SM64 Shorts: The Plumber Problem
SM64 shorts The Plumber Problem03:31

SM64 shorts The Plumber Problem

Season 5, Episode 8
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date March 6, 2016
Idea by SMG4
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Mariotale - If Mario was in... Undertale. Retarded64: A Theatre Mario.

SM64 Shorts The Plumber Problem is a short video released by SMG4. It marks the return of the SMG4 Shorts series after many years of absence.


Mario seems to have clogged the toilet again. Now he and Luigi need to find away to fix it before it is too late. Otherwise will their house be forever doomed and never seen again.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time in a blooper where the characters only talk through real voices, the first being Christmas 2013: The 12 Idiots of Christmas.
    • However, due to criticism from many fans, SMG4 decided to not generalize that in his future bloopers and to come back to captions and voice clips.
  • Since SMG4 is discontinuing real voices, this video would be the only video in which the SMG4 intro is read out loud to the viewer.
  • This is the first video to have an updated model of Luigi (his previous appearances were recolored palettes of Mario).

*2016 intro*

*Luigi humming*

Mario: Luigi, this is-a horrible!

Luigi: Whaat?

Mario: You need to see this!

Luigi: Is yoshi here? What did you fatass break the TV again?

Mario: No, it's worse than that!

Luigi: It's a toilet.

Mario: The toilet is clogged.

*Mario cries*

Mario: This is where I can take a crap and pee while I laugh at stupid stuff on my phone.

*Mario cries more*

Luigi: But, we're plumbers Mario. This is your type of thing!

Mario: Plumbers? The only thing I do is go down stupid pipes!

*a clip of Mario going down a pipe*

Luigi: No, mario! We're the mighty mario brothers. We own the pipes like they're b****es!

Mario: Why the heck we were plumbers in the first place? I mean we just went to the stinky sewers, steal floating coins, and jump on crap.

*some clips visualizing mario's talk*

Luigi: Soo, we're basically hobos.

Mario: Shut up Luigi, I don't want to deal with your s**t right now.

Luigi: Hmm, I think I found the problem. Some spaghetti,

Mario: Oh yeah!

Luigi: Toad's pet rock,

Mario: So that's where it went!

Luigi: dead pizza delivery guy,

Mario: Hey! He forgot the pepperonis! Mario ain't having that s**t!

Luigi: Ah screw this, I'll just call a real plumber.

Mario: So, you're going to replace Mario? Your own brother?

Luigi: But you said that you didn't-

*Mario runs off crying*

*cut to a plumber teletubbie "fixing" the toilet*

Plumber Teletubbie: Uh, is that guy okay? He's been staring at me for three hours now.

Mario: Oh, it's fine, ignore me. Just chilling out with my new brother Eduardo. At least he doesn't replace me! Mario, *cries*

Plumber Teletubbie: What the f**k are you talking about?

Luigi: *sigh*, mamma mia.

Mario: Eduardo, you understand me, what should I do?

Eduardo: *evil laugh* Destroy!

Mario: Eduardo, you can talk?

Eduardo: You hate Luigi, don't you? (????)

Mario: Ooh!

Eduardo: (????)

Mario: Ah, you just mean I have to improve better as a plumber!

Eduardo: What? No! That's the last-

Mario: Thanks Eduardo!

Eduardo: Crap, maybe I should go back to posess some toilets. (????) Oh yeah.

*Plumber Teletubbie comes out of the toilet*

Plumber Teletubbie: Well, I'm afraid that your toilet is infested with monsters. And there is a hobo down there. He's really nice and-

*weird noise*

Luigi: Huh?

*Mario riding a plunger coming at high speed to the ground*

Mario: Super Mario, b*****s!

*The Bros. house exploded or something*

Luigi: Good job, you managed to clog the toilet and now burn our house in the same thing.

Mario: Does this mean you love me again?

*Luigi falls to the ground*

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