this blooper, Glitchy Boy Productions was renamed to Glitch Productions.
  • This episode is based on the horror film franchise Saw, where a serial killer named Jigsaw places his victims in deathtraps to test their wills to live. The same thing happened in Batman: Arkham City in a side mission where Riddler puts a medical team in deathtraps around the titular prison Arkham City as hostages and daring Batman to save them to test his intelligence.
  • Along with providing the basis for the plot of the blooper, one Saw poster (a one for the 2004 film which features a woman, which is presumably Amanda, a character from the first trilogy of Saw films, in a Reverse Bear Trap on a black background) was the inspiration for the thumbnail. Despite this, there are a few differences, such as a Pirahna Plant replacing the Reverse Bear Trap, the generic red text saying "Saw" being replaced with the stylized Saw logo, and Mario obviously replacing Amanda.
  • This is the 4th SMG4 video to place a greater emphasis on horror than comedy, the first 3 being SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play?, SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club and SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus.
  • The ones who rejected Waluigi's invites were: Real Life SMG4Wario (who was currently having a date with some KFC chicken), MeggyBob, and 995 others.
  • This is the second time that Majora's Mask appeared the first time was in SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1. Though in this video it's serves an actual purpose rather just being in the background.
  • The game Super Smash each other in the ass Bros is mentioned in this episode meaning that the game from the previous blooper is canon in this continuity. It's also a parody of the Smash Bros game who is mentioned in the Video SMG4: Waluigi's Time. But the Smash game that Nintendo develop in the video could be Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.
  • Fishy Boopkins voice can be hear at 1:58 but it's the Piranha Plant who's talking.
  • This video is officially deemed canon in the 'Waluigi Rejection Arc' as Mario it is shown in 'Mario the Scam Artist' how he got out and later how he got to Bob's carnival in the next episode.
  • After this blooper, SMG4's channel banner was updated showing Waluigi in the distance, probably to add eeriness, as well as to hint at his return. After SMG4: The Mario Carnival, he got even closer to the screen, right next to Mario. After SMG4: Mario the Scam Artist, Waluigi got EVEN closer to the channel's banner with the other characters starting to fade away. As of SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, Waluigi has taken over the entire banner, which now shows him in his "Ultimate Form" over a purple background, After War of the Fat Italians 2018, the banner returned to normal,with the Glitch productions Logo.
  • At 7:23 of the video Mario is erroneously called "Marip".
  • In some clips of the video, the SM64 Mario model has a chain around his right leg. But on 2:39, the model has the chain around his left leg.
    • Additionally, the "M" on his cap is present on his SM64 chained model while it's not on his regular model.
  • At 4:04 of the video the chain that drags Mario disappears
  • At 7:16 of the video the TV effect disappears.
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