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SM64 Halloween 2015: The 2Spooky Story
SM64 halloween 2015 The 2Spooky story

SM64 halloween 2015 The 2Spooky story

Season 5, Episode 32
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date October 26th, 2015
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64 Halloween 2015: The 2Spooky Story, more often simply called The 2Spooky Story (phonetically The Too Spooky Story), is the 247th video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4. As its name indicates, it has been made specially for Halloween 2015. It's SMG4's fifth Halloween-themed blooper, since he started to upload videos in May 2011 on YouTube.

Synopsis Edit

SuperMarioGlitchy4 tries to tell a spooky story, but Mario and the others keep interrupting him to add their own details.

Plot Edit

The story starts in a forest during the night, where Mario introduces himself as "Mario of-a doom". SMG4 tells him to shut up, because he's scaring Luigi, who annoys Wario, causing him to punch and blow up Luigi. Steve then trolls Bowser, by waking him up with an Airhorn and scaring him. SMG4 thanks everyone for coming to his fun Halloween meet up, where he'll be telling everyone a very spooky story. He tells them to get ready for the "2SPOOKY STORY", while Mario replies that it is boring. SMG4 tries to start the story of a young boy lost in a forest, but Mario keep replying that his story is boring, only for SMG4 to hit him with a rock.

SMG4 names the young boy, but Mario interrupts SMG4 saying that the young boy was Frankie McButtface. Bowser thinks that Frankie was chased by his sexy uncle, but SMG4 replies that Frankie was here because he wanted to. Then Frankie stumbled upon a haunted house, and SMG4 asks who's been spooked yet. Luigi seems to be the only one and Mario tells him to shut up. Frankie had nowhere else to go, so he gave himself words of courage, who were being deformed by Mario. Frankie walked towards the house, but as he walked, he noticed a figure in the windows. Mario interrupts SMG4 again saying that the figure in the windows was Steve. SMG4 gets angry that he's being interrupted a lot, asks if anyone is going to let him finish his story. Mario replies No. SMG4 then lets the others continue the story if they think they're so spooky. Mario is the first to continue the story. Frankie decides to enter the mansion, by crashing through a window. And then he encoutered the most spookiest thing, which was by Mario a Teletubbie party. Mario transforms the Teletubbie party into a spooky skeleton party, as SMG4 didn't find it spooky.

Frankie stumbled upon the annual spooky skeleton party, looking around and questioning life. Then, Frankie experiences the wonders of socializing. Mario looks at SMG4, who isn't scared at all, and Mario makes the really spooky part. The host of the party, who was the ghost of Shigeru Miyamoto showed up. The host was surprised, because there was Frankie and only sexy skeletons are allowed. And then he sucked the skeleton out of Frankie. SMG4 really doesn't find the story scary, and continues it. Frankie was totally spooked and ran upstairs, and then find a room to hide in, as Luigi wanted to end the story very quickly. Wario was in the room. Wario explains why he's in the story, and why the should agree that he's the best. Mario tells Wario that he gets hit by a train, but Wario says that he's unkillable. Then the host of the party comes barging in, and turns into his super awesome mega form. Wario kicks the host who explodes. But then, by Bowser, The host throws his surprise attack.

Waluigi comes to save Wario, by giving him CPR. Wario punches Waluig and tells him to get out of here. Frankie was creeped out, so he flees to the attic. The spookiness level were off the charts, and there's no way Frankie can survive. Frankie then finds Mr. Bob, a reject skeleton as he doesn't like scaring people. Frankie stays and had a party, The End. SMG4, Mario and Bowser doesn't like that ending, so Frankie smashes bob's tea kettle, and kicks him in the pingas. Luigi tells that Mr. Bob forgives everyone, then Bowser says that no one liked him. The Bob turns into super spooky mode, fulfilling the spookiness level. Wario comes into the room, but SMG4 punches him. Mr. Bob gets too spooky that he explodes. Frankie somehow survived the spookiness overload of Bob, but forgot about Gourmet Guy in the corner.

Frankie was outside now, he could escape. Inside the shed was a secret basement, and a spooky one. Frankie finds a way out, but has to pass Bowser's three spooky terrors. The first spooky act is to survive a giant headed Justin Bieber. The second act is to not get spooked a spooky video. The final spooky act is surviving the spooky room. Frankie survive the three acts, and get a lollipop in the final one. Bowser wants to get a lollipop too, but burns. Steve laughs at Bowser getting burned and Bowser asks how come he have to be on fire. SMG4 Finishes the story by Frankie finding a secret exit outta this spooky place. It was Steve's story time, but Steve rushes the history with something like: "acrabstevefindsandsavefrankieandgetsouttathemansionrainbowsflyingmarioandluiginyancatpartickohmygodPIEpookyparty-Bowser lost him at Pie.-blanblabfafraibowsbacktosyrthuvgzululzngustnhozn THE END". SMG4 is eventually frustrated because his story was ruined by Mario and the others (since they interrupts him) and runs away. Bowser asks who wants to hear the last time he farted on a lady, and everyone wants to.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is SMG4's first Halloween special to be in true widescreen.
  • Regigigas with Reggie's face is a pun, making "Reggiegigas".
  • Swear count: 10.

Errors Edit

  • When Mr. Bob explodes, the top hats are still there.


(SMG4 Intro, except this time with a skull on SMG4's head and a jack o'lantern next to him while the "Spooky Scary Skeletons" by The Living Tombstone plays, and then the "Productions" logo hits him as usual, and again, it was Mario who did that with his troll face)

Mario: Very scary!

(After the intro, the video takes place outside the woods at night in front of the campfire)

Mario: (shows up while wearing a "Spooky Mario" mask and babbles) Hello, it's-a-me, Mario of-a doom!

SMG4: Hey, shut up! Mario! Can you shut up? You're scaring Luigi!

Mario: No!

(Cuts to a scene where Luigi was, in fact, scared by Mario's "spooky mask", while Wario hits Luigi, causing him to explode into a coin)

Wario: Back off!

(Cuts to a next scene with Steve and the sleeping Bowser)

Steve: Hi guys!

Bowser: (Snoring)

(Steve then wakes Bowser up with his blow horn, causing Bowser to scream and fall as he explodes)

Steve: (Sings the "Trololo" song)

SMG4: Ok, thank you everyone for coming to my fun Halloween meet up! Where I'll be telling you a very spooky story!!! So sit tight and roast your marshmallows or whatever.

Mario: (Singing while roasting a bowl of spaghetti, until the spaghetti overcooks and explodes) Mamaf***er!

SMG4: So...get ready for... (lightning strikes) THE 2SPOOKY STORY!

Mario: (off-screen) Boring!

SMG4: This spooky story...begins in a scary forest...where this young boy got lost...

Mario: (off-screen) Boring!

SMG4: *ahem* So then this boy-

Mario: (off-screen) Boring!

SMG4: SHUT THE FUCK UP! (Throws a rock at Mario)

Mario: (Showing his troll face for messing with SMG4, until he gets hit by a rock) O-HO-HOW!

SMG4: *siggh* Anyyywayy...

(Cuts to the beginning of "The 2Spooky Story" with a shadowy protagonist)

SMG4: This young boy, whose name was...

Mario: Frankie Mcbuttface!

Frankie: Yahoo!

SMG4: Argh, whatever Frankie Mcbuttface was lost in the woods...

Bowser: Oh! Was he being chased by his sexy uncle?

Frankie's "Sexy Uncle": GET IN MY BELLY!!

SMG4: NO! (removes Frankie's "Sexy Uncle" from the story) No no no! Buttface is there cause he wants to, ok!? But then...OOooOOoO Buttface Frankie stumbled upon a haunted house!!! Who's been spooked yet?

(Frankie goes to the haunted house)

Luigi: M-m-meee...

Mario: Hey Luigi! Shut up, Luigi!

SMG4: Frankie had no where else to go, so he gave himself words of courage.

Frankie: Ohh...okay! My underwear feels really tight on my butt right now...

SMG4: Goddammit, Mario!

Mario: (Laughs while showing his troll face for messing with SMG4's story)

SMG4: *sigh* I'm gonna try one more Frankie walked towards the house...but as he walked...he noticed...A FIGURE IN THE WINDOWS!

(Frankie stares at a "shadowy figure in the windows", as the scene zooms in)

Mario: It was Steve!!

(The "shadowy figure" reveals as "Steve", apparently)

Steve: Hi guys! (Starts dancing)

(Cuts back to a campfire scene where SMG4 gets irritated)

SMG4: SON OF A B*TCH!! Are ANY of you guys going to let me finish my story??

Mario: No!

SMG4: Fine! You continue the story if you guys think you're so spooky!

Mario: Okie-dokie! It's-a-Mario time! Mama-mia! Let's-a go!

Mario: SO! Frankie decides to enter the mansion. And then toad encountered the most spookiest thing. TELETUBBIE PARRRRTY! (Laughs)

SMG4: Oh come on!

Mario: Mamma mia. Here we go! ok ok fine, a spooky skeleton party.

(Frankie looks around)

Mario: (Gibberish) frankie stumbled upon the annual spooky skeleton party! hooray! little buttface looks around, questioning life. frankie then experiences the wonders of socialising.

Skeleton: (slurring talk) I love you man! I'm going to lick ya!

Frankie: Yaaaaayyyyyy!

Mario: Aaah! (laughs) I got it! OH! But-here's the really spooky part. (cuts back to the story) Let's-a go! of the party showed up!

Miyamoto's ghost: (appears) Hellloooooo!!!

Mario: (Laughs and gibberish) But-...but the nthe host went all like-

Miyamoto's ghost: Woah!

Mario: (gibberish) Because right there was Frankie's ugly face! And so the host was like... Oh you fugly boy, only sexy skeletons allowed! And then he...SUCKED THE SKELETON OUT OF HIM!

(Pac-Man noises as Frankie's skeleton came out)


Mario: (wearing a mask) Ooooooooooooooooooo!

SMG4: uhh ANYWAY. frankie was totally spooked and ran upstairs!

(Frankie, scared runs away from the host)

Miyamoto's ghost: I love you!

(Frankie screams as he goes upstairs)

SMG4: Frankie ran! And tried to find a room to hide in!


Luigi: (Gibberish, cries) then he found the room: I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE AND FINISH THIS SPOOKY STORY ROOM!

Frankie: OK! Yeehaw!

SMG4: but Frankie was totally spooked as he encountered...


Mario: Oh no. (gibberish) But suddenly, Wario gets hit by a train.

(Wario gets hit by Thomas the Tank Engine, but with a PINGAS face)

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