SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!?
SM64 Bloopers Who let the chomp out..

SM64 Bloopers Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!?-0

Mario and SMG4 running with the Chain Chomp behind them

Mario and SMG4 running with the Chain Chomp behind them
Season 7, Episode 8
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date February 4, 2017
Idea by Kevin Lerdwichagul
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!? is a blooper by SMG4. As the name of the title suggests, it is the sequel of the most-popular blooper Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Who let the Chomp out?, which was released over two years ago before this blooper. It involves Mario and SMG4 chasing the Chain Chomp once again, but this time, it is for a different purpose. And to make matters worse, the Chain Chomp has now decided to bombard the city.

Synopsis Edit

THE CHAIN CHOMP HAS ESCAPED AGAIN!!! But this time Mario and SMG4 need to get the chomp back in time for Toadsworth's pet show, WILL THEY MAKE IT?!

Plot Edit

There is a pet show set by Toadsworth who claims it to be the first one. He then says the prize is in the mystery box (dont ask why) and asks Luigi to reveal the contestants. We have Bowser with his butt goomba , Bob with Fishy Boopkins as his pet, Chris and Swagmaster69696969696 in a sheep costume and a Shy Guy with a toast pet. We seem to have missed Mario and SMG4 .

Meanwhile, Mario orders the chomp to do a flip and roll over, to which both attempts the Chain Chomp reluctantly refused. When Mario asks him how he would liked to get slapped, the chain chomp cusses him with a South Park voiceline. Mario get angry and SMG4 questions such a pointless matter why they entered the contest. Mario says to him that all his dreams will be in the box; SMG4 's dream is to have a pet banana and immediately agrees with Mario and they both get the Chomp to do something. Gourmet Guy tells the trio that they will be up in 15 minutes, but Mario has other ideas for him. He throws Gourmet Guy at the Chain Chomp's pole, effectively freeing him.

The Chomp begins its rampage across the city, terrorising citizens, Steve's girlfriend, (even though he didn't care) and Peach's stove. While chasing the Chomp , Mario runs over Peach in the process. SMG4 tries to hypnotise him, but that fails. Though the odds aren't at his side, he turns to Mario for help, however he is ordering a large sum of fast food. SMG4 gives up and submissively lets the Chomp to bypass him.

Mario and SMG4 are now on a rooftop, the latter whining about how he would never get his pet, while Mario is "busy". SMG4 notices certain things that have been the victims of the Chomp's rampage but he sees other stuff like Eggman on explosives, Elmo shooting Toad, and finally he notices a sign saying <---------- Chinatown District. The two now head to chinatown.

Now in Chinatown, they start looking for the chomp . A chinese woman wishes him a happy new year (I think) but Mario took it as advertisement. Meanwhile SMG4 asks some guy about the Chomp , but he leads SMG4 to some.........thing. Mario then tell him that he found everything in china town. he shows him some fire crackers, fortune cookies and an asian child that says "Hello" in a strange way.

SMG4 then walks on the floor with tears on his eyes while Mario says "We should ask some more, like that person over there. Now the best way is to speak through their own language." When Mario goes to Hanzo, he says some random blammerish stuff which are probably "Why hello there would you like my samboo *And some other random stuff that I can't translate*" Hanzo replies back saying "Want are you saying fat italian man."Mario thinks that he is Japanese and says more random Kommunizma stuff.

Hanzo moves crazily saying magic words and then mario replies "are you having a mental breakdown or something???" Hanzo takes out his Storm Bow and shoots at Mario and SMG4 with a fire dragon, sending SMG4 and Mario flying. Then the lady from earlier gets burns by fire dragon into a skeleton. Mario screams before he and SMG4 lands onto Waluigi's taco stand (seen in Mario's road trip).

SMG4 and Mario tries to ask other people using posters but they had no luck. SMG4 needed a break so the duo walking into a cafe. The Chain Chomp was there in a disguise and started gaining presure when Mario sat at his table. SMG4 is trying to order a dark black coffre but the cashier replies with "tubby custerd" reppeatly. Mario is talking with the disguised Chomp while SMG4 is still trying to give his order. SMG4 gives up and tells Mario to leave but Mario mentions the guy next to him. SMG4 recongnize him as the Chain Chomp because his crappy fedora.

At the contest, it was Mario's and SMG4 's turn but they weren't there so Toadsworth make Luigi dance. The Chomp tries to leave the cafe by the door but Gourmet Guy  blocks to the door from the other side. Mario jumps on the Chain Chomp and the Chomp tries to shake him off. SMG4 jumps on too and attach Mari to a hook on a fishing rod. SMG4 then used Mario to lead the Chomp back to the studio. Luigi got tired and collapes so Toadsworth told Bob and Fishy Boopkins the winner but Mario, SMG4 and Chain Chomp crushed them as they entered.

Toadsworth see that Bob & Fishy Boopkins are dead so he gave Mario and SMG4 the mystery prize (which was Pokemon Go). Mario became excited, while SMG4 raised a gun to his head.



  • Like the prequel, this blooper is a reference to Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men.
  • A number of elements from the prequel to this video are heard again in this video (i.e. the Who Let the Dogs Out song and Peach's "AH! THE MEATLOAF!" phrase).