Kirby Phones Home is the 275th video, released by SuperMarioGlitchy4 on May 22, 2016.


SMG4 discovers a mysterious creature that has just crashed to Earth (spoilers its Kirby). Now SMG4 and Mario must help to return this pink puff of crap to where it belongs.


After Kirby's warp star gets destroyed by Fox McCloud, he ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he meets SMG4 and Mario. Then Kirby shows them his home planet, Pop Star. Mario then decides to call Rosalina, who's having a party with some Teletubbies. After getting ignored by her, Kirby gives Mario a Dummies book about Communication Discombobulator.

Suddenly Kirby gets hungry and goes crazy until SMG4 tells him that they'll get him some food. SMG4 dcides to get food for Kirby while he lets Mario of building a satellite. Both SMG4 and Kirby enter the castle closely, and them SMG4 tells him to be careful of Toadsworth, because he doesn't like pets in the castle. A flashback is shown showing SMG4 with some butterflies. Toadsworth suddenly smashes the butterflies, and makes SMG4 cry. Kirby tries to eat Toad, ending up copying and start acting like him. Meanwhile, we go back to Mario, reading each of the steps to make a satellite. Mario enters the clock room and takes its battery off. Mario goes to the castle electricity box, and tries to get energy from that. He gets electrocuted, making the lights go out. SMG4 tries to find Kirby, only to find out that he eaten the kitchen.

SMG4 and Kirby suddenly find Toadsworth, only to find out that he wants to destroy Kirby. SMG4 takes his hat off and lets Kirby eats his head and try to escape from Toadsworth. Meanwhile Mario turns back to normal, and reads the next step. Mario then decides to use a Spaghetti dish as a tool. Reading the final the final step he decides to fuse the spaghetti dish and the battery. SMG4 and Kirby are about to get trapped by Toadsworth, then Kirby decides to go on a bicycle, along with SMG4. Kirby activates poop mode, which makes both of them to fly away from the castle, only to find out that Toadsworth's boot can also fly, besides that, having a gun. Suddenly, Toadsworth gets burnt, making SMG4 and Kirby discover Fox. He tries to shoot lasers to SMG4 and Kirby, while Mario enjoys the view. The result ends up like a pretty f*cked up thing. The battery destroys SMG4 and Kirby's bicycle, having Fox about to kill them. Suddenly Kirby activates the Super Sucky Sucky Mode, inhaling Mario, and vomiting Spaghetti. Fox tries to escape, only ending knocked by a wall, burning in fire, and dying. Kirby spits Mario and leaves him without clothes. SMG4 gets the Intergalactic Space Phone from Fox's pocket. Kirby calls his "family" making a space dish appear and reveal his "true father". The "father" is angry with Kirby eating other's sandwiches. Because of this, he is late for his haircut appointment. He then tells Kirby to get in the car. Kirby makes a final goodbye to SMG4 and Mario. SMG4 and Kirby then touch hands together, with Kirby ending up eating his SMG4's and leaving it f*cked up.

Kirby then ground-pounds into the mothership. As soon as he is in, the mothership flys away and disappears. Mario tells SMG4 that he was a nice guy, only for SMG4, with his creepy face as a result from Kirby, to say that he sees everything.



  • On the cover of Kirby’s “Communication Discombobulator for Dummies”, the authors are stated to be Kang and Kodos, which is a reference to the alien characters of the same name from “The Simpsons”.
  • The blooper is a parody of a 1982 Steven Spielberg film; "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial".
  • This is the first blooper to feature Toadsworth in a new design.
  • Mario's appearance in the thumbnail for 99.5% Crazy is Mario's profile picture on Rosalina's Phone
  • You'll hear the theme song from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as Kirby's doing "Super Sucky Sucky Mode".
  • The Wallet Inspector (aka SMG4) made a cameo appearance from SM64 Guides: How to Get dem Coins.
    • In addition, the intro for this episode is reused from “SM64 Guides: How to Get dem coins”.
  • This is the first blooper where Kirby is the main focus.
  • This episode reveals that pets or animals are not allowed in Peach's Castle, as Toadsworth states himself.
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