SM64 Bloopers: The Idea Block.
SM64 bloopers The Idea block

SM64 bloopers The Idea block.

Season 5, Episode 1
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date January 5th, 2015
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64 Bloopers: The Idea Block., The Idea Block for short, is the 212th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4.

Plot synopsisEdit

Running out of ideas for videos, SMG4 needs some inspiration for his next blooper.


On his computer, SuperMarioGlitchy4 is listing ideas for his future bloopers, and becomes frustrated as he begins to lose inspiration. Luigi and two Toads watch SMG4 as he tries to think harder, but all of his ideas seem increasingly undesirable, causing him to begin raging.

SMG4 then starts walking around the castle, wondering if anything happening could provide inspiration. He looks at Mario, who somehow puts himself on fire by cooking spaghetti, but decides against making a blooper around this circumstance. SMG4 then glances at Link and Starlow, but comments that an idea relating to them would be too boring. Toad then cannibalizes a mushroom, growing into a huge Asian monster, but SMG4 is no more interested in making a blooper about this. As Mario and Luigi discuss about Toad, SMG4 still fails to find anything of interest.

SMG4 becomes worried that he's getting an idea block. He asks various people what they like about his bloopers, and if they have any ideas themselves. Toad gives him an idea about Mario eats spaghetti, enraging SMG4.

X then gives SMG4 an idea in which Mario goes into some portal and lands in an alternate dimension where a monster has taken over and Mario has to collect 7 Power Stars to defeat it, as well as having an evil doppelganger. Some other YouTubers think that this is too serious for SMG4's video-making style, and twist the idea multiple times by multiple people. Someone else claims that their ideas are all boring and suggests some grimmer ideas, such as Mario fighting a mafia to avenge his brother's death. However, the others are quick to warp this suggestion as well, such as Mario fighting against a weight loss organization. Mario walks into the room, claiming that his roles in both ideas would be out-of-character, just as SMG4 is further annoyed by Toad screaming about spaghetti again.

Later, SMG4 and Mario go to a restaurant, where SMG4 still can't think of ideas. Mario tells him that if he can't think of anything, he should just abandon his fans. SMG4 refuses to do so, however, out of a desire to keep them happy. Mario then asserts that any video would be fine were it to include memes and Teletubbies. He is cut off when the waiter decides to take their orders. Mario orders spaghetti, while SMG4 requests a video idea. The waiter backs away as SMG4 mutters how this idea block is affecting his attitude and sanity.

Mario tries encouraging SMG4 by saying that plots are unnecessary anyway; he claims that wacky scenes with Mario will suffice for a plotline. A brief parody of Smosh ensues, exploring what other video games would be like with Mario in them; as an example, Mario, dressed like Sonic the Hedgehog, crawls in tiredly from the side of the screen. SMG4 refuses to steal others' video ideas, but Mario insists that people love scenes with him in them. SMG4, realizing that this has been a waste of his evening, says goodbye to Mario and begins walking out of the building. Mario refuses to let him leave, singing a song in an effort to cheer SMG4 up. At that moment, a Bob-omb begins yelling that the two are holding up the line, prompting Mario to give it the middle finger. The Bob-omb charges at Mario, who promptly punches him at SMG4. SMG4 is blown into the far wall's doorframe and falls to the floor, rendering him unconscious.

A long while later, SMG4 comes to in the castle, feeling a pain in his head and wondering how long he was out. He runs out to Mario, who assures him that despite being knocked out, he is fine now. After commenting that things seem relatively normal, SMG4 walks out outside to an angry mob, with several people claiming that SMG4 betrayed them. SMG4 runs back inside and asks Mario what is up with the angry mob outside; Mario replies that they're his YouTube fanbase. SMG4 then asks Mario how long he was knocked out for, and Mario tells him that it was for at least 3 weeks. Despite Mario not thinking this a long time, SMG4 is aware of how long it was, and immediately tries thinking of ideas for a blooper to calm his fans with. Mario seems to have thought ahead, and explains that he hired someone else to upload video content in SMG4's place. This other person turns out to be Bowser, who mainly uploaded terrible gameplay and commentary to the channel, garnering many dislikes. SMG4 then visits Bowser, who, despite expecting a good reaction, is thrown off of the roof.

SMG4 reiterates that there's an angry mob of people wanting videos, and that he needs to think of ideas. Mario suggests that they start a new life in the ghettos after changing their names, but realizes how terrible this plan is. SMG4 begins praying for an idea, causing a bright figure to materialize and float to the floor. Mario sees this figure as an Old Man and hurriedly shoots it, landing the figure on the carpeting. SMG4 then mutters in anger as the mob outside begins to charge inside. Mario and SMG4 flee to the slide room while Luigi, Toad and the mob are outside.

SMG4 begins to think, but realizes that he needs more time to plan out and make a blooper. He tries to come up with an original and good idea, then begins working on a video. Mario blocks the door with Wario, a chair and Gourmet Guy, but the angry mob almost immediately bursts through the door. The fans begin crowding around SMG4 just as he finishes the video. SMG4 shows them the "ultimate blooper", in which SMG4 shouts a remark as Mario notices spaghetti and begins to hump it and then sees Dr. Mario as the "video" ends, when SMG4 comments he finally made a blooper.

But the fans are still not pleased, remarking that was "a load of sh**" and asking whatever was the video about. Mario actually does like the blooper, cheering and applauding, when one of the fans tells them to f*** him up, to which Mario declines. Suddenly the room goes dark; and a light carries SMG4 up, saying he's done with them all for the moment. However the fans throw him out of the window and he falls onto the ground, with Mario joining him shortly afterwards.

Mario then asks him if he's got any ideas and SMG4 says he'll do a video where he ran out of ideas, Mario commenting that it's a pretty stupid idea, as the two laugh it off for a bit, before Mario seriously tells him it's a bad idea, as the video ends.

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  • SMG4's YouTube fans

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Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • This is the first 2015 video, and thus the first blooper in the fifth season.
  • SMG4 has clarified in the video's comments section that he didn't actually run out of ideas; it was just a plot device.
  • This season's new video intro is by popular sprite animator and YouTuber King Asylus.
    • However, the Consider yourself retarded! Sentence was offensive to people and SMG4 changed it later.
  • This is the first time Pinkolol16 is seen talking through subtitle lines in SMG4's videos, however, her pseudonym isn't mentioned.
  • When SMG4 asks Mario who are the crowd of people outside the castle, he's mistaken for Mario in the subtitle.
  • This video was uploaded about a year after "2 Hands 1 Job".
  • When Mario answers to SMG4 that the person he hired to upload videos is Bowser, the name of the latter is misspelled as "Bower" (with the missing s) in the subtitle.
  • The video "Bowser plays: Rock Simulator" has more likes than views. This is apparently impossible in real life.
  • The idea first offered sounds similar to MarioMario54321's Bloopers, while Pinkolol's sounds like Richalveraz's The Plumber Knight Returns
  • This video is tied in with the events of SM64: Retarded Recap 2015, where Mario goes through SMG4's previous videos of 2015 to eat a limited edition pizza that expired on the same date this video was posted.