SMG4: Mario's Fancy Dinner is a blooper uploaded on May, 19th 2018.


Mario tries to be a fancy waiter for the night...


The episode begins at a fancy restaurant in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Donkey Kong is waiting anxiously at a table for a date. He is greeted by the restaurant's owner, a giant, sentient fork named Jeeves, who introduces himself as DK's server and works to keep the establishment organized. Donkey Kong asks him to kick all of the other customers out so that he and his date can have some privacy. While Jeeves initially turns down the request, he quickly changes his mind when DK bribes him with a bag of coins and forces all the other guests out of the restaurant with a bulldozer.

Afterwards, Donkey Kong's date finally arrives, as it turns out to be Pauline. Jeeves leads her over to their table, where she thanks DK for inviting her for dinner. However, the ape is at a complete loss for words as he is completely enamored and intimidated by Pauline's beauty. Jeeves tries to give DK some encouragement by suggesting that he compliment his date, but all the ape can manage is an awkward "okay." To his relief, this seems to work, as Pauline believes that he is complimenting on her dress.

Mario suddenly enters the dining room, as he was apparently in the bathroom when all the other guests were kicked out. He spots Donkey Kong and Pauline at their table and waves hello to them. Worried about the plumber ruining his date, DK orders Jeeves to get rid of him. The fork confronts Mario, telling him that the restaurant is closed. However, Mario refuses to leave without getting the spaghetti he was going to order and starts throwing a tantrum. As such, Jeeves reluctantly grabs the plumber and carries him over to the kitchen. All the while, Pauline hears Mario's crying and questions if there is a lost child nearby.

Back in the kitchen, Mario continues to demand his order, as Luigi told him that the restaurant has "the best spaghetti." Jeeves insists that he must keep his special customers happy and that he cannot let the idiot get in the way of their date. However, Mario simply ignores him and starts to tear whole the kitchen upside-down in search of food. Furious, Jeeves tries to catch him, but Mario continues to slip away and causes an even bigger mess.

In the dining room, Donkey Kong notices the chase from the kitchen entrance and starts to worry, while Pauline wonders what all the commotion is.

Jeeves eventually corners Mario on a high shelf and orders him to come down. Mario proceeds to insult him, but he accidentally slips off the shelf and knocks over a bottle of wine, causing a drop to spill onto Jeeves and stain his suit. The fork tries his best to keep his composure, but he eventually loses his temper and strangles Mario, dragging him sporadically around the kitchen.

Once again in the dining room, DK spots Jeeves beating Mario up and accidentally spits his drink out and onto Pauline, leaving her disgusted. Worried, the ape quickly tries to clean her up using his tie.

Jeeves eventually manages to calm down a little and lets go of Mario, but not before insulting the plumber by calling him a "plump man" (to which Mario calls him "crazy.") Believing that he cannot go back out with his suit stained, the fork decides to recruit Mario to serve the couple in his place.

Meanwhile, Pauline and Donkey Kong wonder where their waiter disappeared to, when Mario comes out of the kitchen wearing a bowtie and carrying a bottle of wine. He offers to serve it to them, but notices that the cork is still on the bottle and tries to pull it off. It takes some extra effort (which makes both Mario and DK nervous), but he eventually manages to open the bottle and successfully pours the wine. Pauline and DK both place their orders, which Mario merely paraphrases as "two French crap" to Jeeves. The fork somehow understands his order and gives Mario the dish; though he also takes a brief moment to correct Mario on his serving posture.

Mario comes out of the kitchen moving in a very awkward and stiff position, which causes him to trip and drop the dish on the floor. Worried, he improvises by emptying out the contents from a nearby waste bin as a substitute. He carries the dish pack over to Pauline and DK's table and removes the lid, revealing a large bag of trash bag. Pauline is deeply offended by the gesture, which infuriates Donkey Kong and prompts him to start beating Mario up before he could explain,resulting in a brutal fight in which DK gets the upper hand.

Watching the chaos from back in the kitchen, Jeeves contemplates on what to do. As a last resort, the fork stuffs himself into a nearby dishwasher and proceeds to run it. Meanwhile, the fight continues with Donkey Kong chasing Mario with a sword. Disgusted by the ape's brutish behavior, Pauline decides to leave, which leaves DK heartbroken.

Luckily, Jeeves finally comes out of the dishwasher, which was able to remove the stain on his suit. He stops Pauline before she can leave and covers up the incident by saying that Mario and Donkey Kong were acting out a comedy skit for her. He returns her to their table and sets up a proper dinner for the couple, accompanied by Steve playing piano music in the background. Finally enjoying herself, Pauline thanks Donkey Kong for the date and asks if they can go on another one sometime, much to the ape's excitement.

Mario admits to Jeeves that he enjoyed working as a "butler" and asks the fork if he can do more jobs. Jeeves agrees, but only to "some customers." Afterwards, Mario is assigned to serve at Bob's table, where the Garo is having a "date" with his trash bag waifu, Bobella-chan.



  • Retarded64: Mario The Waiter- This episode marks the second time that Mario has been forced to work as a waiter.
  • SMG4: Mario VS Donkey Kong- It's revealed that Donkey Kong still has feelings for Pauline. Furthermore, it appears that Pauline is also interested in a relationship, as the two have started dating.
  • This is Bob's 38th appearance.
  • SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club- Bob's fake girlfriend, Bobella-chan, makes a return in this episode.


  • Viger the Magnemite says that Mario pulls off a 'Papers Please' during his argument with Jeeves.
  • This is the first time that Jeeves appear in SMG4 bloopers.
  • This is the first time Pauline appears with a new model, notably from Super Mario Odyssey. This is also her first time appearing after a long absence.

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