SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies
SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies

SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies

Season 5, Episode 39
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date December 21st, 2015
Idea by prinplup14
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies, more often simply called Christmas Crazies, is the 256th video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4. As its name indicates, it has been released specially for Christmas 2015. This is SMG4's fifth Christmas-themed blooper, since he started uploading videos on 2011.

Synopsis Edit

In this Christmas special, Mario and the gang are heading out for a holiday vacation, but the plane crashlands at the North Pole where Santa Claus lives. And to make things matter worse, two serial killers, Villager and Enzo, are coming back for revenge, to kill them.

Plot Edit

The blooper begins at the airport, where Mario, Luigi, Toad, SMG4, and Peach are preparing to go on a holiday vacation to Isle Delfino. Mario reminds Luigi not to get his butt stuck in ice again, to which Luigi tells Mario to shut up before he stabs him. SMG4 asks Toad is he's ready for vacation, to which Toad responds "Yeah b****, how do think I feel?" As Peach is getting the tickets and their baggage checked in, the person at the counter finds something jamming the conveyor belt. The scene then switches to the conveyor belt, where Mario and Luigi are dancing and singing, oblivious to a sign on the wall that warns people to not ride in the conveyor belt, until the police arrive. Luigi quickly jumps off, but Mario is tackled by the officers, and even Toad decides to join in.

In another area of the airport, a Goomba offers to take their baggage to the plane for them, but Mario decides to fill up the wagon with a pile of spaghetti, which falls on the Goomba. Lakitu interviews Peach for the Mushroom Kingdom News. As Peach starts to talk about how wonderful ii is, Mario charges in, explaining how he is going to eat a big bowl of spaghetti when he gets to Isle Defino. The screen zooms out to reveal that the Villager and Enzo are watching this. They both leave their places, intent on revenge.

On board the flight, which turns out to be an Air France plane, Mario is eating spaghetti, SMG4 is sitting, Peach is snoring away, and Toad is reading a fashion magazine with Toadsworth's picture on the front cover. SMG4 starts to wonder where Luigi is, to which Mario responds that he booked Luigi as a child to save money. The scene switches to a daycare section in the plane, where an annoyed Luigi is sitting with Baby Mario and an Old Man. Mario is now in need of more spaghetti and calls for a flight attendant. However, the flight attendant is Enzo, who pulls out a knife and tries to kill Mario, but SMG4 quickly pulls him back. Enzo states "I'm back," and asks if the remember him, but Mario only sees him as the crazy fan who wants his butt. At that moment, the PA system goes online, and the captain states that there will be turbulence. However, the captain turns out to be the Villager, who puts the plane into a nosedive and crashes it on top of a snowy mountain. Interestingly enough, Toad finishes reading his magazines and asks "What did I miss?" hinting that he had no clue initially that the plane had crashed.

On the snowy mountain, Peach is looking at the crashed plane as a frightened Luigi runs her over. Enzo emerges from the plane, stating that he will kill them for ruining his birthday, but the Villager tells him "I don't think so." Enzo then replies that they are his victims and tells the Villager to go away. However, the Villager disagrees and the two engage in a fight. Mario proclaims this as young love and tells that gang that they should leave.

The scene then switches to above the snowy mountains, where Bowser is flying overhead, looking for Santa, who he believes, still owes Bowser his Christmas presents from last year. He promises to find him and lets out an evil laugh, only to end up clearing his throat loudly. SMG4 hears this on the ground, but fails to notice Bowser as Bowser flies overhead behind SMG4. Peach then finds a building to see refuge in.

The building is in fact Santa's workshop, who is dancing and preparing for Christmas. As he dances near the front door. Mario slams it open, inadvertently crushing Santa behind it. At first, Mario finds the workshop empty, but Santa falls out from behind the door. Mario gasps but starts tackling him for not getting a Super Awesome Spaghetti Tea Party last year. SMG4 asks Mario why Mario thinks that he gets coal every year. Santa asks what they are doing in his workshop, to which Mario replies that he's hungry, Luigi screams that they are going to die, and Toad states that he got raped. Santa is clueless, but proceeds to go back to work, only for Enzo and the Villager, still fighting, to crash through a window. Santa declares that that is enough, and sprinkles them with Christmas spirit, turning the two into nice, cheerful characters, however, Mario confuses them as gay. Everyone is shocked, as Santa states how he gave them Christmas spirit, and how it makes everyone happy, pointing out Waluigi dressed as an elf. Santa then asks "Who wants to help Santa get ready for Christmas?" All cheer and applaud except Mario.

While everyone is gathering and wrapping presents, Mario crosses his name off Santa's naughty list and writes his name many times on the nice list, only to get caught by Waluigi, who tosses Mario in the fireplace. Santa also introduces Luigi to his helper bots, who will do anything Luigi wants. However, Luigi wants a kiss, only to get tossed by the helper bot as Santa facepalms himself.

Outside, Bowser is still searching for Santa when he finds Santa's workshop. He declares "It's Bowser time," and heads straight for the workshop, somehow catching fire in the process. Back in the workshop, Santa is thanking everybody for their help. Mario asks if he made it to the nice list, to which Santa responds that he will still give Mario coal this year. As he prepares to leave, Bowser crashes through the window, demanding for his presents. Everyone screams, with Luigi exploding and Peach passing out. Bowser wonders why everybody is staring at him, but Bowser turns to see that his mini airship killed Santa, also causing Enzo's and the Villager's Christmas spirit to fade away and reach Grinch levels.

Soon, a wild goose chase ensues. The Villager chases Mario, Bowser, and Peach while Enzo chases Luigi, Toad, and SMG4. As Luigi, Toad, and SMG4 run into a room, Luigi barricades the door with helper bots. In another area of the workshop, Mario Peach and Bowser run to another room, but Bowser cannot fit through the doorway. Enzo starts trying to break down the barricade of helper bots while the Villager starts chipping away at Bowser, which surprisingly tickles him. SMG4 cannot find a book on avoiding killers while Toad thinks that they will be stuck in there forever. This gives them an idea, and they break a window and tell Toad to run, only for Toad to get picked up by a bird. In the other room, Mario finds it ridiculous that the only thing standing between him and death is Bowser's butt, to which Bowser responds that Mario should be thanking him. Peach finds a 1-Up mushroom in her purse and states that they can use it to revive Santa, but Mario responds that they are going to die. Peach then reveals a basement that they have not checked out yet.

In the basement they find Steve, dressed as a reindeer, or so it seems. Mario points out that Steve is stupid since it is actually a turtle outfit. In the other area of the workshop, SMG4 managed to construct a bullet bill thanks to a book he found, while Luigi is mourning over Toad, who he presumes is dead. Now SMG4 needs to activate the bullet bill. The scene switches back to Mario, who is asking Steve if he can fly or fight, to which Steve replies "No" to both of them. Mario declares this unacceptable and attempts to make Steve useful by shoving a firework up his butt. The rocket explodes and Mario rides with Steve across the workshop. At the same time, SMG4 finally activates the bullet bill and flies across the workshop. Mario and Steve crash into Bowser and the Villager and continue flying, while SMG4 crashes into Enzo and continues flying. However, they are on a collision course, and the three of them crash. Interestingly, Steve's firework is still active, and Mario tells Enzo to stay back, using Steve as a weapon that he can use.

However, Enzo kindaps Peach, startling Mario and Bowser. At the same time, the Villager reaches into one of the presents and grabs a bigger axe to threaten SMG4 and Luigi. SMG4 then reaches into another present and declares them even with weapons, only to find out that he grabbed a barbie doll instead. Enzo states "You ain't touching my buns hon," and takes Peach into Bowser's mini airship and flies through the roof, shocking Bowser and Mario. Mario gets an idea, which turns out to be Mario on a sled with Bowser pulling him down the hill while dressed as a reindeer. Back in the workshop, SMG4 tries to threaten the Villager with the barbie doll, but the Villager tosses the axe at him, just barely missing. As another chase is about to begin, the doorbell rings, stunning the three of them. Miss Claus comes home to see Santa dead. She starts to scream and Luigi hits the Villager with a frying pan.

Back outside, Mario convinces Bowser to believe in himself and pulls Mario and the sleigh off the edge of a cliff, where they crash at the bottom. Mario tells Bowser that he didn't believe hard enough. Enzo soon flies over, only for Mario to shoot him down with Steve. However, Enzo throws Peach overboard, but Peach is saved by the bird carrying Toad.

Enzo crashes through the workshop and into Miss Claus, who is still screaming over a dead Santa. Peach immediately revives Santa with the 1-Up mushroom. Santa right away starts to wonder what is going on and why his pets smell like pee. Enzo then reveals a mega bomb and threatens to use it. Mario panics, looking around and figuring out what to do. Seeing Santa reminded Mario of Christmas Spirit, which he remembers that he can use to change Enzo and the Villagers. Mario then gives Enzo a cake, insisting that he should calm down and that he should have some Christmas spirit. The cake delights Enzo, who states that they should maybe just celebrate Christmas. For the Villager, Mario gives him Doritos since Mario did not know what the Villager liked. However, the Doritos were what the Villager had wanted all along, and soon, both had regained their Christmas Spirit. SMG4 says how Christmas may be about presents, and Mario agreed. Santa congratulates Mario and gives him the Super Awesome Spaghetti Tea Party kit that Mario had always wanted, stating that Mario deserved it. For Bowser, Santa gave him a Justin Bieber model. Santa than declares that he must go and deliver the rest of the presents. He is then seen outside high in the sky with his sleigh and reindeer. Mario then starts to wonder how are they going to get home as the blooper ends.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time that Santa Claus doesn't appear as a color code character.
  • This video was released just one year after "SM64 Christmas 2014: The Bowser that stole Christmas.".
  • When the Villager opens the present with Doritos, it is a throwback to "Can the Villager Come Out to Play?", when he became very angry that Tom Nook accidentally bumped into him, causing the bag of Doritos to end up in the river.

(Video begins with the 2015 SMG4 Christmas intro, as SMG4 makes an appearance, but gets crushed by the SMG4 Productions logo. Waluigi then appears out of nowhere)

SMG4: Ahahow!

Waluigi: Waluigi!

(It then cuts to an Airport)

Mario: YEAH! CHRISTMAS VACATION! HA HA HA! Hey Luigi! Favorite time of the year! Try not to get your ass stuck in the ice again Luigi:D

Luigi: Shut up before I stab you!

SMG4: Hehe...err,Toad! Are you ready to go on this fun vacation?!

Toad: Yeah b*tch! How do think I feel?

Airport staff: Alright. Next!

Peach: Okay! We're headed to Isle Delfino!

Airport staff: Alright let's see-...hey! Something is jamming the suitcase conveyor belt!

(Luigi is on the conveyor belt singing "Jingle Bells". Mario joins in as well)

Police: Stop right there!

(Luigi gets off the conveyor belt, but Mario got beaten up by the cops)

Toad: Wait! Don't leave me out of this! Yeah!:D

(Toad joins in the fight)

Goomba: Ok ladies and gentlemen! Please give me your luggage for the plane!

Mario: Ohhhhhh... Hoooold on! Let the disabled Italian go first!

Peach: Uhhh Mario...No! I don't think your stuff will fit...

Mario: No! Mama mia! It'sa fine!:D Here we go! Let's a go!

Goomba: Sweet merciful....

(All of Mario's spaghetti falls on top of the Goomba)

Lakitu: Princess Peach! This is Mushroom Kingdom News! Please talk about your trip!

Peach: Yay for me....

(Mario suddenly gets in the way by sending Peach flying to one side)

Mario: Oh boy, well when Mario gets there Im'a eat a big bowl of spaghetti....

(Villager is watching the news. So is someone else.... A wanted poster of Enzo is previewed. Scene then cuts to the aeroplane in which Mario and company is in it. Mario is eating spaghetti and Toad is reading a magazine)

SMG4: Hey uhh... where's Luigi?

Mario: Oh! Oh yeah! Hoohoo! We would save money if we had a child with us...

(Old man takes care of Luigi. Lots of baby stuff are everywhere)

Old man: Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?

Mario: Mama mia! I need'a more spaghetti!! Hey! Flight attendant!

Flight attendant: Yeeeeesssss?

Mario: Say, Im'a hungry! Have you got any food?

(The fake flight attendant brought out a knife)

Flight attendant: Yeeeeees!

SMG4: Mario watch out!

(Drags him away from Enzo)

Enzo: I'm baaaaack...Remember me?

Mario: Hmmmmm.... Uh... crazy fan that wants Mario's butt?

Captain: This is your captain. We're experiencing some turbulence. As of this time I'm going to ask that you...

(Villager is the captain of this plane)

Villager: Die, b***ch!

(The plane starts falling down very swiftly. Mario is the only one who is enjoying this while the others are freaking out)

Mario: Wheeeeee!

Enzo: I will kill you guuuuys!

(Luigi and his seat crashes into Enzo.)

Luigi: Waaahhhh!

(The plane crashes into a snowy wonderland with mountains)

Toad: Haha! Ok done! What did I miss?

Peach: No oh...

Luigi: (Scared) Ohohoho!

Enzo: I will get you for ruining my birthdaaay!

(Villager pops out from nowhere)

Villager: I don't think so!

Enzo: Hey! These are my victims! Go away!

Villager: Oh hell no!

(They start attacking each other)

Mario: Mama mia! Ahh, young love. Let's leave. Let'sa go!

(Bowser makes an appearance in his clown car laughing evilly.)

Bowser: I will find Santa Claus! He's gonna hand over my presents!!!

SMG4:(Confused) Hey...What the heck is that sound?

Peach: Oh yeah! Guys look! I see a building up ahead!

(The room is filled with presents and there is a robot elf jumping forwards. Santa Claus enters the room singing Jingle Bells until Mario slams the door on him)

Mario: Hello? Hmmm... Where is everybody?

(Santa falls on the ground near Luigi)

Luigi(Scared) Waaaaahh!

Santa: My sack! My sweet, sweet sack!

Mario:(Surprised) SANTAAA!!!

(After staring at him for a few seconds, Mario then loses his temper at Santa)


SMG4: Mario, why do you think you get coal every year?

(Santa leads them into the main room of his workshop)

Santa: What are you jolly Christmasteers doing in Santa's workshop?

Mario: Im'a hungry!


Toad: I was raped!

Santa: O-okay then. Well, if you fellas excuse me, Christmas is close...

(He is interrupted by Villager & Enzo breaking in Santa's workshop and still beating each other up)

Santa: That is enough! Alakaboobie!

(Sprinkles magic on the two killers which make them more happier and more nicer)

Villager&Enzo: Yaaaaaaaaay!

(The others jump back in horror with SMG4 & Mario being the only exceptions)

Mario: Gaaaaaayyyy!

Santa: They're not gay. I gave the magic of Christmas Spirit!

Mario: Gaaaaaayyyy!

Santa: Christmas Spirit makes anyone happy, like that fellow over there.

(He's talking to Waluigi sitting on a chair)

Waluigi: Wa!

Santa: Oh! Now I'm behind on schedule! Who wants to help Santa get ready for Christmas?)

Everyone except Mario: Yaaaaayyyy!

Mario: No!

Enzo: I like turtles!

(Everyone took a present to the sleigh. Enzo takes a red and golden striped present, Luigi takes a brown teddy bear with a grey jumper, but Mario takes a Bob-omb. Santa chases after him. SMG4 is seen putting a teddy and a wind-up toy box, Toad is seen putting weed in the presents, and Mario is coping his name 4 times in Santa's good list. He suddenly gets caught by Waluigi.

Waluigi: Heh!

Mario: Oh sh*t!

(Mario is then thrown in the fire)

Santa: These are my elf robots, a lot easier than stupid humans. It'll do whatever you want.

Luigi: Oh yeah! Kiss me!

(He gets pushed by the elf robot right into the tables)

Elf robot: Oh, right in the kitchen! Heh heh heh!

(Santa smacks his face in disgrace. The scene then cuts to Bowser who is still in his clown car.

Bowser: *huff*... gotta...find...Santa....get...presents...(pants) I don't think...I can....

(He suddenly spots the workshop)

Bowser: Hehe... it's Bowser time. YOLO!

(As Bowser charges towards the workshop, he turns into a fireball at the same time. Meanwhile, back in the workshop)

Santa: Ha ha ha! Thank you everyone. It's been a great pleasure working with you.

Mario: Ha ha! Since we helped, we get to go on the nice list right?

Santa: You're still getting coal Mario.

(Mario ducks his head, swearing)

Mario: Mama f*cker!

Santa: But now I must go and deliver my presents to people all...

(Bowser interrupts Santa by breaking through Santa's workshop)

Bowser: All right! Where are mah presents!?

(Everyone freaks out, with Peach fainting, Toad jumping back twice, SMG4 and Mario jumping back once and Luigi exploding, leaving a coin behind)

Bowser: ...Why you guys staring at me like that?...

(Santa is crushed by Bowser's clown cart)

Heavy(even though he is not in this blooper): You are dead!

Bowser: Oh sh*t....

(Luigi freaks out again)

Luigi: Waaaaahhhh! Help! Help! Help!

(The Christmas Spirit levels for Villager & Enzo have gone down from "YEAHHH CHRISTMAS" to "GRINCH"

SMG4: Oh crap! Santa's magic is wearing off!

(The two killers pulled out their weapons. Everyone freaks out and decided to split ways, with Mario, Peach and Bowser running away from Villager and SMG4, Luigi and Toad running away from Enzo. Team SMG4 went into a room with Luigi blocking the entrance with lots of elf robots and Team Mario went into a similar room with Bowser blocking the entrance with his butt)

Bowser: Ah crap! No! I'M STUCK!

(Enzo tries to punch the elf robots with his bare fists, while Villager tries to slice Bowser's bottom off)

Bowser: Hey! Stop that back there! It tickles!

(In Team SMG4's hiding place)

Luigi: Oh god! What are we going to do?!!!! Help!

SMG4: Books on...making toys...wrapping presents... ELF LOVE? Man, where's the books to avoid psychotic killers!

Toad: Ha ha ha ha! Well guys, looks like we're gonna be stuck here FOREVA!!

(SMG4 suddenly stares at Toad)


(SMG4 threw Toad at the window, destroying it)

SMG4: Go Toad! Go! Get help! Go you midgit!!!

Luigi: Oh yeah!

Toad: Yeahhhhhhh!

(Toad jumps off somewhere. SMG4 and Luigi watched him through the broken window.

SMG4: Yeah! Yeeeaaaahhh!

Luigi: Ooh yeah! Ooh yeah!

Toad: Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!

(Toad's suddenly taken away by a bird)


SMG4: Sh*t!

(In Team Mario's hiding place)

Mario: Grrr! This is just GREAT! The only thing stopping us from our death is Bowser's ASS!

Bowser: Hey! You should be thanking me- OW!

(Villager continues slicing Bowser's ass off.

Peach: Mario! I found a 1-up mushroom in my purse! We can revive Santa! Yay!

Mario: I don't give a f*ck! Aaaaaahhhhh! Maaaammmaaaa miiiiiiaaaaa! We're going to DIE PEACH!

Peach: Hey, have you checked down here yet? Let's go!

Mario: Hmmmmmmm.....

(He finds a turtle, which actually was Steve disguised as one. Steve's title is known as "Steve the reindeer?"

Steve: Hi guys!

Mario: Steve!? why...WHAT!? Mama mia! Are you supposed to be a reindeer? You're turtle stupid!

(After a few short seconds of quiet)

Steve: Dammit!

(Enzo is still trying to destroy the elf robots)

Enzo: Get over here!

(SMG4 holds up a book called: "How to blow up sh*t for dummies" and a Bullet Bill)

SMG4: Ok Luigi, I've managed to make a Bullet Bill to smash Enzo using this book.

Luigi:(crying because of Toad's death)

SMG4: Now I just gotta figure out how to turn this crap on...

(In Team Mario's room)

Mario: Grrr! Well... can you fly at least?!

Steve: No.

Mario: Oh come on! Mama mia! Can you at least fight!!!

Steve: No.

(Mario freaks out)

Mario: UNACEPTABLLLLLLLEE! Come on! I'mma just have to make you useful!

(STEVE FIREWORK ACTIVATED. Mario jumped on Steve)

Mario: Let'sa go!

SMG4: Cmmoooooooon!

(The two team leaders knocked out their enemies)

Mario: Wahoo!


(Both of them crashed into each other)

Mario and SMG4: AHAHOW!

Mario:(Dazed) Stay back! I got a Steve with fireworks up his ass and I'm not afraid to use it!

(Enzo picks up Peach)

Enzo: Haha! Lookie what I got here!

Peach: Aaaahhhh! Help me!

(Mario and Bowser freak out. Villager makes SMG4 and Luigi freak out and then he upgrades to a stronger axe)

SMG4: Oh hell no!

(SMG4 brings out a Barbie doll and looks at it in horror)

Enzo: You ain't touching my buns, hon.

(Enzo throws Peach and jumps into Bowser's clown car, flying up away with it and Peach.

Bowser:(In unison with Mario) MY CAR!

Mario:(In unison with Bowser) My spaghetti maker! Ok! I have an idea! Yeaaahh! Okiedokie!

(Mario's the rider while Bowser's the reindeer)

Mario: Let'sa go!

Bowser: You're kidding me right?

SMG4: The power of saint and this doll comparison uhh COMPELS YOU!

(Villager's axe hits the wall near SMG4. Luigi tried to get away from Villager. Then, there was a sound of the door bell.)

Luigi: Huh?

(Miss Claus makes an appearance at the door)

Miss Claus: So hi everybody! I'm home!

(When she sees her husband dead she freaks out)


(When Villager's distracted Luigi hits him on the head with a frying pan)


Mario: C'mon Bowser! You've just got to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Bowser: I believe...I believe... I BELLLLIEEEEVEEE!

(Bowser goes too far by sliding to fast and Mario and Bowser fell deeper into the wonderland)

Mario:(In slow motion) Mama f*cker! Bowser! You didn't believe hard enough!!

(Enzo is dancing to Booty Bass-Shake That Ass in Bowser's clown car)

Peach: Ahhhhhh! Help me!

Mario: Great. Mama mia! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! And all I got is this stupid thing left! Grrrrrrrrr!

(Mario takes out Steve with the fireworks up his ass)

Steve: Hi Mario!

(Mario sends Steve flying right at Enzo with a punch)

Steve: Wheeeeee! Hi Guys!

Enzo: You think you've won this!?

(As Enzo is hurtling towards Santa's workshop, he drops Peach off)

Peach: Woooooooaaaaaaahhh!

(At first Mario and Bowser were horrified, but then Toad swoops in with the bird he was kidnapped by and catches Peach)

Toad: What up, b*atch!?

Mario and Bowser: Yaaaaaaay!

(Back in the workshop)

(Miss Claus is still screaming as Enzo crashed the clown car in Santa's workshop)

Peach: Allright, I'm back. Let's go! Oh yeah! Here you go Santa!

(Gives Santa the 1-up mushroom)

Santa: Wah! What was going on? And why do my pants smell like peas?

Luigi: Waaah!

(Luigi jumps back as Enzo yells)

Enzo: Allright, everyone GET BACK! I got a mega bomb here!! I'll use it if you don't stay back!

Mario: Oh no! Mama mia! Aaaaaahh! Aaaaaahh!

(Mario then remembers Santa and his Christmas Spirit)

Mario: Oohhoohoohoohoohoohoohoo! Hey stinky! You uhh weirdos need to calm down, it's Christmas and all that crap...I guess what i'm saying is... having some Christmas Spirit. Okie dokie!

(Mario gives Enzo a present)

Enzo: What the heck is this???

(The present has a cake in a shape of a heart. It says "You're a psychotic weirdo<3". The Christmas Spirit level for Enzo goes up from "MEH" to "I:D Yaaay")

Enzo: Oh! Oh it's so nice;-;It's just like my birthday cake...Maybe...we should just celebrate Christmas...

Mario: And you uhh..villager guy, Mama mia, I have no idea what you like, so you can have this. Here we go!

(Mario gives Villager a present that includes a bag of Doritos. The Christmas Spirit level for Villager goes up from "MEH" to "YEAAAA DORRITTOS!" The two killers are very happy with their presents)

SMG4: So in the end, Christmas is really just about presents.

Mario: Oh yeah!

Santa: Well done Mario. You did well. Here, I think you deserve this.

(Mario gets a Super Awesome Spaghetti Tea Party Tea Kit)

Mario: OH MY GOD! YES!

Bowser: Ooh! How about me?

Santa: Fine Bowser. You can have the present you want most.

(Bowser gets a Justin Bieber doll)

Bowser: (says nonsense) Justin Bieber! (makes sucking and licking noises)

(SMG4 looks disgusted)

Santa: Ho ho ho ho ho! Now I must go. Goodbye everyone!

(From outside Santa's on his sleigh)

Santa: Ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

(As Santa says Merry Christmas, SMG4 and Mario are smiling, but then suddenly Mario's smile turns into a frown)

Mario: Grrr! How the hell do we get home? Mama f*cker!

(SMG4 looks horrified after Mario said that. Video ends with 2015 SMG4 ending. Christmas music is played in the background)